Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Clues and Activities for a Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to bring your family together not just for food, but also some fun! A holiday scavenger hunt would be a great activity to keep the kiddos busy while you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner, or it could be a great post-meal activity to burn off some of those calories! What is unique about this scavenger hunt is that each clue leads you to locations throughout the house and includes a Thanksgiving-themed task to complete as a family. It is the perfect activity for making some fun holiday memories and, as usual, we have it all ready for you in an easy printable download!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

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This unique Thanksgiving scavenger hunt will have your family searching throughout your home for clue bags that contain a special task or challenge. Once the clue bag is found, families must work together to complete the task before they can move on to the next clue. Fun, right?

All these beautifully designed clues and activities included in the printable download were created by one of our favorite Diva Designers – Leah Aldous. She always does a stellar job with her designs. Her site, January and May, includes a lot of her design work as well as stories from her exciting life abroad!

Here is How it Works 

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Bags

Start by adding these colorful bag covers to a total of five lunch bags. I used white lunch bags, but the traditional brown ones will totally work with the fall theme as well! You can print the bag covers onto cardstock and adhere them to the front of the bag, or you could print the design directly onto the lunch bags.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Scattergories Game

Next, fill each bag with one of the five included activities. You will want to include any of the printables and/or supplies needed for that game. These are the activities that the family will complete before moving on to their next clue.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Dictionary

This particular Halloween Scavenger Hunt includes five fun activities. The activities (and supplies needed to place in the bag) include:

  • Thank You Cards – Write a thank you note to someone in need. 
    • Printables: Thank you notes 
    • Additional items needed: pen/pencil
  • Pin the Feather on the Turkey – Try to stick the turkey feather on the turkey’s body while being blindfolded!
    • Printables: Turkey body and feathers
    • Additional items needed: tape and a blindfold (You can use a bandana or tie!)
  • Thankful From A-Z – For each letter in the alphabet come up with something you are grateful for that begins with that letter! 
    • Printables: A-Z outline 
    • Additional items needed: pen/pencil
  • Thanksgiving Pictionary – Guess the Thanksgiving word as someone attempts to draw the item. 
    • Printables: Pictionary cards 
    • Additional items needed: pen/pencil and blank paper 
  • Thanksgiving Would You Rather – Share your Thanksgiving thoughts by choosing one of two silly options and defend your answer! 
    • Printables: Would You Rather question cards 
    • No additional items needed

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Clue

Finally, add clues to the bottom of each bag. Take the five location clue cards and add one to the bottom of each bag. The only clue that will not be placed on a bag is the first note that explains the game and offers the first clue. It starts with:

Thanksgiving is a day of thanks, – a time to celebrate and eat, 

So today we share our gratitude through some tasks you must complete!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Clues

The clues are all written to send your family to places you would find in a typical home including:

  • The Pantry 
  • A Mirror 
  • The Oven 
  • A Closet 
  • The Mailbox 
  • Mud Room (or wherever you keep your shoes!)

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Clue Bag

Place all of the clue bags in the various locations around the home as indicated by the clues. With the exception of the first clue, which explains the game, the order of the following clues does not matter.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Treat and Tag

To finish it all off, place a special Thanksgiving gift or treat at the very last location of your hunt. You can use our printable gift tag to attach to the final prize. If you were to do the scavenger hunt after Thanksgiving dinner, the final destination could lead to the dinner’s dessert (pie!) or on any other day a fun treat would work well (I did Hershey’s Nugget Chocolates!).

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt Clue Bags

When your family is ready to play, give them the first clue. When they find the clue bag – have them open the clue bag to reveal the activity. After completing the challenge, they can then peek at the bottom of the bag to read their next clue.

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