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When Brian King’s wife first contacted us & told us about her husband’s book….I was instantly intrigued!  I am extremely familiar with the point of view of a wife, as I live that every day.  I was excited to see how a husband decided he was going to work on his marriage….as an experiment….without telling his wife what was *really* going on!

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He set out to love and serve his wife for 100 DAYS!!  Ummm….do you know how long that is?!?  I read his book, fell in love with the concept, and decided I was going to try it out.  I was going to make a conscious effort to put my spouse FIRST each day….and I was going to keep a journal & record the whole process.

I think I *started* my 100 Days at least three times.  It’s HARD!!  Seriously!  We preach every day on our site to think about your spouse and think of what you can do for that person.  I feel that overall, I am a loving wife who would do anything for my husband….but we, as humans, are naturally selfish!  I tend to kinda want that last piece of chocolate…..or prefer to sleep in a little longer and let him get up first to handle morning duties….or am slow to be excited about watching a football game with him on TV…..

  • I am addicted to chocolate.
  • I looooove my sleep.
  • I would rather watch a Chick Flick….or reality TV.

BUT – I do love my husband and he is more important than ANY of those things.  This is the message that Brian King tries to get across to his readers.  This book is a little different because he shares with us his journal entries.  We get to take the journey WITH him as he fights against any selfish instincts he may have and diligently serves his wife on a daily basis.   We get to see a REAL marriage completely exposed.  We go on the journey with him as he talks about the ups, the downs, the changes in his relationship, & the improvements in his marriage.

I started doing this again {for the 4th time} and I realized that both Jamie & I already DO put each other first most of the time, but I want it to become as natural as breathing to me. I don’t even want to have to think about it!  I did simple things like bringing him a drink when I got one for myself, offering to give him a backrub, letting him use the laptop first, giving him a compliment, offering to clean up dinner by myself so he could watch a game with one of our friend, etc.  Like I said, these are usually things we already DO….but it helps to have it foremost on my mind.

ALSO – part of this is holding our tongues.  Not saying those snappy comments, when on the brink of an argument, take the higher road and apologize first, etc.  Using KIND words is something the author stressed in the book.  Jamie & I don’t argue very often, but I am definitely going to try to take the higher road if any do come up.  🙂

I would highly recommend this book.  It’s a quick & fun read….and you will want to immediately start YOUR 100 Days as soon as you finish reading!  See what Cami says below after she read it….


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I believe that if people focused on trying to better themselves, both in their marriage and in their personal life, life overall would be so much better.  This is exactly what Brian King, author of The 100 Day Promise, did for his life.  The idea of his book came on a night, driving in the car on the way home from a trip, and having, yet again, another misunderstanding with his wife.  How many times do you have misunderstandings with your spouse that should be so small, but you make it so big?  It happens too many times for all of us.

Brian King wanted peace back in his relationship, so decided to do an ‘experiment’.  He promised himself that for 100 days he would make a conscious effort to love and serve his wife completely for 100 days.  He wondered what would happen to himself, to his wife, their marriage, and their family if he did this?  Well, he put his experiment to the test and wrote a book with his findings!  And it’s GREAT!

So, what do I LOVE about this book?  Many things, but to name just a few…I love that it is a FAST, easy read – with great results, I love that you can feel the author’s emotion and elation throughout the 100 days as he sees the improvements in his life, I love that it is such an easy, simple task to do: love and serve your spouse – something everyone in a marriage should be doing already, and I love hearing the improvements that not only came to the marriage, but the author’s overall happiness with life.  Who would have thought that serving someone else would make you feel so good?  In the book, Brian King states that he wanted to serve the way he would want to be served.  The Golden Rule to the T!

“Stretching our souls in service helps us to rise above our cares concerns and challenges.  As we focus our energies on lifting the burdens of others, something miraculous happens.  Our own burdens diminish.  We become happier.  There is more substance to our lives.”  David S. Baxter, page 23, The 100 Day Promise.

