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Hello?! Are you all awake from your Thanksgiving Feast and Black Friday shopping? I have a fabulous gift ideas to share with you for that person on your list who has EVERYTHING! You know, the one who is the hardest to shop for! Well, one day while I was browsing Pinterest, I came across this idea and immediately fell in love. The idea was originally for a Dad’s {who has EVERYTHING} Birthday, but I thought it could be used for anyone. Gifts can be difficult, especially for the person who seems to have it all. This gift could be used for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even a long distance idea – stick them in their suitcase before they leave.

So here’s how it goes down. You take a bunch of fabric hearts (or you could easily use paper if sewing isn’t your thing) and hide them all over the recipient’s home. Closet, bookshelves, cupboards, clothes, etc. Then you give them a jar that has an adorable tag attached that says, “Remember, I love you.” Anytime they find the heart, they’ll be thinking of you and how much you mean to them. Then they can add the heart to the jar and keep them all together once they find them. Thanks to Moorea Seal and I Go By Katie for sharing this awesome idea.

For more fun gift ideas, check out the “Exploding Love Box” or “50 Reasons Why I Love You” Jar!


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  1. Hi!
    I read this post quite a while ago and I have finally had a chance to do this. I knew I was set to deploy at the end of March so around valentines day a set off to the craft stores in search for hearts. I thought I hit the jackpot when I found cute heart gems, but they were too big. I then chose some felt cut out confetti hearts. I bought every bag they had. That gave me about 200 hearts for only about $5. Then I went and grabbed a nice cube shaped jar, ribbon, and a tag. I put it all together and set it to the side for the next month while I got ready for my deployment. A day or two beforehand, I hid the hearts all over the place. In some places I left more than one. I left it on the counter right before I left for my deployment. Soon after, I got a picture of the jar and a smiley face. A few day later I got a message that read “I put that jar of hearts on the thing in the dining room. I put them in there as I find them.”

    I think this was a fantastic way to keep reminding her that I love her.

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