Mommy & Me Date Ideas

Fun Mother-Daughter and Mother-Son Date Ideas


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How’d you like to SCORE this darling set of “Mommy & Me Date Ideas” cards for FREE

Yep, FREE!!!  This adorable set was designed by the crazy talented Sameeha of The Inked Leaf and, in honor of Mother’s Day, we are giving them away to all of YOU lucky ladies!

We know that the joy of motherhood is found in the little things.  The precious, little memories that are made in simple, everyday moments.  We also know that motherhood is crazy.  And messy.  And busy.  And if we’re not careful, we can let the chaos and stress crowd out the simple and beautiful.  We’re learning that motherhood is a lot like marriage- a big part of it is being intentional about making the memories happen! And that’s where “Mommy & Me Date Ideas” comes in.  

Just grab a small box and print off our “Mommy & Me Date Ideas” printable set to make your own “Mommy & Me Box.”  Then schedule a regular time when you want to have a little mommy date with each child.  Make a big deal out of it when it’s their turn to pick an idea from the box, and have some fun enjoying the quality one-on-one time.


The “Mommy & Me Date Ideas” set, including: 2 printable labels,  20 date idea cards & 10 blank cards…



(Side note- Marianne Richmond’s book If I Could Keep You Little should be a staple in every nursery. My kids beg for me to read it to them almost every night!)




PS- I love my KitchenAid whisk! It’s such good quality, and I recommend it to everyone! You can snatch one up for yourself here!

 (A BIG thanks to our cute Chrissy for snapping these fabulous pictures!)

{This also makes for a fabulous, quick and easy Mother’s Day gift for all your mom friends!}

****  UPDATE ****

After this post aired, we had so many requests for a Mommy & Me Printable Pack that we just couldn’t let you down. AND we decided to include the dads too! We really think you’re going to LOVE our brand new Mini Mom and Dad Dates Kit! It has EVERYTHING you need to start a new tradition of regular mom and/or dad dates with your child!

Your Mini Mom and Dad Dates Kit includes:

Mom and Dad Dates - Slider

  • 2 Adorable Invitations – An invitation for boys and an invitation for girls. Leave these out before a Mini Date with your kids!
  • Mini Survey Questionnaires – These will help you find out what kinds of things your child is most interested in experiencing with you! We have 2 surveys – you choose which one fits your child best!
  • Date Night Planning Tools. – We have a Mini Date Night Ideas list, a Bucket List and a Date Night Schedule to help you brainstorm and plan date nights with your kids!
  • 5 Planned-For-You Mini Dates – Great ideas to help you get started! These simple and easy date night ideas are designed to help you get to know your child better and make fun memories together!

Get ready to create some lasting memories with your kids!

Click on over to our store to grab our Mini Mom and Dad Dates or click below to grab your free Mommy & Me Date Ideas.

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Besides my hilariously witty husband, I love a good book, sappy songs, old black-and-white movies, cute crafts, and all things chocolate. I have four (seriously adorable) little kiddos at home and they definitely keep life at home FUN!

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