When serving others, we become happier.  What more could we ask for?!  And even more, when serving our spouse, they benefit too!  Brian King held himself accountable to this experiment by typing his thoughts down at the end of every night.  He recorded the things he tried to improve on everyday and his spouse’s reaction.  He tried to live with a different mindset, and it made a world of a difference in his life and marriage. I love that he was able to get over the ‘small’ stuff real fast, and move on.  He also states that being nice doesn’t really take much more effort than being ‘normal’.  How great is that?!  Something that does so much good for your life, isn’t hard to do!!!!

As the experiment goes on, living like this becomes 2nd nature to him.  Less than half way through the 100 days, he realized that his actions were driven less by the experiment and more by his natural desire.  He also said that he noticed that kindness seemed to bounce back right at him too!  Even though he was the only one doing this experiment, both people (in the marriage) are improving!  His wife said to him that “kindness comes back”.  Isn’t that so true?  A little bit of kindness goes a LONG way!

I just love this book.  I think that everyone who reads it can benefit.  By the end of the 100 days the author notes how different his thoughts and actions were, how much his wife’s actions had changed, and the overall happy feeling of his household.  He noticed that he wanted to be home and couldn’t wait for work to get over to be there!   I loved reading how such small changes in his life could have such an amazing affect over his whole outlook and happiness in life!

This book is so great that we want our readers to be able to benefit as well!  We are doing a giveaway to one of our readers so you all have a chance to benefit from this AMAZING book like we did!

So, which one of YOU want to take on the 100 day challenge and see how it improves your marriage?!

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I am a fun-loving, down to earth girl. I love anything from the outdoors to a night in, because I try to make everything that I do FUN!

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  1. I know this isn’t some big “secret” but my husband and I make it a point to pray together. It’s hard to be angry at some you are praying for!

  2. LOVE the idea! Would LOVE to read the book…and try the experiment! I’m always up for something that will improve my marriage! I’m already a Facebook fan…

  3. I know this isn’t some big secret but my husband and I make it a point to pray together. It’s hard to be angry at someone you are praying for!

  4. One of the things that I have worked really hard on is my forgiving him. Realizing that I am wrong *at least* half the time, and recognizing that the fight is usually not worth how much pain it causes me has really helped me to forgive those little things that blow up into something *way* out of proportion.

  5. Marriage secret huh? Well seventeen years this month we’ve been married….five kids along the way….I think we are always doing our best to communicate daily with each other…and keep each other in the loop of what we are going through in the day. I’m still working on listening and putting him first….so I am excited about this giveaway!

  6. marriage secrets???

    um we try not to go to bed angry…

    I try and deal with all my emotional junk before he gets off work so I’m in a GOOD MOOD when he comes home.

    date night once a week. even if it’s just to our local deli to split something, we make it happen 🙂

  7. One “secret” of mine to a happy marriage is always always talk positive about each other in public. It’s always awkward when couples fight and argue in front of people and we don’t ever do that.
    (also I love to greet my husband at the door every time he comes home from work. Married for 4 1/2 years and I still get excited to see him after being apart. )

  8. i am a really big believer in dating my mate and i LOVE your site! we keep our marriage strong by keeping our communication completely open and honest and ongoing! our youngest child just started preschool this year, which allowed us an automatic weekly lunch date! we decided it would be the perfect time to incorporate a short devotional time together as well. We chose the book Closer by Jim & Cathy Burns and our time together has been wonderful! We get to catch up without 3 little ones interrupting us and we get to focus on each other!

    also, we believe that there are no “take-backs” when it comes to marriage. we chose each other and that’s the covenant we promise to keep!

  9. This is what I wrote on facebook :

    I would LOVE to have this book and put the 100 day promise to the test. Wouldn’t you?
    (I think it’s great what the dating divas too to help marriages. They are SO creative!)

  10. My marriage secret: My husband and I tell each other we love them a million times a day. It never gets old or loses its meaning…we’re just making sure the other one knows how much we appreciate them and how often we think about them.

  11. Marriage secret: Send sweet messages to wiork in your honey’s lunchbox or get to his office before he does and cover his computer in lipstick-kissed post-its.

  12. Use the bathroom mirror as a message board. Keep some dry erase markers there and leave little notes for each other. This also works great with kids. I’ve even done little contests for them with a simple reward for doing something. 🙂

  13. My marriage secret is a tip I was given by my Bishop at church when I was newly married. He told me to always have prayer at night with my husband. It really helps. I have a hard time praying with my husband if I’m upset at him. So I tend to forgive more easily and more often when we’re praying together. It helps there to be more peace in my house!

