30+ Marriage Love Challenges

Over 30 Love Challenges 


Don’t venture any farther because you have hit the gold mine!!! We have gathered together the best love challenges and put them into one convenient spot! I’m sure you seen several of these fabulous love challenges traveling around the internet. The real question is, have you tried them? Pick one of these love challenges from the list and transform your marriage one step at a time.

The Best Collection Of Love Challenges To Transform Your Marriage

Transform Your Attitude

Your marriage relationship needs you to be your best! These challenges will help to make you happy, better, and stronger spouse.

Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Attitude About Your Spouse

1. Click for a Happy Marriage –  Keep your attitude in check with a few reminder clicks!

2. 20 Self-Help Questions Critical To A Happy Marriage Spend quality time together each week focusing on areas that need attention and improvement.

3. 31 Days of Loving my Husband {Intentionally}Stop going through the motions and start being intentional. 

4. 30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Writing down things your are thankful for about your spouse every day for 30 days.

5. Always Say YesTake the word “no” out of your vocabulary. Instead of saying no, try only saying yes!

Collection of Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Attitude About Your Spouse

6. 3-Day Challenge: The Perks of Becoming a Complaint-Free Wife – Challenge to avoid complaining ABOUT your husband as well as WITH your husband. Work towards problem solving rather than criticizing and find that you are a happier person to be around! 

7. 30 Day Marriage Challenge – Commit to doing a little more each day to make your marriage better with a calendar that will help guide you all year through. 

8. 30 Days To A Better Wife Being a great wife takes practice. This challenge will help you naturally be a better wife. 

9. The 21-Day Complaint Free Marriage ExperimentThis challenge will help the two of you focus on the positive in your marriage. Give it a try and you’ll soon see that this a challenge worth undertaking!

Transform Your Marriage

15 Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Marriage

Now that you’ve worked on improving yourself it’s time to focus on your marriage. Whether you two are happy as can be or need a little work, you will find a challenge within this list that will make your relationship stronger!

Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Marriage

10. 180 Experiences To Strengthen Marriages – 180 Experiences That Will Strengthen Your Marriage proves that happy and successful marriages are possible. Create beautiful memories one experience at a time.

11. The Fun Dare- 12 Dates in 12 Day This sounds like too much fun to be a challenge! 12 dates in a row, sign me up!

12. Manifesto for a Happy Marriage – 12 Ways to Make Your Love Last This challenge will focus on what will make the love in your marriage last. 

13. Post It Love Challenge Are you ready to show your man a little love today? Write up a fun and flirty note for your man!

14. 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge: One Question A Week. One Incredible Marriage – Transform your marriage with this revitalizing relationship guide that challenges couples to answer important questions together and grow in mutual understanding.

15. Spice Up Your Relationship With This 30-Day ChallengeKeep the romance alive or reignite that spark with this challenge.

16. 14 Day Love ChallengeYou don’t need to wait ’till Valentine’s to declare your love. Stop what you’re doing and take on this 14 day challenge.

Transform Your Marriage

17. 10 Day Marriage Challenge – A 10 day photo and conversation challenge that will be fun and teach you a thing or two. The final day ends in a date with your last top ten assignment.

18. The Marriage Challenge – One hour, once a week for a year = a better marriage. 52 Conversations for a Better Marriage.

19. 30 Day Marriage Challenge – A task each day for 30 days to strengthen your marriage. 

20. Couples Date Night Quiz & Interview  3 quizzes and 1 interview. Each quiz and interview can be conducted quickly.

21.  Love Calendar Each month we supply you with a free calendar. You will find daily activities, tips, and dates that will help make your marriage stronger day by day. Take on the challenge of loving your spouse each and every day, the entire year! Keep an eye out for our monthly calendars that air at the beginning of each month. Take a peek at Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, and Oct

22. {10 things} That Have Made All the Difference Focus on what really matters in your relationship and do it! 

23. 21-Day Prayer Challenge – This challenge will remind you to intentionally pray for your spouse and your marriage. You will find prompts for each day to help guide you through this challenge. 

Transform Your Marital Intimacy

10 Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Intimacy

Now it’s time for the good stuff! Every happy marriage needs a flourish of intimacy. Being connected on all levels of intimacy will deepen, strengthen, and solidify your marriage. Celebrate your marriage by taking on several of these intimate challenges!

Collection of Love Challenges That Will Transform Your Intimacy

24. 365 Love Text Challenge  I totally think our 365 love texts makes a great challenge- try to send a flirty text every day for a WHOLE year and see how it transforms your marriage.

25. The “15 Second Kiss” Experiment – Stop what you’re doing and plant a 15 second kiss on your spouses lips every single day! 

26. 30 Day Sex Challenge: A Journey To Intimacy – Heard of the 30 Day Sex Challenge? This is a campion book to the popular challenge. This book has broken up the challenge into four different categories to build and increase intimacy in your relationship and give you a fresh passion for each other.

27. 21 Days to a Better Sex Life {Getting into the Habit of Saying “Yes!”} Work on the habit of saying yes for 21 days! 

28. 7 Ways in 7 Days to Knock the Socks Off Your Spouse Shake things up and see what happens!  

Improve Your Marital Intimacy

29. The Pretty Nighty Challenge Put away all those frumpy pjs and slip into something lacy. 

30. 21-Day Valentine’s Challenge: Extending the Romance Beyond Today Start a challenge that celebrates your love far longer then one day a year. 

31.  30-Day Challenge to Enrich Intimacy in Your Relationship – Commit to these challenges to increase intimacy in your marriage. 

32. 29 Days to Great Sex – Discover the great sex that is waiting for you with this thorough 29 day challenge that will cover all areas of intimacy in your marriage. 

33. The 10 Day {Sex} Challenge – Challenge to have sex every day for 10 days- but it’s not just about sex. It talks about how to strengthen intimacy in your marriage. Not sure how to start, check out their pre game rules. 

Take the plunge, what do you have to lose! Instead of reacting to circumstances in your marriage, start becoming an active participant! Improving your marriage is only a challenge away. The questions is, which challenge are you taking on first?

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I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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  1. Fun round up! Just wanted to let you know, though, that the last one #33, that is supposed to link to a 10 day sex challenge, instead links to 25 Back to School traditions.

  2. Michelle; my husband and I started a non profit organization in 2010 to help couples in crisis and to enhance marriages with enrichment. We have sponsored the “Love Dare” on a couple of local radio stations. I want to expand now and use another type and saw your challenges here. I would ask your permission to allow us to use them (I will have to edit for amount of time we can use each one in the commercial we pay for) and wondered if you have this list in a easy to print format without the pictures, etc that would help me edit for radio. What do you think?

    1. Dorinda, what amazing work you and your husband are doing! You can definitely use our challenges! (We’d love to have credit given, wink). As far an easy to print format we actually write the posts into the format with pictures but feel free to copy and paste the text into a doc. If you need help doing this let me know. 🙂 Have a wonderful day! XO