101 Halloween Ideas

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Quick and Easy Halloween Ideas

The month of October is one long Halloweenfest! We love that our best Halloween ideas can be on display all month long, so we thought we’d share! The Divas pooled their Pinterest boards and came up with 101 of their FAVORITE Halloween ideas to share with you! Some of us like it a little creepy, while others stay cutesy. Whatever your style you are sure to find some Halloween ideas that you didn’t know you needed, even if your Halloween style is just food {raises hand, proudly!}. With these tips, tricks, and Halloween hacks up your sleeve you are SURE to get a visit from the Great Pumpkin this year.

I love Halloween! These easy Halloween ideas are perfect - I love 61! Everything you could possibly need from Halloween decorations to food and treats! #HalloweenIdeas #EasyHalloweenIdeas #DatingDivas #HalloweenFoods #HalloweenDecorations

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Here’s what we really love about all of these Halloween ideas: they are really quite simple! If it is quick and easy I am much more likely to actually follow through!

  1. 20 Easy Halloween Ideas
  2. 20 Spooky Halloween Ideas
  3. 20 Cute Halloween Ideas
  4. 21 Food Halloween Ideas
  5. 20 Romantic Halloween Ideas

20 Easy Halloween Ideas

Get in the Halloween spirit with these quick and easy Halloween ideas.

20 Easy Halloween Ideas

20 Halloween Ideas

1. Giant Pom Pom Spider (Party Delights) – This giant spider is almost adorable – make it any color to fit your decor!

2. Slime Cake (I am Baker) – Make your guests giggle at this slime-covered cake!

3. Ghost Tassels (My Name is Snickerdoodle) – Can you imagine these little ghosties hanging all over your house?! A most adorable Halloween idea.

4. Giant Eye Banner (Paging Supermom) – Giant eyeballs in a matter of minutes!

5. Pumpkin Totem Pole (Twitchetts) – This is the PERFECT (and cheap!) Halloween porch decoration.

6. Black Plants (Elle Decor) – Spraypaint and fake plants are the ideal, easy Halloween decor.

7. Giant Spiderwebs (Hefty) – Do you have black trash bags? Scissors? Then you have GIANT spiderwebs!

8. Spider Serving Bowls (Bird’s Party) – What a brilliant and easy Halloween idea!

Halloween ideas that are quick and easy.

9. 3D Balloons (SmallFry Blog) – Fast and simple way to dress up some latex balloons.

10. Free Halloween Prints (The Dating Divas) – Free and printables are two of the most loved words in the English language—they make decorating SO easy!

11. Halloween Photo Props (The Dating Divas) – Photo booth props are always fun! I love these Halloween themed ones! Another bonus: you can print coloring pages or full color!

12. Floating Candles (Cute DIY Projects) – Flickering, floating candles add a little something special to your decor, and all with items you probably already have at home you can create the perfect Halloween mood.

13. Floating Witches Hats (Polka Dot Chair) – Dollar store witch hats and some fishing line give you the perfect decor. You can even skip the luminary part!

14. You’ve Been Booed Free Printables (The Dating Divas) – One of our favorite Halloween ideas is “Boo-ing” people!

Easy Halloween Ideas

15. Painted Pumpkin Rocks (Kids Activities Blog) – This special Halloween idea is also a learning tool!

16. Halloween Playlist (Heather Dent Studio) – Let someone else do the work of telling you what songs to play this Halloween season!

17. Pumpkin Guts Hack (A Wonderful Thought) – Clean out a pumpkin in 2 minutes!

18. Spinning Spirits (Parents) – A quick and easy Halloween idea that allows the kids to help decorate.

19. Trick or Treat Scavenger Hunt (The Dating Divas) – A done-for-you Halloween idea – a scavenger hunt!

20. Pumpkin Carving Hack (Lauren Conrad) – Genius way to get fun shapes on your pumpkins!

20 Spooky Halloween Ideas

Take your scare game up a few notches with these creepy Halloween ideas.

20 Spooky Halloween Ideas

Spooky Halloween ideas for the holiday.

21. Skeleton Hands Wreath (Better Homes & Gardens) – This is a super spooky, super fast wreath for All Hallows Eve

22. Rats! (Martha Stewart) – I love how easy this one is! Cut the PDF and scare all the little goblins!

23. Head in a Jar (Pop Sugar) – Jarred body parts are always creepy! Make your own floating head with this tutorial.

24. Glowing Spiders (Prudent Penny Pincher) – Dollar store items for the win

25. Spooky Cups (Cutefetti) – Would you want to drink from a monster’s head?

26. Spider Pinecones (Fireflies and Mudpies) – Even the kiddos can get involved in making these creepy-crawlies.

27. Bat Mobile (Shertown Studios) – A simple spooky Halloween idea—especially placed near a door!

28. Halloween Smoke (Tee Diddly Dee) – Make your own spooky Halloween smoke machine!

Halloween ideas that are spooky.