  14. Our successful marriage secret is that any problems stay between us. In past relationships it was a normal thing to talk about a fight we had with my friends or mom and sister. In one of my child development classes at school, we talked about the importance of never talking negatively about our spouse (or boyfriends, since eventually one of them becomes our spouse) to others because while we are able to kiss and make up, our loved ones never forget how we were ‘wronged’ and always hold it against them. So even if we are in a pretty big fight we never take our issues outside of us as a couple. It will also help for when we have kids because they won’t see us fight. We’ve agreed to always take it in another room. Then, not only are our fights private, it means that it won’t affect relationships with our in-law families.

  15. My marriage tip might make people blush so stop reading here if you get embarrassed easily. I didn’t start doing this until we were in our 21st year of marriage but now I sleep nude. I used to sleep all covered every night but now I rarely do. Such a simple thing but the result has been that bed times, regardless of if we are going to be physically intimate or not, are warm, connected, and loving. Bonding hormones are released with skin to skin contact and our sense of unity is enhanced. If we have busy days where we are unable to see or talk to each other, it means the world knowing that at the end of it we will be lovingly wrapped up in this way.

    Something else, I am more likely to get cold on those nights when I am wearing PJs and now I really enjoy the feel of my high thread count sheets.

  16. My marriage secret is to keep things lively by surprising him. Keep him guessing. He’ll never get bored if he never knows whats coming his way. Whether it be little I love yous via postcards in the mail, romantic dinners on our deck, or naughty deeds in crazy places. It keeps him guessing. Also Ive shared this on FB:

    Hey ladies, very cool marriage blog. They have a giveaway going on, check it out.

  17. Marriage Secret: I have to say that communication is key and Date Nights are an absolute must. You must keep that foundation from cracking because with out the entire house falls. It is not easy all of the time but it must be done. Especially if you have children, you are showing them what it means to be married.

  18. Marriage advice: Say I love you every time you leave one another. Wether it is when he leaves to work, when you go to bed, when you say goodbye on the phone. Always say I love you!

  19. I tweeted about this giveaway! @bluberrilovr “@DatingDivas GIVEAWAY! 4 copies of “The 100 Day Promise” today! It is a great book about putting your spouse 1st.”

  20. Marriage Secrets…

    Well I have 2.
    1. I have a gratitude journal that I keep just for my husband. And it is just between me and him so it is VERY intimate, (probably make a lot of people blush). It’s great because he sees the things that I appreciate and tries harder to do those things, and I like it because when I’m really bugged by something he’s done I go back and read the things he’d done for me in the past and I realize what a wonderful husband I have and it’s okay that he’s not perfect.

    2. We have a weekly planning meeting where we discuss the week but also discuss how our Emotional Bank Accounts are doing. It’s a safe time to share feelings that were hurt with out the other spouse taking offense. Or things that are important to us that we need to happen in the week. We do it at a quite time and with quite voices and quite hearts and I love it!! (Thank you Stephen Covey-7 habits)

    1. My husband and I do the bank account meeting that you mentioned as well but we do ours on a daily routine. We call it “Check-in’s” We tell how the other is doing on 6 different areas.
      Any struggles we are having-

      Since my husband and I only see each other for an hour a day these check-ins help so we know what’s going on in eachothers lives. It’s been so helpful for me. I thought of myself as an attentive wife but there are days that I am completely missing things.

  21. One of the things that helps our marriage so much is not making a big deal of little things. When I get mad about something, I basically put myself in time-out and tell myself over and over “this won’t matter tomorrow” until I cool off. And you know, usually what I’m mad about doesn’t matter the next day – most of the time I can’t even remember what it was! It sure helps us avoid meaningless arguments.

  22. My marriage tip is to remember the love you felt for your spouse on your wedding day any time you get mad at them. There are few things worth fighting over at the expense of that kind of love. However, it is also essential that there is enough trust that the marriage will remain intact that disagreements can be allowed without fear of divorce.

  23. One of our secrets is to just be honest with each other about what we want and expect. Most arguments happen because we assume or expect the other person to read our minds so we try to just be upfront about our needs and feelings.

