Exercise Treasure Hunt

St. Patrick’s Day Exercise Treasure Hunt

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner and so is spring! Get the family outside and active again after a long, cold winter inside. Our St. Patrick’s Day Exercise Treasure Hunt is an exciting and fun way to celebrate the holiday together!

St. Patrick's Day Exercise Treasure Hunt for Kids

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Sometimes it’s difficult to get the kids away from screens! {It’s a DAILY struggle at my house!} There is always something to do besides watch TV, but it can take a little creativity. We’re here to help!

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We’ve created an exercise treasure hunt that will have your whole family jumping, skipping, and doing all things Leprechaun! Karyn of If Actually designed some seriously cute printables to help us all celebrate St. Patty’s Day in a creative and active way. {Who here can do a cart wheel?! We might leave that one for the kiddos!}

How it Works

St. Patrick's Day Exercise Treasure Hunt Map

Start by printing out our free printables, putting your treasure box together, and filling in your exercise treasure map. I know that everyone’s home is a little different, so we left the locations blank. You can decide if you want this Leprechaun Treasure Hunt inside, outside, or both. After you’ve filled in the locations, hide an exercise card in each area, PLUS a few gold coins. I picked up a some gold coins from the local dollar store, as we needed something to fill these CUTE little treasure chests!

Once everyone has finished an exercise activity, each person should grab some coins, and follow the Leprechaun Map to the next location!

St. Patrick's Day Exercise Treasure Hunt Clues

At the end of the exercise treasure hunt, I had these little Leprechaun Treasure Chests waiting for all of my little boys. {Yep – printed this page out three times.} I wanted each one to have a box to put their coins in. PLUS – Each person gets their own little Leprechaun Training Certificate!

“Congratulations!! You’ve completed the exercise treasure map like a TRUE leprechaun!”

We ended in the front yard and had a little healthy “Leprechaun Lunch” – complete with St. Patrick’s Day Lunch Box Notes! I don’t have any pictures of our picnic, but I’m pretty amazed at how many foods I can turn green with a little green food coloring! Need some ideas for green or rainbow-colored foods? Check out these St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas.

St. Patrick's Day Exercise Treasure Hunt Chest

Start your leprechaun adventure today!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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