Lucky Day Date

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Give Your Spouse Some Added Luck

Don’t you just love days when everything seems to be going your way? Who wouldn’t?! That’s why you should take some time to make your spouse’s day by sending some luck their way. We’ve devised a few sneaky ways to be a Leprechaun of Luck for your love and it’s totally perfect for this St. Patrick’s Day {although you’re welcome to do it ANY day of the year}! You’re going to LOVE all the clever ideas we’ve come up with to help your spouse have a “lucky” day! 

Lucky Day Date

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One of my all-time favorite designers, Crystal from A Well-Feathered Nest helped us create some designs to make this lucky day feel extra special. This lady has some serious talent and you’re not going to want to miss out on anything she has to offer, so go take a peek at all her adorable printables!

Make it a Lucky Day

This clever idea is going to require a bit of planning on your part, but it will be totally and completely worth it to give your spouse such a “lucky” day. Start by deciding which lucky tricks would be perfect to pull off for your sweetie. We’ve come up with a few ideas to pick and choose from, but you can always add your own, special ideas.

Pocket Money Luck

You might want to try:

  • Favorite Songs CDMake a playlist of your spouse’s favorite songs and pop it in their car the night before. When they go to work the next morning, they’ll have only the BEST songs to listen to – and it’ll be commercial-free!
  • Pocket MoneySneak a little cash into their jacket pocket. Who doesn’t love finding some spending money?!
  • Desk Drawer Surprise If you can get into their office, grab their favorite snack and put it in a drawer they’re sure to look in!
  • Tanked Up Steal their car and fill up the gas tank!
  • Cancelled Meeting It might be a little tricky, but a true leprechaun could make it work… get with a co-worker or boss and CREATE a dreadful meeting before their lucky day and then have them cancel it! Everyone is excited to have more time on their hands!
  • Free Lunch Go out for a meal together and secretly call ahead to pay in advance. Have the server tell you that it was anonymously taken care of!
  • Cereal Box Prize Reminisce about finding the toy in the cereal box. Add a little gift to the box that you know your spouse will love! I’m thinking my sweetie would get a kick out of something like this!
  • Vending Machine Double Drop Snag a FAVORITE treat from the vending machine and give it to a friend or co-worker who will see your spouse during the day. They can let your honey know that the vending machine just happened to drop two of that item, so they’re giving it away. Lucky!
  • Morning Drink Maybe your spouse loves hot tea or a latte to get them going first thing in the morning. Make an anonymous drop-off at their workplace and let them start getting lucky first thing in the morning!
  • The Last One Know exactly what treat your spouse is going to reach for at home OR at the store? Make sure he gets the last one!


Once you’ve prepped and planned a few “lucky” circumstances for your spouse, you can choose whether or not you want to sign your handiwork. We’ve provided some adorable lucky symbols that you can attach to items throughout the day to give your spouse a hint at their luck.

Desk Drawer Surprise

For each lucky event of the day, I tagged it with a tiny horseshoes, penny, wishbone, or four leaf clover sticker.

Lucky Reveal Card

When it was time for the big reveal, I added the poem that explains everything to an envelope along with the circles that describe each stroke of luck my love received – Free Lunch, Tanked Up, Pocket Money and Desk Drawer Surprise! Crystal even included a couple of cute blank ones in case you’ve got your own lucky ideas!

Use the included “Tonight’s Your Lucky Night” love note to invite your love to the bedroom and make sure the lucky day turns into a lucky night! You might even want to create these Lucky Night Scratch Off Tickets or set the mood from outside the house with the Lawn Leprechaun!

Not enough LUCKY ideas for you? Check out the ways Diva Kiirsten staged a lucky day for her husband…


1. Hide $5 in a pocket of his jeans or coat. Who doesn’t love “forgotten” money?!

2. Go out to dinner. Prearrange payment with the manager earlier in the day or “leave to go to the bathroom” at the end of your meal and pay the bill when out of your honey’s sight. Have a convincing waiter surprise your table as their “St. Patrick’s Day contest winners” giving you your finished meal for “FREE!” You’ll act surprised while your hubby will REALLY be surprised!

3. Ask a special person in your spouse’s life to give him a random phone call sometime that day just to say he’s awesome/appreciated/loved. This should really make 2 people’s day because the “special person” is gonna love that a call from them is considered happy luck!

4. Throw a kind letter or thank you card from special person #2 in with the MAIL to be waiting for him. Don’t you love finding something {ANYTHING} personal in the mail other than ads and bills? *Guess what… we included an adorable friendly note in our printable pack, so this kind person has an even sweeter way to mail your spouse a letter!*

So are your ready to rig your spouse’s St. Patrick’s Day? It’s the absolute best trick to pull!! And if you love quick and easy ideas, check out our #lastminutedates ideas every Friday on Twitter at 3 PM CST.

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Lucky Day Date

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