Style Swap: Girls Night Out

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Clothing Exchange Style Swap for Your Girls!

Fashion should be fun! It’s easy to get bored and annoyed with clothes that don’t “spark joy” {Thanks Marie Kondo for giving me a reason to toss the ill-fitting pants!}, so let’s all get to work cleaning out those closets! I know, I know, it sounds even worse than your mild annoyance at the t-shirt with the weird neck, but hear me out! After you clean your closet, ask your friends to do the same, and host the most AMAZING and ADORABLE style swap!

Style Swap with all your girls! A PERFECT girls night out.

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Joanna of JAB Creative Australia designed posh and pretty prints for you to make this Girls Night Out a success. This printable set is seriously so gorgeous. The first page has the invites and some tokens. You can just print page 1 for as many people you are inviting. The invite is a classic 5″ x 7″ so it will fit in an envelope, or you can mail it off just like a postcard! {Make sure to print on card stock and use a “Forever” stamp since 5″ x 7″ is past the postcard postage size}.

Style Swap invites for a GNO

The tokens are one way to keep track of trades going on at the style swap! When your guests arrive, count how many items they bring with them. If friend #1 brought 10, you give her 10 tokens in return. Each token is good for a “new” piece of clothing! That way when she “checks out,” you can see that she brought in 10 items and is leaving with 10 new. This makes it fair so that you don’t have someone bring in 1 item then take 20… awkward! The tokens are a 1-inch circle, which makes it super easy to cut and prep with a 1-inch hole punch!

Organizational checklist for a style swap!

As you are getting everything prepped, take some time to check it off the list! We know that planning a party can make you crazy, so we made a little check list organizer to keep you on track from 3 weeks out to the day of!

Bags and Tags for GNO Style Swap

Create custom “shopping bags” with the Style Swap Labels and some plain gift bags. We used a neutral craft paper bag, but these patterned bags are blowing our minds! Simply cut the circle label and attach it to the center of the bag with a glue dot.

Tags and tokens to organize your style swap.

We also have little tags that have a space for your guests to write their name on. These tags can be left on the hangers to call “dibs” while guests are browsing and snacking. You can also hang them on each “shoppers” bag to keep them straight.

Labels for Style Swap

All right, last step. When you are prepping your area, try to keep different clothing items separate to make swapping a breeze. This pack includes labels for bottoms, shoes, tops, and accessories.  We were using a lot of tables, so we stuck the labels to popsicle sticks covered in washi tape {we LOVE washi tape!} and put those in little buckets {yeah, we added washi to the buckets as well} to place on the table for each category. You could always hang the tags on clothing racks as well.

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Style Swap: Girls Night Out

Printables Designed by Joanna @ JAB Creative Australia Exclusively for The Dating Divas


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  1. Love love Love!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful design and all the details!! This will be a girls night out to remember!

  2. Ok am I the only person who has never heard of doing this??! I always feel so bad throwing out my old stuff… this is so great!

  3. Fun idea! We all have those pieces that are still cute but we just never wear- and I feel bad throwing them out… Problem solved!