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Hi I’m Jen from My Own Road, and I’m so excited to be over here guest posting for the fabulous Dating Divas today! Over at my little corner of blogland, you can usually find me whipping up projects for my two little cuties when I have any free time. I have a passion for fashion on a budget, so I love making use of what I have on hand or taking something plain and making it into something fabulous. That was my goal when I decided to take one of my daughter’s white tee’s and give it a makeover with some fabric paint and ribbon. You could even do this with one of YOUR shirts & wear it on a date with your spouse!

The Rockin’ Necklace Tee is a great way to accessorize your little diva without the actual jewelry, which isn’t so great for little ones who put everything in their mouths. Even better, this project is cute, inexpensive, sewing-optional.
  • A plain white t-shirt
  • Fabric paint (I prefer Tulip brand matte fabric paint)
  • Round objects of different sizes to use as a stamp – I used the end of a white crayon (use white so you don’t mark your shirt), a marker cap, and the end of a Sharpie marker cap
  • Freezer paper or something to insert inside your shirt so the paint won’t leak
  • Ribbon
  • Needle and coordinating thread
Step 1: Prepare your shirt for painting.
First, turn your shirt inside out and iron some freezer paper to the inside front of the shirt, shiny side down. This will help protect the shirt from any fabric paint that might leak through. If you don’t have freezer paper, you could always just put a piece of cardboard or wax paper inside the shirt.
Step 2: Stamp your necklaces on.
If you want, you can use a disappearing pen to mark where you will be stamping each necklace. I just decided to put aside my perfectionism for once and go for it. Choose one of your “stamps” (I started with the white crayon end) and dip the end into your fabric paint. Blot the extra off on a piece of paper so you don’t goop it onto the shirt. Begin at the top of one of the shoulders and stamp continuous circles side-by-side in the shape of a necklace along the neckline of the shirt. Make sure you blot the end of your stamp regularly so you don’t end up with a big goopy pile of paint. If you do end up with too much, just take a Q-Tip and blot off the extra.
Use your different-sized stamps to continue making circles along the front of the shirt. Don’t worry about making sure each circle is completely filled in. The inconsistencies and fading make the design look even better. You can make as few or as many rows as you want. You can also overlap the necklaces in some places to give them a “layered” look. You want variety in size and positioning of each necklace, so keep that in mind as you stamp.
Continue until you’re happy with the design.
At this point if you’re happy with the shirt, or if you don’t want to do any sewing, let the shirt dry overnight (or as long as the bottle says to). Then, remove freezer paper or cardboard and wear! If you want to add a little something more though, pull out some ribbon, matching thread, and a needle.
Step 3: Add ribbon.
Cut 3 pieces of thin ribbon long enough to make small bows. If you want to make absolutely sure your ribbon doesn’t fray, add some Fray Check to the ends. Tie a bow in each piece of ribbon, and hand stitch a few times through the middle of each bow to secure. Next, choose where on your shirt you would like to place the bows, and then stitch a few times through the bow and shirt to attach.
Voila! Instant baby glam cuteness for your little rockstar!
I didn’t forget about the little guys. Go HERE for a tutorial on how to make the little boy’s Rockin Tie Tee!
Thanks for having me ladies! I hope you’ll come over to My Own Road sometime to say hi and check out some of my other great projects!

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  1. I love this! I have 2 girls and I hate buying them T-shirts because they’re either super plain, or covered with cartoon characters. This gave me some ideas and I’m super excited to try them out!