Red Light Kisses

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Red Light Kisses

New to our Love on the Run Ideas?! Check out this post for the details… if not, KEEP reading {wink wink}!!

I know it can be hard to keep your hands off your man!  I mean, that’s why you married him, right?! 😆   The only problem is, while driving, it gets a little dangerous sneaking in those kisses.  SOLUTION!  Kiss at EVERY red light!

Paige - Jan LOTR - Red Light Kiss Watermark

Who doesn’t love some red light kisses? What a FABULOUS idea!? This is a sure fire way to rekindle the romance in just ONE weekend.  Make a game of it.  If you forget to kiss at one red light… make up for it by snatching TWO kisses at the next red light!

Still can’t keep your hands off?!  Why not give him a quick massage…. just because!?

AND for your listening pleasure, check out this Red Light Kiss song by Arlon Bennett!



I am madly in love with three men (1 big and 2 little)! I am lucky enough to be married to my true complement. I spend my days doing any and everything 'boy!' I have a passion for fitness and love trying anything that makes my heart race.

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  1. It may sound silly, but every time we pass each other in our short hallway, we have to stop for a hug and kiss. It’s fun and makes us both happy!

  2. We do a variation of this. My kids love to play the punch buggy game, where when the first one that spots a VW Beetle gets to ‘love tap’ the other one. They aren’t allowed to hit each other, so its more like a tap than a punch. Anyway, when me and my honey see one we yell punch buggy and the other one has to give them a kiss.

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