Military Week Giveaway Winners!

…..And the winners during military week are as follows:

The THREE winners of the “I Love A Man In Uniform” are:

Ashley Brandt, Jessica Nilson,

& Paige Sparrow!!!


Winner of Operation Military Family:

Violet Martin!!!


Winner of Called to Serve:

Kathryn Sneed!!!


Winners of “Lily Hates Goodbyes”:

Rachael T.,

Shaylise W., and

Lindsey Russell!!!


Winner of The Military Ministry books, Defending The Military Marriage, Defending The Military Family, and A Guide For Churches.

Amy Joy!!!


Love Satchel from Loving From a Distance:

Brown/Checker Love Letter Satchel

Mary Bause Bird!!!!


Winner of Mary Kay Photography session:

Leana Streeter


Winner of Elordi Photography session:

Tracie  Fisher


 Jorgensen Portraiture photography session:
Due to non-qualifications this giveaway is no longer being given away.


If you are a winner of one of our fabulous giveaways, please email the Dating Divas at with your contact info, phone number, and physical address within a WEEK! Make sure you specify WHICH giveaway you won!  🙂

Thank you so much to all of our readers who entered our giveaways.  We are so grateful for our men and women serving in our military and hope that these prizes help put a boost back into your step and may God bless you!

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Long Distance Love Kit

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3 Responses to Military Week Giveaway Winners!

  1. I won something! Yipee! Thank you so much for putting the military week together! Even though my husband just got home from Iraq the information that was shared is very, very useful. Again, thank you so much!