28 Of The Best Love Challenges For Your Marriage

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Marriage Challenge To Increase Your Love

Two words: Love – Challenge. Ever heard of it? For starters, we believe that no matter where you’re at in your marriage, you can ALWAYS be working on something to make it better. That’s not to say that you can’t enjoy happy and fulfilling stages, but you CAN be proactive in protecting and nurturing your marriage continuously! So today, we are sharing a list of marriage challenges that will have you geared up for ultimate marital satisfaction and fulfillment! Don’t believe us? Well, check out each one of these love challenges and read the reviews! Basically, people are RAVING about the success they’re finding in their marriages after doing them! Then, pick one love challenge to start with. After that, come back to this list again find another one…And another…Any another! Trust us. You (and your marriage) will not be sorry!

Love Challenge Ideas for Your Marriage

By the way, we’ve taken an extra step and even categorized this list of marriage challenges for you! Since there’s a number of ways to focus on you improving your marriage, we figured this would be the most helpful way for you to locate the perfect love challenge for you to start with! To start off, the categories are:

Love Challenges That Focus On Your Attitude

Our Favorite Marriage Challenges

Intimacy Challenges

Now, are you ready to transform your marriage, one love challenge at a time? Let’s dive in!

Attitude Enhancing Love Challenges

Your marriage relationship needs you to be your best! In other words, in order to serve, forgive, communicate, and love your spouse the best you possibly can, it starts with YOU! That being said, the marriage challenges below will help to make you a happier, better, and stronger spouse. Then, you’ll be able to take your momentum for your marriage and make a true transformation side by side with you spouse. Ready to find your first love challenge?

Spring Clean Your Marriage Challenge

  • Spring Cleaning Challenge – Spring Cleaning no longer applies only to your home! However, with this helpful list of “spring cleaning” tasks, your marriage will get a freshen’ up AND your home will too!
  • Click for a Happy Marriage –  Click, click! That’s right. Keep your attitude towards your marriage “in check” with a few reminder clicks, designed to help you keep track of the GOOD in your marriage.
  • 20 Self-Help Questions Critical To A Happy Marriage – This love challenge is perfect for every couple! First, spend quality time together each week focusing on areas that need attention and improvement in your marriage. Then, watch as you grow closer AND work through any issues with the help of these questions.
  • 30 Day Gratitude Challenge – Writing down things your are thankful for about your spouse every day for 30 days will have a tremendously positive affect on your marriage. Therefore, this one is a no brainer!
  • 30 Days To A Better Wife – Wives, this one’s for you! First off, we know that being a great wife doesn’t happen over night. Therefore, this love challenge will help you more naturally mold into a better wife in 30 days. That sounds pretty ideal for your marriage, right?
  • 27 Days of Gratitude Challenge – Give this marriage challenge a try on or around Thanksgiving! The holiday season will not only inspire you, but this challenge will inspire your marriage to be the best it can be!
  • 21 Day Challenge for Relationships – If you’re anything like us, life gets a little busy and your marriage can fall from the top of your priority list…Why not use this love challenge to help boost that relationship back up?

Marriage Love Challenges

Now that you’ve worked on improving yourself, it’s time to focus on your marriage! Whether you two are happy as can be or need a little work, you will find a love challenge within this list that will make your relationship stronger! And the best part? All of these have mutual benefits to both you and your sweetie. Furthermore, invite them to read up on the challenge too and get to work TOGETHER making your marriage the best it can be!

