Stranger Things Party

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A Date with a Stranger Things Theme

For sure you’ve heard of it by now, right? Netflix created an original show, Stranger Things, and it took the world by storm. Obviously, we wanted to get in on the fun! So this little Stranger Things Party is our response! If you’ve been through our site a bit you know we love a good theme, so the Stranger Things theme treats, games, and… after-viewing party 😉 are our new favorite—especially in a spooky season! With more than one season up on Netflix, you can take this Stranger Things party into marathon territory!

Stranger Things Party Printables #StrangerThingsParty #StrangerThingsTheme

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These adorable printables were made possible by the one and only Carisa of Messes to Memories. She’s a wizard at seeing a vision and making it come to life. Your guests are sure to love all the detail!

Stranger Things Party Date Invite

Stranger Things Party Invite

We started our date early that morning when I gave my sweetie this invite. He was so excited because he LOVES Stranger Things, but I wouldn’t watch it with him because I’m a scaredy cat! The promise of a Stranger Things party was so exciting for him, and hey, all he had to do to prepare was get snuggly! Now if you want to make it a group event, you could just snap a pic of the invite and text it out. Maybe leave off the cuddle part so it’s not weird!

Stranger Things Party Food Prep

Stranger Things Theme Treats

What’s a party without food? A sad, sad gathering. To keep date night from being a sad gathering, add food. For our Stranger Things Party, we have themed treats of course! Eleven’s Eggos, Karen’s Casserole (we love Stouffer’s frozen vegetarian lasagna), crushed can Coca-Cola and some Demogorgon Delights! These delights can be absolutely anything, but we like staying with a Stranger Things theme or 80’s theme. Because of this, we have some classic Hostess treats and SnackPack puddings!

Stranger Things Theme Food

Stranger Things Party Games

Stranger Things Party Activities

There are 2 separate games for your Stranger Things party. Our first game will require a little artistic ability. You can each draw one of the characters and see if you can actually tell which character is missing. The second game is for those of you who have seen the show, love the show, quote the show. This Stranger Things trivia is a matching game! See who can match each quote to the character who said it during the show.

Stranger Things Alphabet Wall Game

No Stranger Things party is complete without the alphabet wall! We have a fun little code game for you to play! Simply mark how often a letter is used, and how many words long your phrase is, then see if your sweetie can figure it out! {Kind of like hangman, but with a letter bank!}

Stranger Things Themed Intimate Invite

Stranger Things Intimate Invite

Ok, this part of your Stranger Things party is just for you and your honey. Can you imagine how surprised your spouse’s face will be when he or she reads this invite! AHHH! Go flip those sheets upside down! And if you’re a fan of 80’s love ballads and bedroom games, we’ve got you!

Stranger Things Intimate Activity

This is Strip Snowball! You and your partner will each have your own card with different songs that are missing some of their lyrics. Take some time and fill out yours as best as you can, then check your answers! Your sweetheart will have your answers, and you will have theirs. Now, we suggest going song by song and bouncing back and forth between each of you because if someone misses a lyric – they are going to be missing an article of clothing, and we all know where that’s going to lead 😉 Have so much fun, and enjoy the Upside Down!





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  1. This is SO AWESOME!!!! We watched the whole first season and have started the second… I’m scared but as long as I cuddle with my hubby, I can do this. HAHA Love that there is a date for this show now!!!!! Great job!!