Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Date

Date Night with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

It’s time to “get rocked with the shell-shocked pizza kings!” Our husbands {ok, ok and some of us wives} were big fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles {TMNT to those in the know} when we were growing up. These lovable heroes in half-shells are having a comeback moment and we wanted to celebrate with them! The date includes pizza {of course!} with a twist, a fun game, and some photo props! So if you have a Ninja Turtle fan, this date is for you!

A perfect themed date for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans!

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Diva Carisa of Messes to Memories helped us along by providing the perfect printables for our throwback! To enjoy this adorable date, start by inviting your adorable mate! Carisa’s turtle-shell invite is brilliant! First, cut out the shell and fold in half. The inside half is where you will put all of your info. Fill in the blanks and attach with some glue or glue dots! {We will always side with glue dots! They are life savers for busy wives!} Now invite that hero of yours and get excited!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle date night.

Invite your favorite turtle lover for this TMNT date night.

The Ninja Turtles were all about pizza, so that is a key part of this date! Remember our super fun date the Fate Burger?! We thought we’d do something similar, but with pizza! We’ve included a recipe for some quick and easy pizza dough. The magic is with Bisquick! You can always use English muffins, bagels, or biscuits for your base as well.

Personal pizza recipe for a teenage mutant ninja turtle date night!

Now the toppings are where the FATE PIZZA comes into play. We left a blank on each slice {6 total} so you can fill in with some ingredients you would actually eat… but to spice things up feel free to include one that you aren’t 100% comfortable with! {Anchovies made it on our list simply because it was a fave of the Ninja Turtle! YIKES!} Attach the sai {yep we had to look up the proper name for that weapon} with a brad and spin away!

Fate chooses your toppings in this Pizza Time activity for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle date night.

While you wait for the pizzas to cook, cut out your favorite Ninja Turtle’s mask for some Instagram fun {#datingdivas so we can see your cute faces!}. We’ve also included a fun little game: Manhole Toss! It’s a take on cornhole! Cut out the different manhole covers and attach them to something that has a good weight to it. We used some canning lids. but you could always just stick them to a piece of cardboard.

Manhole toss Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle date night game.

Prep an old cereal box to be your cornhole board. Open it up, cut a hole slightly bigger than your manhole cover, and reform – but inside out! To give it an angle cut a slit in the sides of the board about half way up, then just bend down until the top touches the bottom. Tape it all together! Carisa also designed a cute label for Manhole Toss! We used some glue dots to stick it to the board and we were ready to go!

This date was a blast! We paired it with some classic TMNT cartoons from our younger years {Amazon totally came through!} and we might even hit up the new movies later on!

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    1. It works best if it is printed on card stock (otherwise you can make it a little firmer by “laminating” it with packing tape. Then I use a brad to attach the spinner so it spins. Hope this helps!