  24. That sounds like a great book!

    Generally, my husband and I are pretty helpful and attentive to one another. We don’t fight very often, but sometimes I am tempted to throw a snide comment out into the universe. It isn’t often, but it doesn’t really ever need to happen. Thanks for the reminder to love better than I do.

  25. Am a fan on facebook! Here is the message I just posted for all to see: love following this blog and would love to win their giveaway. Bet you would too, go check out The Dating Divas 🙂


  26. Hi there! I am already a Fan of the Dating Divas Facebook page. I shared the link to the review on my Facebook page.

    My marriage secret: Recommit to the marriage daily by saying I love you and one reason why or what you love about the spouse.

    Thanks gals! You are amazing!

  27. One thing I’ve found that helps immensely in stopping fights between my husband and me is this: He is a good man who loves me, who makes mistakes, and does not intend to cause me pain. Now, whether or not the fight is my fault or his, this helps adjust my attitude towards him.

  28. One of our successful marriage secrets is “the list”. My husband and I made a list of all the things we love the other one to do, so every week our goal is to make sure we do at least one or two of the items on the list. It’s a lot easier to make your spouse happy when you know exactly what they want! We add and change our lists often, but I always smile when one of my items gets done and I’m able to do something for my husband that I know will make his day better!

  29. Understanding that each of us may express/receive love differently and therefore how we communicate to each other is very important. And also, he can’t read my mind. : )

  30. The hubby goes to work overseas for 100 days at a time…beyond Skype…we send cards and write “old-fashioned” letters to each other. Sometimes its good to read it than just hear it.

  31. I guess one of my marriage secrets is “give and take”. You can’t get it your way all the time
    and many times my husband is right, though I don’t always want to admit it. We sacrifice
    for each other. We’ve been married 31 years! I’d really like to have this book. It would help
    give us a refreshment. Thanks!

  32. Our biggest lesson we’ve learned is that sometimes it is OK to go to bed angry. When we’ve had to do this we always wake up with a different additude and a more open mind after we’ve been able to get some sleep and cool off a little.

  33. My husband and I work on projects together which helps us so much to find happiness and joy in our marriage. We have common goals and love to bounce ideas off of each other when we do these things. For example, we worked really hard this year to save up and spent two months together teaching school in the Dominican Republic and using our Spanish. It was so fun doing fundraisers and getting supplies ready and then actually going. We also teach piano lessons and work on our piano studio together. We also like to work on other smaller projects together like make picture books on Picaboo and print them.

  34. I was already a FB and Twitter follower, so I posted on FB: Just heard about this book from my favorite date night idea site…check it. Not only can you read about the book, but you’ll find 100’s of date night ideas to make your marriage more fun!”

    Oh, and I love my boo!

  35. Via email sent this shout out to all my *attached* friends PIC OF BOOK and then this from your post: This book is a little different because he shares with us his journal entries. We get to take the journey WITH him as he fights against any selfish instincts he may have and diligently serves his wife on a daily basis. We get to see a REAL marriage completely exposed. We go on the journey with him as he talks about the ups, the downs, the changes in his relationship, & the improvements in his marriage.

    I would highly recommend this book. It’s a quick & fun read….and you will want to immediately start YOUR 100 Days as soon as you finish reading!

    Check it out on

  36. My husband and I try really hard to put each other first. When we succeed at that, we’re both happy. Knowing that we’re both trying to please the other is so much more fulfilling than getting what I want all the time. To see his *sincere* smile, and know that it’s because of something I did for him, well, it’s the best thing in the world. Cheesy, but true. Oh, and we still say we’re newlyweds, even though we got married in 2004!

  37. I would say that something that works for us is to talk things through. Everytime we have an argument we try to talk about it once peace has come back to our relationship, so we can communicate what did upset us on the first place. i would say that communication is key in our relationship. Express our feelings, and our thoughts.

  38. We’ve finally learned to stop giving each other the silent treatment. 🙂 Holding it in doesn’t help anything. When we feel we’re about to do it, we calm down and explain how we’re feeling so we can get on with life.

  39. My husband and I do everything as a team. We call ourselves ‘Team T’s” because both of our names start with a T. It really helps knowing someone is always on your side through everything…even when you disagree.

