National Nude Day

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When is National Nude Day?

Did you know National NUDE Day is coming up?  (Of course not, who knows these things!?)  Well, it’s on July 14th, it’s coming up quickly! So we’ve got a silly and fun way for you to celebrate this holiday! Any excuse to party with your hubby, right? Or should we say, any excuse to get naked with your hubby, right?! We’ve got this great FREE PRINTABLE for you to use to let your husband know just what an exciting day July 14th, really is! So print out these cute printables and celebrate this holiday! It’s a super fun tradition to start!

Adding this new tradition to the calendar NOW!! #nationalnudeday #nudedaycelebration

Nude Day

Here’s what you need to do to prepare for National Nude Day: take the first printable, announcing, “Happy National Nude Day!” and put it on top of a present box. Since it’s a present,  use a gift bag or even something as simple as a brown paper sack.

National Nude Day Celebration

Then, on the inside of the present, put the second printable at the bottom of the box/gift bag/brown paper sack. So when it is opened the “*All necessary supplies included” text suddenly makes a lot more sense.

When is National Nude Day

Prepare for the Celebration

We included a variety of different options for printables. So you can choose a printable for inside the box based on what you think is the cutest or funniest!

Nude Gift

Options for the inside printables can include phrases like:

  • Requesting the presence of your royal heinie
  • How difficult was it to be clothed on National Nude Day? Bare it all to me!
  • Place your clothes here
  • Can’t wait to see you in your one-button suit!

Gag Gift

Royal Heinie

Pretty cute, right? So pick your favorite, and save the others for next year! Place the printable in the box and you are ready to celebrate National Nude Day!

Nudist Day

Nude Day Celebration

Your honey will get the present informing him of the national holiday and when he opens the gift he will know just what to do! When he reads that “*All necessary supplies are included”… and when he opens his present, it will be EMPTY!  Just a note informing him that it is National NUDE Day (hence the empty box!) and you’ll see him at the designated time to celebrate!

National Nude

Happy celebrating! July 14th will be one of your new favorite holidays!

Nude Day Printables

Free Download

National Nude Day Printables

Printables Designed by Courtney @ Paperelli Exclusively for The Dating Diva



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  1. Chrissy, I am blushing over this cute post. My hubby will love this!! Definitely surprising him with this!

  2. Aw, man! I missed the day! Maybe I will still do it. My hubby will never know the difference! Besides who needs a holiday to walk around naked?!

  3. just presented my sweetie his invite for tonight. He loved it, then made sure to tell me he didnt need an invitation to celebrate THIS holiday, he would celebrate this one anytime i wanted. he he. we’re both looking forward to tonight after our Saturday chores are done.
    Thanks Ladies!

  4. This is awesome! July 14th is my hub’s birthday and I was searching to find something else I could put with his present – i think i found the perfect thing! haha, thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing. The 14th happens to be the day after my hubby’s birthday. So the celebration will continue 😉

  6. This is such a great Idea I am flying down to see my boo on the 14th. So I am mailing him this invitation so when he picks me up at the airport he will wanna hurry to get home!!

  7. Ha ha ha!! Love it! My husband was all excited when I texted him about celebrating “National Kissing Day” last week- he’s gonna be STOKED about this holiday. 😉

  8. National Nude Day?!!? Leave it to you girls to let us know about it!! How incredibly fun! I am quite excited!