Perfect {last minute} Christmas Gift

One very awesome, totally rockin’, super adorable sassy suggestion! Dolly from Paper Perfection sent us the cutest idea ever. And just in time for Christmas! She even gave us some “diva-fied” printables! She knows our style and made this gift super super easy!

Dolly put together 12 months of dates for her Christmas gifts this year to give to close friends and family. Each gift comes with two expandable file folder boxes that have at least 7 pockets each. There is a “his” box and “hers” box. The first six pockets are labeled with a month and inside the pocket is the date information for how to organize and plan the date that they get to take their spouse on, including any printables that go along with it.  {Like invitations, clue cards, gift tags, etc.} One of the boxes has January, March, May, July, September and November. The other box has February, April, June, August, October and December. Each person is responsible for six dates and will take turns every other month of the year. All of her dates happen to come from ideas here on our website. She chose a lot of the “sports” type related dates for dates that any wife can take her hubby on like the bowling, golf and March Madness dates. And any man can take his wife on some of the more romantic dates, so she picked the spa night and “Chinese, Please” to get her out of the house. {hint, hint}

The seventh pouch has fun random things they can do for their spouse throughout the year… again using our quick and easy ideas and printables like the love notes and the pill box with candy.

She is also giving a picnic basket for two along with the gift so they can fill it up and use it on some or all of their dates. If money isn’t an issue, you can even assemble items for each date like gift certificates to the restaurant, movies, etc. But if you need to save money… just the files and detailed date information and printables make a GREAT gift! If any of you are like Dolly and the divas…you definitely miss the dates you went on before you were married.

So… Dolly was out of town and didn’t have pics for us, but here are a few ideas for file folders and/or boxes…


Or, if you are feeling super crafty… here is a very cute box from Creations by AR…


And of course a sneak peak of the adorable printables Dolly sent to us that she created herself!!!

Get this! She even sent them to me in 3 different colors!! What a sweetheart to do all that work so that you can choose for yourself!! Your options…

Green/Red for Christmas



And last but not least, the date box letter to give with your cute gift that shares all the “rules of the game.” What a great gift idea! And its perfect for any crafter or non-crafter too!!

All I can say is THANK YOU, DOLLY!!!

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I am crazy athletic and super fun! And I can’t get enough of my family and friends! I have an amazing hubby and 3 incredible kids! Life is great as we know it!!

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17 Responses to Perfect {last minute} Christmas Gift

    1. Carly- this is where you can put your very own signature on it… Picking your favorite dates or the ones that the receiver will thoroughly enjoy. Lots to choose from. 😉 tons and tons of cute printables too!! If our date book was out you could totally just put that in it. (wink wink)

  1. As Wendy mentioned there are sooo many great dates on this website…I had a really hard time choosing and I have to be honest my extra pocket is really filling up. I almost have enough dates compiled that I can do this again next year for Christmas if it is a big hit. If you go up to the buttons at the top of the Dating Divas blog and click on the “date night” button you can search through the different ideas. That is how I did all of my research to find dates and extra ideas that I thought would work for friends and family.

    I’m traveling so I’m not 100% certain of the specific dates that included but here are some ideas:

    For Her to do for Him:
    A Date That Scores
    Bowling Date Night
    Breakfast and Balls
    Scavenger Hunt
    Sherlock Holmes
    Baby It’s Cold Outside
    The Love Doctor – Board Games

    For Him to do for Her:
    Chinese Please
    I Spy
    The Dollar Menunaire
    Spa Date
    5 Senses Date Night
    Road Trip Date

    Extra File:
    Love on the Run Date Night Bag
    Bad Day Box Information
    Cheapest Date Challenge
    Do Not Disturb Signs
    Fate Burger – Group or Family Night
    Clue Date – for a group date
    All About You (as a great anniversary gift idea)
    The art of message
    Love Notes
    Pill Box

    It is really important to include an information sheet so the person hosting the date will know how to throw the date. Most of the information you will need to include in your information sheet has been included by the divas in their information on each blog post for how they threw their date. I also made invitations and other fun printables for each date like gift tags, and letters to read for each step of the date like “the Dollar menunaire”. Luckily the Dating Divas have done a lot of work for you with their great printables!

    I hope that helps you get started. I made a date box that I will give to my husband as well and then take right back so I will have dates ready to go in 2012 that I can take him on. Hopefully he can learn from all of my dates and make a few for me.

  2. One more tip…I know I didn’t use all of the correct names for each date from the Diva blog posts, but they are all in this website. If you are looking for the bowling date…I took ideas from the \Funky Town Date Night\ blog post to make a bowling date for two.

  3. Oh HEAVENS, Dolly! Keep this up & we are going to ask you to become an honorary diva! LOVE it! 🙂 Fabulous idea and I am thinking this would be perfect for Christmas presents next year! {I already have this year done…}

    1. So glad you like it. I love your dates! I just added your “Book Store” date to my gifts. This would also make a great birthday, anniversary or valentines gift. Don’t wait until next year to put a a gift together for friends or family.

  4. What a great idea! I hope I have enough time to put this together for a couple I will be seeing this weekend – though it means I’ll need to buy a color printer cartridge!