Doorbell Ditch Christmas Surprise

Secret Decorations Attack!

 Is there anything better than the Christmas season? There is a special magic in the air as everyone rushes around trying to find the best Christmas gifts to surprise their loved ones with. One of my favorite parts of the season is baking treats and making cards to show our friends how special they are to us. We also love receiving Christmas surprises and treats as they show up at our doorstep from friends and neighbors! We have an amazing way to make your friends feel so loved—while also cracking up at your creativity! There truly is no better way to repay your friends and neighbors for their friendship then by ding-dong ditching them and leaving these secret decorations as a Christmas doorstep surprise!

A fun doorstep surprise for friends and neighbors!

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Every time I look at these printables my stomach flutters with Christmas joy! Karyn, from If Actually, truly created the cutest Christmas printables that I have ever seen! Your friends will LOVE receiving this fun Christmas surprise gift!

The cutest Christmas tree on the block!

To pull off this amazing doorstep Christmas surprise, start by downloading and printing the printables—be sure to grab a great quality paper cutter and nice cardstock. After you have cut out each piece, decide whether you want to have your family’s faces attached to the elf, angel, and Santa Claus, or if you want your friend’s faces attached to the ornaments. Search for pictures of the faces you want and move them to a word document (or another program) and use the side rulers to adjust the size of the faces to approximately 1 inch x 1 inch—this will make the faces fit nicely on the printables. Print and cut out the faces. There are multiple ornaments to choose from and each has accessories—hats, hair, rosy cheeks, halos—to really bring the ornaments to life!

Personalized Ornaments

Once you have cut out the face, ornament, and accessories, glue the face onto the head of the ornament. Now, attach the accessories to the face. Glue on the hair, hat, ears, rosy cheeks, or any other accessories that go with the ornament you are creating!

How to assemble elf ornament printables. Personalized elf ornament.

The fun part is how many options there are! You can create any number of personalized ornaments by just printing off multiple pages of the elf, angel, and Santa Claus ornaments!

Cute elf-yourself printable ornaments!Personalized Santa Claus ornament printable!

All that’s left to do is deliver your doorstep Christmas surprise! Run over to your friend’s house and tape the tree branches to the door to form a Christmas tree. (The printables contain a key to help you in assembling the tree!). SHH!! Remember, this is a surprise! Once the tree has been quietly taped to the door, attach the ornaments to the branches to complete the secret decorations attack! There is an adorable note to leave behind explaining,

“Just dropped by to spread some Christmas cheer and repay you for all of your sweetness this year!”

Leave a note and decorations on your friend's doorstep!

What better repayment for all of your friend’s “sweetness” than a little treat to go with the decorations? Print the treat tag and attach it to something super sweet! Once you have stealthily attached the tree and personalized ornaments to the door, leave the treat and notes on the doorstep, ring the doorbell, and RUN! This will be one ding-dong ditch surprise they will never forget! (Maybe you can hide in the bushes so you can see their joyful reactions!)

A note to pair with a doorstep Christmas surprise treat!

Your friends will never receive a better doorstep Christmas surprise!

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