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A Year of Sport-Themed Dates


12 fantastically pre-planned, sport-themed date nights- one for every month of the year!


If you love being active with your spouse, you are going to adore our Sporty Date Kit!

With 12 fantastically pre-planned sport-themed dates (one for each month of the year!), you will never run out of ideas to add some fun and activity to your relationship!

This pack is soooo much more than just getting together and doing a sport. We’ve taken 12 run-of-the-mill sports, and – well – we Divafied ‘em! We added creative suggestions for a fresh spin, out-of-the-box activities that will stimulate your senses, and even spicy suggestions to top things all off at the end of the evening.
There’s something for everyone in this unique collection of fabulously active date ideas – so strap on those running shoes and grab your pack today!


Designed by Leah Aldous Designs with help from All Things Bright and Beautiful

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