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February 2015 Love Calendar

2015 February Love Calendar

Your Free Printable February Love Calendar is Here! 
And it's FULL of fun and flirty romance tips to help reconnect you with your spouse and strengthen your marriage this month!

Yep, we promised it would be coming and here it is!  Are you ready for another month of intentionally loving your spouse?
Have any suggestions for future romance calendars?  We'd LOVE to hear in the comments!!  
And if you're new to our Love Calendars then...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 14

Leave a little love note for your spouse!

Yay! Two weeks of serious attention on your marriage is such a huge thing!! Being conscious of making sure you are working on your marriage everyday is so important! Today is another fun idea.....
- Gift Card Holder Printables
- A Gift Card Your Sweetie Will Love
- Sticky Note/Note Paper
- Pen
Today's challenge is a fun surprise for your spouse! Once you have all of your supplies gathered it will be a breeze to throw...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 13

Youtube date night!

Have these past 12 days not just been over-the-top amazing? I LOVE love and really LOVE showing it to my hubby!  This challenge has really kicked our 2015 off with a bang and we aren't even done yet!!
- Computer + Internet
- Blankets
-Comfy PJ's
- Popcorn/treats!
-Hilarious Youtube videos
The two of you, your favorite treats, comfy PJ's, a warm blanket and lots of cuddles!! That is exactly what today's challenge...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 10

Honey do list!

Was yesterday a hoot or what!? Today we have a surprise in store for you that your spouse will REALLY appreciate!!

- None that can be listed - this will depend on what your sweetheart says ... you'll see!!
1/3 of the way there! Today's challenge is titled 'Get 'Er Done' and is one that is sure to mean a lot to your spouse!  Here is your task - simply ask them for one thing on THEIR to do list that YOU can accomplish...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 7

Date night for two!

Yahoo!! You've made it a week in!! Congratulations on rocking your marriage for the last week!  Now are you ready to keep going!? You better believe that we have yet another AMAZING idea in store for you today!!

- Party Printables
- Truth or Dare Printables
- Write LOVE NOTES on each blank sheet
- 1 10 oz. package of frozen strawberries or raspberries
-1/2 c. sugar
- 2/3 c. heavy cream
- Food processor or blender
- 2 bowls
- 2 spoons...

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 6

Spoil your spouse tonight!

Almost a week has gone by and  we can only hope that you are loving this LOVE challenge as much as we are!! You have already completed some amazing love challenges but don't you fret we have another fabulous idea in store for you today!!
- Spoiled Spouse Printable
- Spouse's Favorite Meal
- Spouse's Favorite Dessert
- Spouse's Favorite Movie
- Spouse's Favorite Treat
-Spouse's Favorite Activity {if you own it, you can prep this...}

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#Divas30DayLoveChallenge – Day 4

Romantic Date Night

FOUR days in, and oh man, is this fun!! Seriously are you not LOVING the extra LOVE you are feeling!?! Cuz get ready for MORE! Operation: Don't Leave The Couch is about to commence...
- Loveseat Lounge Printables
- A SUPER easy dinner {that you can eat on your couch}
- Blankets to cuddle under
- Favorite Movie {i.e. Netflix or Redbox}
Loveseat Lounge reservation for 2! Tonight you and your sweetie have a cozy reservation...

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Join The 30 Days Of Love Challenge!

30 Day Love Challenge

Oh BOY!! Do we have FUN news or what!?! With the FRESH start of a new year, we wanted a way to help US and all of our readers make our spouses a priority. Ya know.. showing love intentionally on a daily basis. Everyone is busy setting New Year Resolutions at this time and we wanted to make sure our MARRIAGES made it on the list! Just you wait until you see what we're doing!!! We are SOOOO excited to present...

That's RIGHT! We...

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Our Top Anniversary Products For You and Your Sweetie!

With Spring in full swing, it means anniversary season is now upon us!! And of course, The Dating Divas are HERE for YOU! Since so many couples tie the knot this time of year, we wanted to help you get a jump start on finding the perfect anniversary gift for you and your sweetie.
Our entire team put together this list of our absolute FAVORITE anniversary gifts that we wanted to share with you! Grab a couple of our faves, wrap 'em up, and you'll be all set to celebrate...

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