  40. I have a marriage secret – shower together. It is a quick way to spend some intimate time together on those busy days when that seems impossible. Plus it saves water! 🙂

  41. Setting aside time to talk every evening and then going to bed at the same time gives us a chance to end our day together. Even when I’m tired, waiting up is worth it to feel more connected.

    P.S. I love my boo!

  42. Our successful marriage tip is making time for each other a priority. Our work schedules are so different that if we do not schedule regular date nights and family time it’s just not going to happen!

  43. I’m now a fan on facebook 🙂 and here’s a copy of what I posted to my status:

    Check out the dating divas! It’s an awesome website dedicated to helping strengthen marriages (or committed relationships). It’s awesome! They have so many creative ideas for dates, birthdays, special occasions, anniversaries 🙂

  44. My husband and I both love surprises and we both work on surprising each other with little things such as bringing dinner home, doing the dishes, a little love note, etc. It’s so fun and feels so good knowing he was thinking of me! 🙂

  45. I shared the link on Facebook, but it says I have to subscribe to the newsletter, how do I go about doing that?? I want to win, I’m a newlywed. 🙂 🙂

    1. Hey Kati! It’s in the top right-hand corner of our website…just enter your email address & you will get our weekly newletters AND fun free printables! 🙂

  46. My marriage ‘secret’ : Bragging on my sweet, handsome husband every chance I get!! And trying to not say anything negative about him to anyone!

  47. I subscribed to the newsletter and liked your FB page.
    My marriage “secret” is to be supportive and be there for one another. It sounds simple,but it’s true. In the 5 years we have been married, we have blended a family, moved 4 times, been through financial difficulties, medical issues with children, but we were always there for each other in the good, bad and ugly.

  48. Something that helps our marriage is communication! The more time we have to talk to each other thebetter our relationship is and the closer we feel to each other. Also, making time to spend together! We always make time at least one night a week to do something that we both love to do together! 🙂

  49. marriage secret… we write notes to each other on the bathroom mirror, I also try to sneak in a little note, surprise treat etc. when he leaves overnight for on a trip.

  50. marriage secrets: don’t let the small things get to either one of you. and have fun, always remember to have fun with each other and laugh

  51. Never go to bed angry or in the middle of a fight/argument. Resolve it before you even enter the bedroom. The bedroom is a ‘sanctuary’ for you and your husband.

  52. I shared a text message with my friends. Here’s what I said: “Hey! check out the Dating Divas offer for an awesome book to help strengthen your marriage!”

  53. Marriage secret…Have a weekly meeting. Choose a time to talk each week about issues that are bothering you. Go into it with the attitude of “How can I be a better spouse?” and “How can I make him/her happier?” This gives you the opportunity to not get angry at the person in the moment, but to discuss things more calmly and with greater perspective. Also, this will make it so you don’t let problems fester for a long time and cause a more serious problem.

  54. One of our successful marriage tips is a white board marker in the bathroom! I LOVE getting notes from my honey, but he is just not into it. BUT after I put a white board marker in our bathroom I get notes ALL THE TIME on our mirror!! LOVE IT!

  55. My husband and I make sure we make time to spend together each day alone, just the two of us. We also pray each morning and night together. We make sure we know what’s going on in each others’ days.

  56. I shared the link from your website with my friends on Facebook. I also emailed some family members letting them know about this website and how it can help them with their marriages. This book looks great!

  57. I emailed family and friends to tell them about this book and the challenge. My sister and I are starting on Sunday and doing a shorter version and turning our books into Christmas gifts for our husbands.

  58. Wheb we get angry we agree to stop arguing, take a step back, think about it and then talk. We don’t fight with blaming, talking about the past or screaming. We fight to come to a conclusion to a problem and if it ever moves past that and starts getting mean we immediately stop, re group and then start CALMLY again. 🙂

  59. If we feel ourselves or the other starting to get angry, we hug. HUGGING is powerful, it calms tempers and reminds you that it isn’t the person you are mad at, it is the problems, and that together we can find a solution. It also makes you swallow your pride, which can get you into trouble if you are holding tight on tight to your pride. It might not work for everyone, but it has really helped us.

