Man of Steel Premiere Party

Man of Steel Movie Party


Well, hello again! Amanda (@akaAmandaK) here, excited to partner with you in creating a SUPER date night for you, your sweetie, and a few of your close friends!

My husband is a major Superman buff. It’s serious y’all, he has a truly impressive collection of random memorabilia – we even have an extra Christmas tree each year dedicated solely to the Superman ornaments he’s collected over the years! So, despite our usual aversion to the costs associated with going to a movie theater, I’m confident we will make an exception when Man of Steel is released by Warner Brothers on 6/14/13. Rather than filling up on overpriced snacks at the movie, I thought how fun it would be to have a themed dinner party with friends before heading to the theater! Consider this the one-stop party guide that you can plan faster than… a speeding bullet!! (See what I did there?) {GRIN}

No dinner party would be complete without a fabulous invitation and The Dating Divas’ very own Becca did NOT disappoint with this one! Check out this *SUPERcute* invitation and corresponding place cards that can be used as place settings at the table or descriptive cards for your dishes!


My best advice for an event like this: keep it simple! If you are like me, when you hear the word “dinner party”, you immediately think of multiple courses, stunning flower arrangements, and hours of preparation. This is the other kind – the simple, time sensitive, while still amazing – kind of dinner party. The ultimate goal is to get to the theater for the much anticipated release of Man of Steel – not to spend your time on complicated planning and recipes (unless you really want to!)

See below for some ideas for making your Man of Steel Premiere Party… well, SUPER!


  • Choose your favorite recipes that don’t require a lot of time in the kitchen – such as burgers, sliders, hot dogs or build-your-own sandwiches with chips or fries / tacos / pasta or pizza, salad, and garlic bread. I made “SUPER Sliders” with “Chips of Kryptonite”.
  • Invite your guests to bring their favorite dish for a Premiere Party Potluck! You can assign an entrée, side, or dessert for each couple/friend to bring or provide the staple and have your guests bring the rest (great idea for a cookout, by the way!)


  • Who doesn’t love presents?! Bring some added excitement to your evening by creating an inexpensive surprise themed giveaway! You can do this an infinite number of ways, but I chose my dessert as the backdrop for the giveaway. I made “Clark Kent’s Super Surprise Cookies” (I’ve shared the “recipe” below!) and wrote out the letters for the Man of Steel’s most well known name on each of the cookies. After writing each of the letters on a separate piece of paper and placing in a bowl, whoever took the cookie with the same letter as the one I drew won the prize (Side Note: How fun is it that I found Superman wrapping paper at a discount store?! Always good to keep your eye out for unexpected treasures!) You could choose a comic book, Superman keychain, small action figure, or movie ticket as the gift!


By the way, about the cookie “recipe” I mentioned above… it hardly seems fair to even call it that! You can certainly do a much more complicated version of this, but I tend to use the absolute simplest method you can imagine – and they are always a crowd pleaser! I simply buy the precut packages of mini cookies (24 cookies per package makes 12 cookies once they are sandwiched) and a container of icing, bake the cookies and let them cool, spread a generous dollop of the sugary goodness on them, sandwich two cookies together, and voila! – it literally could not get more simple (or sweet) than that!

For amazing delicious recipes that OUR husband’s love, check out our Dating Divas Recipes Revealed Cookbook!

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Everybody loves a good movie night and with you and your own SUPERman (or SUPERwoman) planning the party, a fun time shall be had by all!

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  1. AWESOME!!! My husband just told me he wants to go see this so I am using the Car Treasure Hunt you posted and going to have his tickets in the trunk to Movie Tavern with some candy.