Pie Night Tradition

Thanksgiving Pie Night Tradition

Thanksgiving is the best holiday! So much good food… so little time. So my husband and I created a new tradition focused on the very best food: PIE!

Pie Night Thanksgiving Tradition

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Pie night is a whole night devoted to pie! We’ve got a free printable pack to make this the perfect night. Let me tell you, this printable pack is gorgeous! Leslie from Nina Bean Designs did an amazing job creating these pie night printables.

This printable pack includes everything you’ll need to put together a Pie Night party for all your friends and family, besides the actual pie!

  • Pie Night Invitation
  • Welcome Sign
  • Food Tent Labels
  • Judging Cards
  • Awards
  • 8×10 Framed Art

Let me share the details of your new favorite Thanksgiving tradition!

Pie Night Decoration

After you print out the beautiful Pie Night printables, you can send out your invitations. I love sending the cute invite via text when I don’t have the time to mail them or hand them out.

Pie Night Invitation

Think of all the family and friends you want to eat pie with… and send away!

Pie Night Tradition Invite

One thing I love at parties, is a cute welcome station.
Get set up for your Pie Night by setting up your welcome station! Burlap, leaves, and pinecones make for easy and adorable fall decor!

Pie Night Welcome

You’ll want to have your food tent labels and pens set out.

Pie Night Food Labels

That way all of your pies will all be labeled correctly and everyone will know exactly what kind of pie they are enjoying! 

Pie Night Pumpkin Cheesecake

The food tents are absolutely adorable and add to the party atmosphere.

Also, by your welcome station, you’ll want to have your gratitude charade slips and a cute basket for the charade slips. 

Pie Night Charades

Now for the fun and laughter! Gratitude Charades!!!!
In the past, we have asked people to write something they are grateful for on the slips. Then we play reverse charades. One person will guess what the rest of their group is acting out. Depending on what you are grateful for, this could be a major challenge. I remember one time we were supposed to act out “looking at the Christmas lights in the city.”

Pie Night Pumpkin Cheesecake

Throughout the night, you’ll want to try ALL the pies. So you might need to make a few trips to the pie table! Space it out and eat some before your game of charades, grab a slice during your game and fill your plate after, too! 

Pie Night Judging Card

At the end of the night, have everyone fill out their pie judging card!

Pie Night Award

Then give out the awards!!

Prettiest Pie Night Award

There are 3 main categories that your group can vote on, but if you are the kind of person who loves for everyone to have an award, there are a bunch of awards in this printable pack that you can give out!

Pie Night Awards

By the end of the night, you will feel the true spirit of Thanksgiving! A whole lotta gratitude and a full belly!

Pie Night Art

Hurry and grab your free Pie Night Printables so that you can start a new tradition this year!

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I am crazy about my husband, Scott and my FOUR cute kids! I spend my days at home--teaching, playing and cleaning up with them! Our favorite place in our home is the kitchen! I love to cook and bake with lots of flavor--and I love having my little helpers in the kitchen, too! Some of my most recent passions are tennis, nutrition, crafting, the great outdoors and photography!

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9 Responses to Pie Night Tradition

  1. What a fabulous idea! In fact, I plan to use it for a large group! I have downloaded your adorable printables, however, is it possible to find your invitation on it’s own page or even two to a page (plan to print lots of invitations but don’t need the same amount of welcome signs that accompany the invitation printable page)?

    1. Thank you Erica!! We love using this for large groups! The more the merrier. I’d love to help you out with the invitation, I’ve sent you an email!

  2. I’m not a pie person, but if I was… I’d be ALL OVER this idea! lol I’m kinda in love with that frame-able printable! So darling!!! XOXO