Spoil Your Spouse

  • Spoil Your Spouse Challenge – This love challenge has one specific purpose in mind: Spoiling your sweetie! While it’s no secret we all love to be spoiled all the time, making the conscious effort and planning to spoil your spouse ridiculously hard over 7 days will do amazing things for your marriage!
  • The 10 Minute Marriage Challenge – Feel like newlyweds again in 10 minutes or less…With your CELL PHONE! While currently not open for enrollment, join the waitlist so you don’t miss out!
  • 180 Experiences To Strengthen Marriages – To begin, happy and successful marriages are possible! That being said, this list of experiences to strengthen your marriage is an excellent resource to refer to! Create beautiful memories in your marriage based on this list, one experience at a time!
  • Manifesto for a Happy Marriage – 12 Ways to Make Your Love Last – Ever heard of a marriage manifesto? Well, this one is GOOD! Try this love challenge that will focus on making the love in your marriage last!
  • 50 Fridays Marriage Challenge: One Question A Week. One Incredible Marriage – Transform your marriage with this revitalizing relationship guide that challenges couples to answer important questions together and grow in mutual understanding!
  • Spice Up Your Relationship With This 30-Day Challenge – Keep the romance alive or reignite that spark with this 30-day marriage challenge. Without a doubt, your relationship will WIN from this challenge!
  • 30 Day Marriage Challenge – Commit to doing a little more each day to make your marriage better! With a calendar that will help guide you through the month, there’s no doubt your marriage will transform over 30 days!
  • 14 Day Love Challenge – By all means, you don’t need to wait ’till Valentine’s to declare your love! Above all, stop what you’re doing and take on this 14 day love challenge!
  • The Marriage Challenge – One hour, once a week, for a year = a better marriage. Could this be true? Try these 52 Conversations for a Better Marriage today!
  • Couples Date Night Quiz & Interview – Want a short and sweet marriage challenge that only takes 3 quizzes and 1 interview? This is it! Without reservation, make a date night out of it and give your marriage a boost!
  • Love Calendar – First of all, this is FREE! Second of all, we have romantic gestures and ideas for you to do for your sweetheart for a full year! Take on the challenge of loving your spouse each and every day, the entire year!
  • 21-Day Prayer Challenge – This love challenge will remind you to intentionally pray for your spouse and your marriage. That being said, what we love most about this challenge is that you receive prompts for each day to help guide you through. This is one challenge you do not want to skip!
  • Study Your Spouse Challenge – How well do you REALLY know your spouse? Well, find out all the little things that maybe you’ve forgotten OR you never learned and help make your marriage REALLY pop and sizzle! Additionally, this would make a great date night!
  • Couples Weight Loss Challenge – Interested in shedding a few pounds…with your spouse by your side? Unquestionably, this is one of our FAVORITE marriage challenges because you can spend so much quality time together!

Intimacy Challenges For Your Marriage

Now it’s time for the good stuff! We strongly believe that every good marriage needs a flourish of intimacy. That being said, being connected on all levels of intimacy will deepen, strengthen, and solidify your marriage better than anything else! Celebrate, strengthen, and revolutionize your marriage by taking on any of these intimacy challenges!

7 Days of Sex

  • 7 Days of Sex Challenge – We challenge you to a 7 DAY SEX CHALLENGE that needs very little explaining…Have sex every day for 7 days! But that’s not all…Make sure to check out the prompts to guide you through a 7 day sex journey your marriage will never forget!
  • 365 Love Text Challenge – Can texting improve your intimacy? It sure can! With this marriage challenge, you’ll use a flirty text to initiate intimacy with your sweetie and see where it leads you. We can guarantee it will transform your marriage!
  • The “15 Second Kiss” Experiment – Another marriage challenge with a small amount of effort, but HUGE reward! Pick this challenge up today by planting a 15 second kiss on your spouses lips! Then don’t ever stop each day of your marriage!
  • 30 Day Sex Challenge: A Journey To Intimacy – Heard of the 30 Day Sex Challenge? This is a companion book to the popular challenge. This book has broken up the challenge into four different categories to build and increase intimacy in your relationship AND give you a fresh passion for each other. Um, sign me up!
  • The Pretty Nightie Challenge – We’re just going to go ahead and say it. This love challenge is simply AMAZING! Put away all those frumpy pjs and slip into something lacy. Your marriage will thank you!
  • 30-Day Challenge to Enrich Intimacy in Your Relationship – Take 30 days to perform a few of the suggestions from this list and watch your relationship be truly enriched!
  • 29 Days to Great Sex – Start by rating where you are at with your sex life. Then, discover the great sex that is waiting for you with this thorough 29-day challenge that will cover all areas of intimacy in your marriage! This one is GOOD!

With each passing day, your life likely gets busier and busier. That being said, don’t wait another day more to improve your marriage! And, what do you have to lose? Instead of reacting to circumstances in your marriage, start becoming an active participant! What we’re saying is, improving your marriage is only a challenge away!

Then, don’t forget to check out one of our all-time favorite marriage challenges that YOU create, the 30 Day Love Challenge! This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to focus on your sweetie for 30 days. It’s a full-proof way to transform your marriage, no matter where you begin!

Now, the questions is, which challenge are you taking on first?


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