29. Glowing Monster Eyes (Rust and Shine) – Add a little something to your bushes and plants with simple supplies—someone is always watching

30. Cardboard Headstone (eHow) – Simple and easy to make, with a deadly effect. These headstones can be used time and time again

31. This is Halloween Spooky Playlist (Oh My Disney) – List of spooky songs and a Spotify playlist!

32. Spider Ice Cubes (Pink Peppermint Design) – Turn an easy drink into a super spooky treat by freezing plastic spiders in ice cube trays.

33. Potion Bottles (Magia Mia) – Turn ordinary pill bottles into spooky potion bottles.

34. Bloody Pillar Candle (Vicki O Dell) – You won’t believe how simple it is to create such a creepy and spooky Halloween idea.

Spooky Halloween Ideas

35. Zombie Hand Toilet Topper (Amazon) – Ok, this is creepy, but super fast decor!

36. Posable Skeleton (Amazon) – Toss this into a pile of leaves and BOO!

37. 5 ft Rope Spider Web (Amazon) – This easy, done for you spider web, packs a big punch at 5 feet!

38. Glowing Eye Wall Decal (Amazon) – Glowing eyes are easy to stick to the walls for a creepy addition to your Halloween.

39. Motion Activated Eyes (Amazon) – You know those paintings where the eyes follow you? This is a creepy skull version!

40. Rubber Bugs (Amazon) – 144 creepy crawlies to scare your guests and friends!

20 Cute Halloween Ideas

Cute Halloween ideas take the scary out and put the style into this holiday.

20 Cute Halloween Ideas

Cute Halloween Ideas

41. Mummy Mason Jar Luminaries (A Little CLAIRification) – These cute little mummies whip up in a jif and are adorable with tea lights in them!

42. Halloween Nails (That Leanne) – I love themed nails and these are the right mix of cute and festive.

43. Yard Monster (A Girl and a Glue Gun) – If you love googly eyes, this is for you!

44. Tin Can Bowling (Red Ted Art) – How cute is this tin can bowling set? Time to bust out the craft paint!

45. Rainbow Bats (Hello, Wonderful) – Cute and colorful are just how I like my bats!

46. Pom Pom Pumpkins (Not Quite, Suzie Homemaker) – This is a cute decor idea that you can use for all of the fall seasons!

47. Pumpkin Topiary (Craving Some Creativity) – Jack-o-lanterns have never looked so cute!

48. DIY Candy Stand (Sadie Seasongoods) – This may be the cutest candy stand we’ve ever seen! What a great, easy Halloween idea!

Halloween ideas to make your home cute.

49. Pumpkin Tissue Treats (Cute DIY Projects) – Bundle up your tricks and treats for an easier way to hand out candies.

50. Mummy Pillow (Driven by Decor) – Turn your pillows into adorable little Halloween mummies.

51. DIY Jack O Lantern String Art (Eighteen25) – Instructions on how to create the CUTEST jack-o-lantern string art.

52. Monster Cupcake Picks (Eighteen25) – Monsters don’t have to be scary – they can be as cute as pompoms!

53. Dracula’s Diner (The Dating Divas) – This is a fun family/friendly Halloween idea for a silly dinner.

54. Pumpkin Drink Tap (East Coast Creative) – Use a pumpkin as a festive drink dispenser this Halloween.

Cute and easy Halloween decor ideas.

55. DIY Blacklight (Tech Advisor) – Turn your iPhone flashlight into a blacklight and write some Halloween messages.

56. Tic Tac Halloween Labels (Somewhat Simple) – A clever, cute and simple Halloween idea with free printables—perfect for gifting!

57. Candy Corn Centerpiece (Ashbee Design) – The perfect, festive centerpiece for Halloween.

58. Halloween Sparkle Tree (Amazon) – Oooo this tree is so cute and a perfect decor addition.

59. Vintage Fabric Bunting (Amazon) – We’re still not over buntings, especially one this cute!

60. Pillow Covers (Amazon) – How adorable {and affordable!} are these three Trick or Treat pillow covers?!

21 Food Halloween Ideas

Food is my favorite part of any holiday. These Halloween ideas for food are making me hungry!

21 Food Halloween Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas

61. Pizza Skulls (Plain Chicken) – Bready little skulls with a surprise inside!

62. Red Velvet Cinnamon Roll Guts (Nerdist) – Look scary, taste heavenly!

63. Jello Worms (One Little Project) – A little bit of effort for a lot of YUCK!

64. Halloween Trifle (Dancing Through The Rain) – Cute trifle that will be adorable and delicious – and fulfill that chocolate craving.

65. Rice Krispie Brains (Left Brian Craft Brain) – Kick your Krispie game up a notch! These brains are sure to be spooky and sweet!