  60. A Marriage secret we follow, and it works greatly, is NEVER stop courting each other. My husband “surprises” me with a date every week. Even if it is just a home cooked meal, and we eat on our Patio under the stores.

  61. Sent an email to all friends, FRG, and Family, recommending them to come check this giveaway out. I said, “Hey you guys. I love you all, and i know you are always looking at ways to transform you marriage, so why not come check out this giveaway. They are giving away a amazing book that can help you transform your marriage <3 Love Always, B"

  62. Well- we try to think about how the other person will feel about something before we act, we make sure that each week both of us get “me” time and “us” time which is either a date night out or a night in with a redbox movie or video game and pizza. Also if something is bothering one of us we try to talk about it before we get upset and start arguing over something small.

    “I love my boo”

    I also am following you on facebook!

    AND I emailed all of my friends with a link to your page and said…” You guys need to check out this page. They have awesome giveaways and cute ideas!!=)”

  63. Find ways to surprise each other by being attentive. We also try to be in the moment when we’re talking. It’s easy to be elsewhere in our busy lives and miss things.

  64. I posted a link on my facebook page for the following giveaway suggesting all my friends enter to win it as well. I hope I win this so I can better help my marriage grow not only physically but mentally. My husband & I just celebrated 1 month of being married but we have been together for 3 yrs & 3 months. Our love is unconditional & we are each others best friends. This book would be even more help to us as we try to love each other more & care for each other more. =) I hope I win this book!

  65. 1. MAKE a budget TOGETHER!
    2. Give to each other MORE!
    3. Learn their 5 love languages and shower them!
    4. They are your spouse, not your girlfriend or buddy – remember that!
    5. Never move furniture with your spouse 🙂

  66. I follow you of facebook and receive news letters. We have a rule at our house that if you are angry and need to take time before you works things out you can take that time. We also have a rule though that we have to get back together and work it out after a few hours so that we aren’t miserable for days! time out is good but it needs to have a time limit.

  67. As a newlywed, I am constantly trying to find ways to serve my spouse, while trying to keep up with life all around me. One of the biggest successes in our day to day routine has been me getting up early to cook my husband’s breakfast, get the coffee going, and pack his lunch. I started this early on, and it is not always easy–as I love me some sleep! But setting the tone, first thing in the morning, that I love him, I want to put him first, and taking care of him has made a HUGE difference! (it has also saved a lot of money by him not buying fast food for breakfast & lunch, as he did before we were married) 🙂

  68. I follow you on Facebook and just made THIS my status:
    so. i just discovered a GREAT site! great tips, ideas, and suggestions to keep the spark within your marriage alive and blazing. one GREAT idea is this book, The 100 Day Promise by Brian King. imagine how our marriages could be different if for the next 100 days we made a conscious effort to love and serve our spouse completely? check out the deets and how YOU could win a copy here!

  69. My successful marriage secret isn’t really a secret but we have a date every week. We don’t have kids yet but it is a great thing we have put into practice that I think will continue when we have kids.

  70. When my hubby arrives home from work that’s when the chaos starts. I try to meet him at the back door, before anybody else gets to him, for a welcome home kiss & how was your day. I also update him on what’s been going on at home while he was working.

  71. I make sure each week (since he graciously let me stay at home with our son!) that I cook four of the five nites. I do a dessert once a week, and a different day each week, to surprise him. He loves it! 🙂

  72. Some marriage advice I have is that I believe that you should make a point to laugh together whenever you can, I think it has brought my husband and I closer together

  73. My hubby and I will ask “Why” when the other says “I love you”. We try to say something different every time to show there are many things to love about each other and many more that we have to find out about!

  74. My husband loves food! So whenever there is a little left I always make sure he doesn’t want it or I will leave it for him as a surprise. He appreciates it so much!

  75. Never stop laughing together. It really does help in the hardest of times. Also, try to say (and think) more positive things about your spouse than negative, and each day go over why you are thankful to have them in your life!

  76. one of my “successful marriage secrets” isn’t really a secret. my husband’s “LOVE LANGUAGE” is acts of service, and we found this out very early on in our marriage. so every night after dinner, i pack his whole lunch, but i always sneak in a little somethin somethin that i know he’ll love, like a sexy note, or his favorite sweet treat. he says this truly makes his day, and the little sexy notes add a little spice to his day!

