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Photography Giveaway

The Month of Love is now upon us and it’s time to start thinking of an amazing gift that you can give your spouse this year. Hmm… what to do, what to do?? Well, since you asked, I have the answer!! We’ve teamed up with an amazing photographer, Misha Hettie, who specializes in none other than Glamour Photography! Now, to get a better idea of what Glamour photography means to you… you can see some samples of Misha’s work at HelloMisha. You can also check out her Facebook Page for more inspiration!
Now, how can you turn a Glamour shoot into a Valentine’s Gift?? Oh my, where do we begin! Start with a sweet framed print for your honey to put in his office where he can look at your gorgeous face all throughout the day. Next, turn your pictures into a small photobook that he can keep in his car or night stand. Now, get your favorite image blown up poster size to put above your bed… LOL… Okay, that might not be ideal for your decor, but hey, your husband would definitely love it!
Because we love Misha and because Misha loves YOU, she has graciously offered to give away one of her famed Glamour Sessions to one of The Dating Divas fabulous readers! {Unfortunately, due to her location, she is only able to offer this session for the location of Orange County, CA. So if you are able to travel to that place – you are golden!} Misha will also provide the session makeup application, an hour long session and 20 digital images. Oh, my!! Wahoo!
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A sweet message from Photographer, Misha Hettie:

Brilliant. Gorgeous. Enchanting. We all want to be beautiful and fascinating. I know this to be true. We want our outer appearance to reflect all the light and love inside of us. We want people to look at images of us and think “She’s amazing!”

I know these things because I have felt them myself – down to the marrow of my bones – and because I have worked with countless clients and seen the look in their eyes as I press the shutter – it says, simply, “I hope… I hope I look beautiful.”


I am the photographer who will help you find your beautiful. Together we will create fashionable portraiture – the kind of captivating image you see in a magazine and 30 seconds later you realize you’re still gazing at the same photo.

I love working with high school seniors, rock and roll brides and glamorous women. I take elements from you and your home, your style and your personality, and incorporate those things to make a personalized high fashion portrait experience.

Be prepared – afterwards, the compliments from friends and family will range from “You’re perfect!” to “Could this girl be any more gorgeous?”  And you’ll find yourself saying things like, “I never knew I could feel so glamorous!” and “You really saw the best version of me.” Who wouldn’t want to feel that way?”


Isn’t she amazing!? I bet you are all jumping up and down with the change to get a Glamour Session with her, huh! Um, I don’t blame you! We just LOVE working with her!!!!! Sign up to win today! Good Luck!!

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