National Lazy Day

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National Lazy Day

I’m sure there are plenty of Saturdays you’d rather lay around the couch than clean house or run errands! Well THIS weekend you CAN! Why, you ask?!  Saturday, August 10th is National Lazy Day! And we have a fun, free date for you and your spouse to take advantage of such a relaxing day!


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  1. The adorable printables by the skilled Larissa at Larissa Kay Designs
  2. A gift box
  3. Hubby’s  most comfortable pair of sweat pants
  4. DVDs
  5. Your favorite take out food


In the gift box, place your hubby’s favorite sweat pants and DVD’s.  I’d say at least 2 DVD’s! I mean, it’s a DAY of laziness… you might need more than one to waste, I mean enjoy, the afternoon {wink, wink}! Write in a time on the card for your hubby to meet you on the couch and slip it in the box.  Next, fill out the days of August on the calendar card and paste the pencil piece on August 10th.  What’s great about this invite is that you can print it off again NEXT year for another day of NOTHING!  😆  


Lastly, don’t worry about dinner! I mean, who has the energy to cook and clean on National Lazy Day! Grab your favorite take-out menu and give ’em a call! 


And if you LOVE fun, unique holidays, check out National Nude Day! Make both of these days a yearly tradition!

Need to get in the spirit of laziness?!  Enjoy listening to The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars!

Free Download

National Lazy Day Printables

Printables Designed by Larissa @ Larissa Kay Designs Exclusively for The Dating Divas



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  1. Hi Brittney,

    On my MAC the L looks weird on the couch printable but on my PC it looks just fine. BUT regardless, when you print it (doesn’t matter from what type of computer), it will print just fine! Hope that helps and sorry for the confusions! THANKS

  2. I think this is adorable! We haven’t ordered take out in forever! I’m excited to try this one!!! xox

  3. I don’t know about you but I just love a National Lazy Day idea. I think this is exactly what I have been looking for the past couple of years: an excuse to be lazy. I only get to be lazy when I am on vacation, but being lazy at home is really hard to accomplish, because there is always something to do, right? But National Lazy Day is a perfect excuse to be lazy and not to feel obligated to do anything.
    In a perfect world we should have a lazy day at least once a week – we deserve it!

  4. Love this idea…too fun! It’s wonderful to a clever way to skip housework & enjoy a movie together!
    Thanks Paige!

  5. This holiday completely cracks me up! We have friends in town this weekend, so we probably can’t celebrate…. kinda bummed! I TOTALLY want to do this! You could also try to make it so NOBODY has to get off the couch. We played that game when we were little {my siblings and I} if you touched the ground, then the alligators would get ya! lol