Meet the Expert: Mark Chamberlain

Meet the Expert: Mark Chamberlain

You’ve all heard the amazing news that we announced this past Saturday, right??  We are about to host our 3rd “Successful Marriages” Tele-Retreat!!  Yeppers – it’s our THIRD time we’ve put together an event that you can participate in from the comfort of your OWN home! We can’t WAIT until you hear from the SIX inspirational speakers we’ve lined up for you!  We hope you have all registered for this fabulous event AND are following us on our Facebook Event Page… where we will be posting the most recent info!  We are super excited to start introducing you to our amazing speakers!!


Oh my goodness!  I had so much fun learning more about Tele-Retreat Speaker and Expert – Mark Chamberlain.  I can’t wait to hear all the empowering information he’ll share with us about trust.  I know, unfortunately, too many marriages have been affected by pornography and other issues that have crushed your trust in your partner – it’s come up numerous times in previous Tele-Retreats, so we asked Mark to join us in this next Tele-Retreat to talk about TRUST specifically so we can help you heal {or strengthen} your marriages!


Here is a little more on Mark and his wife Jenny!! Such a fun read!!

My wife, Jenny, and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this coming August! She was that cutie on the elementary school playground; a decade later we were officially introduced by her friend, Tracey. Two dates tie for our all-time favorite: Our first date was croquet on the front lawn of a church and then homemade pizza at my buddy, Dave’s house. I was impressed by the blisters on her feet from her recent hike through the Tetons. Then on our 24th anniversary last year, our friend Woody let us borrow his convertible Mustang. We drove up Ogden Canyon and for an evening she got to pretend she married a guy with great taste in cars (and the means to drive one). We topped it off with Thai food at our favorite restaurant. Ahhhhhh–the memories! I’m not a big planner, and she’d been encouraging me to spend a little more effort instead of always winging it, and she let me know I knocked it out of the park with that date.

The most important skills for building a lasting relationship are:

1) Learning how to best let each other know when the the attachment you share gets wounded and…

2) Working together to repair those injuries when (not if!) they occur!

Attachment ruptures are the little, everyday emotional bumps and bruises we all suffer in this messy business of whole-heartedly loving another human being. Research shows that the happiest couples catch these ruptures early and repair them quickly rather than allowing them to fester and become an even bigger wedge.

Here is a peek into the life of Mark and his bride!


To help keep the adventure of our relationship going, Jenny and I love to plan and dream together. We’ve shared many dream vacations including Korea and Hawaii and river cruises to Holland and China. Unfortunately, so far these have truly been dream vacations–we’ve visited exactly zero of these exotic locations together in real life. But we’re always leaving travel catalogs dog-eared for each other by the toilet and emailing each other links to breathtaking resorts. We check out travel books at the library and watch those lucky PBS hosts wander through Europe eating chocolate and cheese. Recently I’ve been bookmarking some YouTube videos of Jade Mountain Resort so I can “take her away” to St. Lucia one of these nights after a rough day.

Mark is one of SIX amazing speakers that will inspire you to have the BEST marriage possible! What are you waiting for? Get registered for this event today AND make sure to follow along on our Facebook Event Page!!



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