Marriage Makeover Conference FAQ

Question #1) What is an online conference?

We had to get SUPER creative in how we would be able to bring a marriage retreat into the comfort of everyone’s homes.  We wanted it to be inspirational, we wanted it to be affordable, we wanted it to be open to everyone. We also wanted couples everywhere to have something to refer to after the conference was over. In order for us to accomplish all of those goals, we hit upon the solution of recruiting some of our favorite relationship experts, recording them beforehand, transcribing their amazing sessions, and then releasing them April 6-12th. We did look into doing live webinars {which means you would be able to SEE the speaker} but they limited us to only 100 participants.  If we wanted to include more than that, then we would have had to pay a whole LOT of moo-lah!  So, to sum it all up, an online conference is where you listen to the speaker via your computer. You will be able to hear them but not see them. You will also receive a darling PDF version of their presentation to highlight your favorite parts later on when you want to remember each session.

Question #2) How does it all work?

#1) Purchase your All Access Pass today to reserve your spot!

#2) Immediately upon registration, you will be emailed our FIVE freebies along with a receipt for your purchase. Be SURE to mark your calendar!

#3) Sessions will be released starting on April 6th {see schedule below}. Each day, you will be emailed access to a new presentation. Information on how to access that presentation will be included in the email. Once you have access to a presentation, you can listen to it at your earliest convenience.

*APRIL 6th – Fawn Weaver {7 Successful Tips for Marriage}

*APRIL 7th – Hal Runkel {Screamfree Parenting}

*APRIL 8th – Laura Brotherson {Getting from 0 to 60 Sexually}

*APRIL 9th – Shannon & Dino Watt {5 Crucial Keys to Nourish Your Marriage Today}

*APRIL 10th – Leta Greene {How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness}

*APRIL 11th – Lori Mercer {How to Keep the Love Fires Burning While Apart}

*APRIL 12th – Start implementing what you’ve learned!! {Fill out & put up the cute goal cards you’ll get as part of registering.}

#4) If you have any questions about registration, please email

Question #3) How much does this cost?

You can purchase each session individually for $7.97 OR you can get an All Access Pass for $37. {This is a savings of over $10!} IMPORTANT: Pricing for this online conference goes UP after April 12th, so make sure you get registered today!

Question #4) What does an ALL ACCESS Pass include?

Everything! You will be given access to the recordings of all 6 presentations AND a fun referral sheet for each session as well. These are transcripts of the presentations so you can refer to them time and time again and highlight your favorite parts! One of the best ways to continually work on your relationship is to be proactive about it and we’re giving you as many resources as possible to help you do just that!

Question #5) What exactly are the freebies?

Glad you asked! Once you are all signed up for any of our sessions or the All Access Pass, you will receive all of these BONUS printables via email. Just LOOK at how darling {and practical} they are!!

Question #6) What if I am busy the whole week of April 6-12th?

Lucky you!!  These sessions will STILL be available! They are being released during the week of April 6-12 {see the schedule above} but participants can listen to them any time they want! That was one thing our past attendees asked for {more flexible times} and we delivered! However, the price of this conference goes UP after April 12th, so make sure to get registered at the current low price today! P.S. Once you’ve paid for your sessions… not only can you listen to them whenever you want, but you can listen to them as often as you want! So, if you feel you need an inspirational pick-me-up this coming Fall… BAM! We have you covered!

Question #7) Who is presenting at this conference?

We are SO excited to have 6 of our favorite marriage experts participating in this conference! These amazing men & women share our passion of helping couples everywhere strengthen their relationships. More then half of these inspirational speakers we’ve brought back due to popular demand!! Head on over to this page to read up on their impressive bios and get excited about their fun topics they’ll be presenting on!

Question #8) Can I SEE the speakers while they are presenting?

These presentations have been recorded with one of the divas as a host but they were not videotaped, which means you will not be able to see the speaker. You can refer to Question #1 for more information on this topic.

Question #9) How long is each session?

Each session will run between 45 minutes-1 hour. {Most are closer to an hour}

Question #10) Will you be doing more of these online conferences?

We would LOVE to do more and are planning on it. We chose these experts and these topics based on feedback from past events we’ve put on. Make sure you participate and then give your feedback when it’s over! We’ll be sending out a survey and our NEXT online conference will specifically hit on those topics you suggest! Oh, and we will probably have one of our very own divas presenting at the next one!!!! Whoot, WOOT!

Question #11) Is this a religious conference?

Most of the divas on our team are pretty religious and involve the Lord in their marriages, however, we recognize that our audience is extremely diverse. We try to keep things as non-denominational as possible so that there is something for everyone. Our speakers work with couples on a daily basis. They will be utilizing the knowledge that has proved to be the most effective while presenting their topics.

Question #12)  Can you give me more information about your Dating Divas Community?

Well, besides being the next best thing since sliced bread… you get to connect with OTHER wives who are also striving to strengthen their marriages, including the divas!  If you’ve ever wished you had been reading since the beginning, now is your chance to begin a new path with us! No worries – we’ll still be blogging on a regular basis, but over at The Dating Divas Community, you’ll get access to so much more!!! We’ll still reserve great ideas for the blog, but The Community is where you’ll get to connect with us on a personal level every day and GET REAL with what’s happening in your marriage! This is your chance to begin creating a happier relationship one day… and one community content piece… at a time.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Access to Successful Marriages Tele-Retreat Audio Recordings {Instant Access}
  • The A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Ways to a Healthier Happier Marriage WORKBOOK
  • 10% off all Dating Divas e-books {Instant Access}
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  • BONUS Printables, exclusive dates, & a fun book club {Instant Access & More Printables Added Monthly}
  • Our 6-month Marriage Program – follow this with your spouse and you will notice a huge difference!

Oh… and there is MORE!!

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