  77. also. i posted a tweet about this post, but i’m still new to twitter, so not how to post a link to my post…. my username is @mlynnejohnson, and i mentioned the dating divas!

    my “shout out” said…

    “check out the @DatingDivas book giveaway! the “project” in this book sounds hard, but so worth it!”

  78. Remembering we are sent here to learn. Life is about learning from our experiences and bettering ourselves. That helps us be more patient with one another. We may not be perfect, but parts of us are excellent! And we are learning to improve the rest!

  79. My marriage tip is to treat your husband like you would your boss: with respect! It’s easy to forget this especially when we are upset or just feeling put off by our husbands. But our husbands cannot show us love if they don’t feel respected. This is an idea we realized after reading “Love and Respect” by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. It is another fantastic book to help strengthen the marriage relationship!

  80. Marriage tip: everyso often revisit the reasons why you fell in love with your spouse. My dad encouraged my husband and I to write these down on our wedding night and to revisit them every year. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day cycles that we begin to lose sight of what it was that drew us to our partner in the first place. This is even more applicable once you’ve had children. Looking back at those reasons is guaranteed to make you both smile and light that flame again!

  81. I haven’t read this book yet. But if I don’t win it I will definitely look into buying it. Iloved the idea so much that I started this challenge myself. I’m even keeping my own personal blog about it and other things going on in our relationship. Would love for you to check it out! I kind of like the idea of not reading the book first… No preconceived notions…. But I can’t wait to compare notes!

  82. My marriage tip is to put your relationship before your pride – whether that means apologizing first or admitting when you’re wrong. Sometimes I have to remind myself I’d rather have a happy marriage than be right.

  83. Always be the first one to say “sorry”. My hubby is really good at that, but I still have some work to do. It has made a huge difference with arguments and disagreements to just apologize and try to understand what the other one is feeling. Holding a grudge is dangerous in a marriage! So it’s best to apologize first.

  84. Also, my best advice to keep your marriage happy is just being honest. Even if it’s hard to say that you did eat the last piece of cake and you feel like a fatty for doing it… it’s nice for him to know that you did it, and you feel that he should know.
    I really like to surprise him at home too! If our house was a mess, and I just decided I couldn’t take it anymore, I would clean it up and he would come home to a pleasant surprise. Little things like that really do matter to him and lets him know I care! 🙂

  85. One of the things I do to keep my marriage strong: whenever my husband is “in the mood” and i am not (cuz we have 2 little ones that I stay home with and I don’t always feel sexy/vivacious/energized ;)), I ask him to give me 15 minutes. I go into the bathroom, soak in a bubble bath, put on nice perfume and slip into some lingerie. It always gets my mind shifted from children-pulling-on-my-leg-covered-in-trouble mommy to sexy-ready-to-please-my-man woman. 🙂

  86. My husband and I have been married just over 10 years. I think our success comes from genuinely being “with” each other when we are together. Listening to someone when they speak is important and we make that a practice. We put the phones up – the computer up and just enjoy each other and the kids. Communication is key in any successful marriage, however it is easiest to communicate without all the electronics on. 🙂 I love my husband and will devote my days to the success of our marriage and our family.

  87. Amy Richards
    Awesome Book!

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  88. I follow on facebook and we have always heard the famous saying.. Treat others the way you want to be treated…. i find this is really true in a marriage you have to serve to be served and love to be loved.

  89. We have finally figured out (10 years into marriage) what each other’s love language is. It has made a HUGE difference! Mine is time, his is service. So now we know what ways REALLY show our love to each other! For me, it’s a date night. AnyTIME spent with HIM where we’re focused on each other. Not sitting on the couch watching tv with his feet propped on me while he calls it “cuddling”. 🙂 For him, it’s a clean house, a foot rub, an unexpected special treat, a little somethin’ somethin’. I know now that him going out of his to DO something for me is HIS way of saying “I love you”. And that if I want him to do it MY way, I have to tell him because it’s not his natural way of doing it. It was a mind-blowing realization.

