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Murder Mystery Party Kit

Need a KILLER at home date idea for a group? Throw a Murder Mystery Party! If you’ve ever been to a Murder Mystery party, you already know how outrageously fun they are! The costumes, the friends, and…of course…the suspense! BUT – these group date nights take a LOT of work to plan. Lucky for YOU, The Divas have done all of the hard work already and will teach you exactly how to host a Murder Mystery Party! This incredibly creative Murder Mystery Party Kit has everything you’ll need to throw a killer at home date…(no pun intended. Aw heck, ya, I intended that one!)

Don’t know how a Murder Mystery date party works? Just check out this handy-dandy video to explain it all!

Seriously - the BEST Murder Mystery Party Kit I've ever used! Packed with TONS of Murdery Mystery Party ideas and darling designs, too! #murdermystery #murdermysterypartykit #howtohostamurderymysteryparty #thedatingdivas

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Looks amazing, right?! This is one of the most fun date night themes as it’s packed with so many great Murder Mystery Party ideas! Of course, we have to give beautiful credit where beautiful credit is due! The incredibly talented Alexa Zurcher from Alexa Zurcher Designs made our vision for this Murder Mystery Party Kit and pack a total reality – we couldn’t have done it without her! You have to check her stuff out – we adore her, and everything in her Etsy shop is absolutely gorgeous. So thank you Alexa!

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Your 80 Page Murder Mystery Party Kit includes:

Murdery Mystery Party Ideas

Mystery Mystery Date Party Planning 

First off, let’s chat about the host guide! It includes bucket-loads of tips and tricks on how to host a Murder Mystery Party! For this at home date idea, you need to have 12 players…and it can be a lot of work to keep all of those people straight! To help you prep the Murder Mystery Party and tame the mayhem, we’ve included some handy-dandy charts. These will help when making the Murder Mystery Party character assignments to your friends and sending out the invites, so you can keep track of who you assigned to play each role.

Murdery Mystery Party Ideas and Planning Tips

Sometimes, people choose to host a Murder Mystery Party over dinner (when we hosted ours, we did it after dinner and snacked on yummy treats while we did our investigating, but the choice is yours).

Murder Mystery Party Ideas for Dinner

So, if you did want to host it over a more formal, sit-down dinner, we have also included Murder Mystery Party table cards for each character, so you can choose the seating ahead of time.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

Just for fun, we’ve also included some printable Murder Mystery “money”, to be used as a bribing tool throughout the game. (I mean…uhh…say what now?)

Murder Mystery Party Ideas and Game Printables

Murder Mystery Party Kit Invitations

These Murder Mystery invitations fit our Old Hollywood Glam theme perfectly! Each invitation in the Murder Mystery Party kit is customized, so when the player receives it in the mail, it describes their character, as well as gives suggested costume ideas. Gold washi tape adds a fantastic, glamorous touch to the outside of the envelope!

Murder Mystery Invitations

Murder Mystery Task Cards & Character Biographies

Each character in this Murder Mystery Party Kit is truly unique; and we made sure that the players know all of the details pertaining to them before jumping into character on the big night!

Murder Mystery Characters

 Featured below are examples of the Murder Mystery task cards, or “assignments”, for each character to complete during each of the rounds.

Murder Mystery Date Character Task Cards

You may want to give each character a moment now and again to remember exactly what they’re supposed to be doing by allowing a bit of reading time before and during the game.

How to Host a Murder Mystery Party

But don’t hold back when it’s time for the fun! One of our absolute favorite parts of this Murder Mystery evening is when it’s time to get chatty and divulge all of that juicy info! Remember to stay in character for ultimate mystery satisfaction.

Murder Mystery Photo Booth

Another addition to your list of game activities (and one that’s oh-so-simple!) is to do a photo booth! Simply gather the guests and take turns documenting everyone’s style and flair.

Murder Mystery Photo Booth

You might even consider using an old-timey photo strip frame like we did.

Murder Mystery Party Ideas

Seriously, how much fun is that?! You and your guests will forever remember your night of intrigue…

Murder Mystery Character Costumes

Murder Mystery Evidence

Taking notes on authentic documents from the 1920’s, we have even put together some intriguing pieces of evidence that come forward just in the nick of time to help answer that final, burning question…who did it? Gotta say, these were a blast to dream up – the Western Union Telegram is my fave!

Murder Mystery Date Printable EvidenceAlso included is a ‘rat poison’ jar label. Simply wrap around the jar of your choosing and voila! Instant murder weapon.

Murder Mystery Party Kit Supplies

Murder Mystery Group Date Awards

What kind of Hollywood party would it be without awards? At the conclusion of the game, and the murder has been solved – there is much more to talk about and that includes the winners!

Decide on Best Characters, Best Dressed, and award them their official prizes! Certificates and voting ballots are included in your printable pack and make the voting oh-so-fun!

Murder Mystery Group Date Night AwardsDeclare the official winners of the game before snapping some final pics and calling it a night!

