Kid Sticky Notes



We LOVE the kiddos in our lives and we want them to know! But with everything we have on our plates (not to mention THEIR cram-packed schedules), it can be tricky coming up with creative ways to spread that love, right? Not anymore! Introducing Kids’ Sticky Notes: a one-of-a-kind printable pack of stickable goodness- just for KIDS! These bite-sized notes will let them know how all around awesome they are in a fun and kid-friendly way!

This Printable Pack Includes:

  • Printable Sticky Notes Template – Your go-to tool for getting a perfect print.
  • School Sticky Notes – 12 school-themed printable sticky notes to give little learners a boost!
  • Birthday Sticky Notes – 12 birthday-themed printable sticky notes to help them celebrate.
  • Just Because Sticky Notes – 12 anytime printable sticky notes to tell them you love them.
  • Joke Sticky Notes – 12 hilarious printable sticky notes to put a smile on their face.
  • Activity Sticky Notes – 12 interactive printable sticky notes to keep them entertained.
  • Emoji Sticky Notes – 12 emoji printable sticky notes for when words aren’t enough.
  • Scramble Sticky Notes – 37 printable sticky note letters for a hide & seek hunt or larger than life message!

Each love note is designed to be printed right onto a standard 3”x3” sticky note, making your message quick and easy!

Please Note

This is a digital product that will be emailed to you, for you to print. Hard copies will not be mailed. Color may vary depending on monitors and printers. All sales of digital products are final.