66. Mummy Jalapeño Poppers (Frugal Coupon Living) – I LOVE jalapeño poppers – these just make them extra Halloween-y!

67. Used Bandaids (Key Ingredients) – Not sure how many of these will actually get eaten… EW!

Food ideas for Halloween.

68. Pizza Witch Fingers (The Dating Divas) – This is a super fast idea that will be gobbled up!

69. Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza (Growing Up Bilingual) – Sugar Skulls are so beautiful! This one is fun to look at AND eat!

70. Toxic Waste Mac and Cheese (Cooking With Curls) – A nutritious AND delicious meal that will also gross the kids out—Halloween Winner!!

71. Spiderweb Pretzels (The Joys of Boys) – Pretzels covered in ANY chocolate is a favorite around here, these are no exception!

72. Boo – Nanas (A Designer Life) – A simple and healthy snack for when your Reese’s are all gone.

73. Spider-chocolate chip Cookies (Tastes Better from Scratch) – Chocolate chip cookies are never the wrong choice, make them spooky by making your chips into spiders!

74. Franken-Kiwis (Two Healthy Kitchens) – Another healthy idea that stays on trend

Halloween Ideas for Food

75. Monster Krispies (One Little Project) – How cute are these monsters?! Cute enough to eat! 😉

76. Mummy Pretzels (Let’s Dish) – Candy eyeballs make ANYthing Halloween worthy, so does chocolate.

77. Monster Eye Cake (The Cake Blog) – Use America’s favorite cookie to turn your cake into a Halloween spectacular!

78. Ghosty Cheesecake Bits (Eats Amazing) – Little cheesecake bites are a party favorite and now you have a way to make them a Halloween favorite as well!

79. Pumpkin Pie-o-lanterns (My Recipe) – Watch this video to take your Last-minute Pumpkin pie up a notch!

80. Mummy Pizzas (The Joys of Boys) – Make a quick and easy Mummy Pizza with french bread

81. Jack O Lantern Guac (Tasty Co.) – This guac is extra! Get a mini pumpkin and some avocados – you’re on a roll!

20 Romantic Halloween Ideas

If you think there aren’t any romantic Halloween ideas, you clearly haven’t seen our list!

20 Romantic Halloween Ideas

Romantic Halloween Ideas

82. Halloween Breakfast in Bed (The Dating Divas) – This is a sweet way to start the holiday.

83. Pumpkin Patch Date (The Dating Divas) – Learn how to pick a pumpkin with the pumpkin you picked!

84. Sexy Halloween Costumes (The Dating Divas) – Once the kids are in bed…

85. Corn Maze Date (The Dating Divas) – A fun night out in the cornfield can be just the right balance of romantic and spooky!

86. For my BOO (The Dating Divas) – A sweet Halloween gift basket is never expected, that makes it even more romantic!

87. Boo-tilicious Halloween Date Night (The Dating Divas) – This bedroom game is the perfect way to end your Halloween—play Go Fish to get what you REALLY want!

88. Haunted House Date Night (The Dating Divas) – Go visit a haunted house with your honey then return home to get some sugar! 😉

89. Halloween Movie Marathon Date (The Dating Divas) – Cuddle up for your favorite Halloween movies!

Halloween ideas to get the romance flowing.

90. Printable Halloween Love Notes (The Dating Divas) – 10 free notes to show your Boo how much you care.

91. You BeWitch Me! (The Dating Divas) – Cute cupcake toppers and a little love note.

92. Falling in Love with Brew (The Dating Divas) – Quick and easy drink tag to say “I love brew.”

93. Sassy Love Spell (The Dating Divas) – Each little treat comes with its own sassy after-dark activity.

94. Walking Dead Date Night (The Dating Divas) – Maybe Zombies don’t seem romantic, but date night is!

95. Who Dunit Group Date (The Dating Divas) – A group date that comes with some mystery!

Romantic Halloween ideas for your spouse.

96. Scary Movie Bingo Date (The Dating Divas) – Take your romantic Halloween movie to a competitive level! 😉

97. Halloween Party Group Date (The Dating Divas) – Large parties can still be so intimate – invite your friends over for a Halloween gathering.

98. Pumpkin Decorating Party Group Date (The Dating Divas) – Invite your sweetie to a pumpkin carving party!

99. Halloween Scavenger Hunt Date (The Dating Divas) – Scavenger hunts aren’t just for kids! We have a Halloween-inspired scavenger hunt just for the adults!

100. Some MUMMY Loves You (The Dating Divas) – This card tutorial would make your mummy proud!

101. Caramel Apple Date (The Dating Divas) – One of our favorite date nights is themed around a Halloween favorite: caramel apples!

There you have it! 101 Halloween ideas that will get you through ALL of your Halloweens… but if not… We have more for you! Check out our 2 Halloween Food posts: 50 Fun Halloween Foods and 50 MORE Halloween Foods. We also have 66 Halloween Games for the Whole Family that are sure to please.



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