365 Ways to Ignite the Spark


Keep the Love Fireworks Flying!


So, are you ready to fall back in love? Here’s the deal-when we want to get our bodies back in shape, we have to start investing time each day to exercise, right? It’s the same with marriage! If we want it to strengthen, we’ve got to work on it! But don’t be scared off, our suggestions don’t take much time or prep- and you can easily check them off as you go!

All 365 of the ideas are categorized into the following sections:

  • Quick & Easy
  • Service Ideas
  • Notes & Words
  • Intimacy Ideas
  • Time Together
  • Love Gifts
  • Ideas for HER,
  • Ideas for HIM.

Each time you use one of these Spark Starters, you’re fanning the growing flame of romance between you and your spouse. Soon, you’ll have your fireworks back!

Designed by Paperelli

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