Murder Mystery Party Kit Awards

Fall is the perfect time to host a Murder Mystery party – talk about a great Halloween bash! We have put together everything you need to pull off one of most fantastic group date ideas. Grab your Murder Mystery Party Kit today and get planning with this amazing at home date idea!


And the BEST PART (okay, besides all of the fun you’ll have?) is DEFINITELY the price! Other mystery party kits typically run $50+ for a 12 player game …and ours is a fraction of that! (Yep, you are welcome!) We want everyone to be able to play this Murder Mystery game, and we wanna spread the love…or at least the murder {wink!}.

Murder Mystery Party Ideas and Tips

For only $19.97 this at home date idea can be yours!

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If you loooove the idea of this group date night theme pack, you most definitely should check out our “Who Dunit” Clue-inspired date! Another one of our fabulously fun group date ideas is the “Win It In A Minute” Group Date Night!

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  1. Can the murder mystery be broken up over the course of 3-4 days (50 min.) each day? I’m thinking of end of year activity with students.

    1. As a former teacher, I can tell you that this is possible but might be a little tricky. The only thing that I can think of that might be a problem is that certain characters are crucial to uncovering clues and if there were to be absent that might cause a problem.
      One thing that I did do with my students that worked perfectly in one class period (and still included mysteries and characters) is our Who Dun It? Detective mystery game. It is a live version of the board game Clue. There are suspects and detectives but it moves very quickly and can be played again and again (great for time management in the classroom!). It will also be much easier for you to set up (always a plus at the end of the school year!) You can find that here:
      Good luck!

  2. Hi! This looks so fun! Can it be done with a group of less than 12 people? I’m thinking of 4 couples, so 8 people total. Thanks for making this available 🙂

    1. This particular murder mystery activity does require a minimum of 12 people (6 couples).While it IS possible to eliminate characters, your guests playing will really miss out on all of the clues and will have certain tasks that they might not be able to complete. An alternative that you might want to look into is our Whodunit? Mystery Detective Game? Link here: This game requires 8 people and would be a fun evening of mystery!

  3. Hello!! I am looking at getting the Murder Mystery party set. Two questions: 0ne, is it appropriate for kids about the age of 17? Two, not all of my friends that I am planing to invite are in a relationship. Is there any way I could make some edits to the game to make it a lil more “single” friendly?

    1. Great questions Mitchell!
      This game is completely appropriate for 17 year old kids. When we set out to create this murder mystery we wanted to keep it clean and fun! I have done plenty of murder mysteries where I have learned later in the game that my character has some super inappropriate secrets that I was meant to divulge. You will not find that in this kit!
      When you purchase the kit, the host guide will help walk you through the assignment of characters. You will find that of the 12 characters, there are 6 specific characters that have a convenient matching counterpart (so, 3 couples) This is not necessary, but these characters will flirt with each other quite a bit and that will obviously be more comfortable if they are comfortable with each other.
      The game should completely be single friendly – there are 6 other characters that have zero love interest storylines!
      If you have any other questions – feel free to reach out!

  4. Did the person who wrote in about modifying the game for her 15 year old daughter ever order and modify? I was thinking of doing the same. Just wondering if it worked out for them.

  5. Hi! I am interested in purchasing the Murder Mystery “Red Carpet Revenge” Group Date Night kit, but I currently have more than 12 people that have RSVP’d. Is the game specific to 12 people, or would 18-20 people also be adequate for the game? Your quick response is greatly appreciated!

    1. That is a great question! There are 12 suspects in the case with specific objects to complete and secrets to hide. However, you can add as many other people to this game as you want! Your extra guests can be paparazzi (to go with the Hollywood theme),film crew, reporters, other actors or even servers. Those extra guests can still speak with all of the suspects and try to solve the mystery. The only difference is that they are not suspects themselves and their only task is to solve the mystery (not keep any secrets of their own). I hope that helps and that you love this game!

  6. Hi!

    I just purchased the Murder Mystery date and am excited for our upcoming party! I’m getting ready to send out the invites and character descriptions. Do the guests receive their full character description prior to the party or just the brief description? I don’t want to reveal too much too soon.

    1. Hi Ava! Great question! When we did it as a group we got a partial description with our invitation- more like a background story of our character but there were definitely some major details that were left out until the date! There was also a darling little costume suggestion on the invite so I definitely think will know everything they need to know ahead of time! I hope that helps! XO

  7. We are looking for a fun Murder Mystery Dinner Date night and yours looks great- we have never hosted one and wanted to get a better idea of how this would work- does your package include games and things to do through out the evening?

    1. Hello Katie! This murder mystery in itself is the game for the evening! Each character has different tasks that they need to complete and information to divulge (or not!). The game takes about 2 hours from start to finish and it is all outlined in the kit step-by-step. If you have any more specific questions – feel free to ask me and I can tell you all about it. I have hosted it twice now and both have been successful!