I’d “Chews” You!

I am sure I have mentioned on our website before that we are BACK in school.  My husband decided to go back to school to follow his dreams and I am gladly supporting him in this endeavor.  This past week was more stressful than normal….for both of us.  I watched my sweetheart study from the crack of dawn until the wee hours in the morning as he prepared for a very, VERY important exam.  He was worrying about remembering everything and I was worrying about his stress level….lol!  TOO much worrying goin’ on in this household!!

Personally, I get test anxiety before exams….UGH! He can handle things like this much better than me, but I still wanted to do something to alleviate his stress on the morning of the big day.  My husband, Jamie, LOVES to chew gum….bubble gum!  I figured that was something he could do during the test….so I went to work.

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I created this FUN {….and free…} printable.

….and on my next trip to the grocery store, I grabbed my “ammo”….er….items to go with the card.

(Oh my goodness, I was talking to a friend while searching for all different kinds of gum for this…and she told me about FRENCH KISS GUM!  No joke!  The tagline is, “Be 24/7 kissable”!!  Supposedly celebrities chew this before the scenes when they have to kiss someone!  Bad breath is instantly eliminated!  {lol}  Check it out HERE!  It’s a pretty reasonable price as well!)

I also threw in a few more of his favorite treats & some water.

I was lucky {…hmm…it was 5:30 A.M…..maybe “lucky” isn’t the right word} enough to be awake and present when he saw his “Test Surprise”  sitting on the seat in his car.

His BIG grin said it all…..and then he kissed me.  {WHOOT-Woot!}

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Fast Forward: I am happy to report…..


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4 Responses to I’d “Chews” You!

  1. My husband has a job interview out of state and since I couldn’t be there with him I wanted to slip something special in his suitcase. I searched your website and came across this idea. I put “They’ll be sure to ‘chews’ you” on a bag and inside I had a bunch of different types of gum. I put notes on each with a quality of why they would “chews” him that matched with the name of the gum. For example on the trident I put, “You always ‘tri’ your hardest” and on the extra “you always put in ‘extra’ effort.” My favorite was a little bag of gumballs on which I out, “you’ve got balls.”