  90. My hubby and I received this piece of advise when we got married, “Try to never ever ever say anything unkind about the other person to anyone!” In six years of marriage it has definitely been something that keeps us closer to each other. And rather than husband bashing, I can think of all the good things my hubby does for me when others are complaining about the things they dislike in their spouse.

  91. I think the secret to a great marriage is to make time for each other. Put the other person first, And to really listen to each other, and if there is a topic that you both don’t agree on, instead of disreguarding it or arguing about it, acknowledge your spouse, let them know that you heard and understood what they said, for example: “wow, I never thought of it like that. That’s one of the reasons I love you. Your mind works differently than mine.” Then leave it at that! It will save your marriage from falling apart because of the “little things” 🙂

  92. My key to marriage success: to put his feelings and opinions on the same level of importance as my own!! Not always easy to remember to do, but extremely important for us!

  93. I don’t know what advice I can give (only been married for a year!) but I can tell now-a-days when my husband is grumpy. He gets like this on Sundays when he’s been in meeting all morning & hasn’t eatin. I make his favorite dish (even if I hate it) & make sure it’s ready by the time he gets home. I’ve even started doing this everyday because his work stopped offering food when he’s there. I’ve been making his favorite breakfast foods, even learned new ones for him! I love doing this, even if it does make me alil late to work 😉 I love my husband & I don’t want him to worry about the little things. He’s a full time student as well as works full time. I can worry about the things that he doesn’t have time for!

  94. My best marriage advice is to date often. We have 6 kids and we try to date each other every week (not to mention if gives me a break from the insanity!)

  95. Another piece of advice, which I have to give credit to “The Anatomy of Peace”, is to look at each other as people who have feelings, thoughts, trials, hopes, dreams, etc and not as objects.

  96. I have been married over 12 yrs and we are parents to 2 wonderful children at the sametime, so we really didn’t have alot of couple time. Now that our kids are at the age of sleepovers with friends we find ourselves with more couple time but not with alot of ideas on what to do. Thanks to your site we are taking your date ideas and using them.

  97. To really love someone unconditionally you must always put their needs before yours, that is the definition of true love. I have been married for 10 yrs, and I try to think about what he would like often.
    One thing I do for my husband is when I know he is working late, I lay his clothes out and a fresh towel for the next day so he does not have to get up early or think about what to wear. I also leave him little love notes around the house, or make him a treat jar to take to work with snacks he can have throughout the day.
    One of the best things we did this year for our anniversary is to take time to go away without the kids. We walked the beach and talked alone, if was reinvigorating to our marriage. As busy as we are, we really needed to take the time to just be together. Now, it feels like we are dating again 🙂

    I am a fan on FB as well!

  98. Facebook fan!!! Pick me…pick me!!!
    As for advice…I don’t have much…but remember to say I LOVE YOU and give each other hugs…even if you’re not happy with each other…things WILL get better!!!

  99. Hmm marriage secrets… be selfless instead of selfish. Treat your spouse the way you would want to be treated, or the way you would treat your best friend. Don’t get caught up on the little things…pick your battles & don’t make something out of nothing. Whenever you are tempted to argue about something, ask yourself – is this worth it? Tell your spouse you love them EVERY day! Never get too old or too comfortable to do the little things…a random note in his wallet, dry erase message on the mirror, breakfast in bed. Look for the GOOD in everything your spouse does. Learn to APPRECIATE everything your spouse does for you. And most of all, do not keep score!! It doesn’t matter who does the dishes as long as they get done!! It doesn’t matter how many times you take out the trash before he does. None of this “your job” “my job” stuff. If you’re keeping track, it’s only going to hurt you.

  100. One of the best things that my husband and I have done is have a schedule for the dishes. He works in 48-72 hour shifts, so he’s not always home to do the dishes. We were both tired and it started becoming an issue when neither of us wanted to do it. His idea was to have me do all the dishes for the days when I’m home and he’ll do all the dishes when he’s home. It works so well because we know who’s responsibility it is everyday and we don’t get frustrated about it anymore.

  101. This is the first time I have heard of this book, However if you liked this one, you should try the love dare. That one is 40 days. I don’t know if the 100 day one is christian based or not however the love dare is. One of my favorite tools, I’ve used. Well for a few days cause I got distracted, 😉