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I am a lover of movies and of Ryan Reynolds. Needless to say that I have been counting down the days to the opening of “The Green Lantern”.  I wanted it to be more than “get -a-sitter-see-a-movie” date. So, true to my naturally semi-manic SAHM personality, “The Green Lantern” date was born. You will just love me for this, I know it.

Inspiration: I have always loved the whole Marvel Comics series, and if you do too, raise those hands up high my friends… c’mon, don’t be shy. I know you ladies all wished to be Rouge from X-Men.

Plan of Attack: Invite via email. I sent a little poem w/picture and then added the Green Lantern Movie Trailer and a green lantern quiz.

Download a fun printable copy below!

{FYI: I had this ring in my costume box.  It originally had a red stone which I popped out & replaced with a green one.  I haven’t seen these sold in store….but I am pretty sure you can order them online at Party City.}

To keep up the anticipation I sent a text message with picture of my homemade Green Lantern Shirt during the day.

When the hubbs got home I had a green meal waiting for him on the table. Pretend I have lots of green lanterns too and pretend I remembered to take a picture.  Thank you!

I gave him this…

…and we headed to the pool (I tried to get an alien spacecraft and a guy with a purple face to deliver this but he was all booked).

We actually took our 3-year-old with us since the “training ground” was at the pool. The pool is the closest thing I could get to Outerspace (Read: weightlessness).

…..don’t forget your silly string {costs about $2 at Target}…..because….

….unfortunately, on the way, Green Lantern-to-be was attacked!

Good thing he was going to learn how to save the world soon.

I cut and laminated 5 tasks to be completed. We took turns diving to the bottom and performing our tasks.


  • You must hold your breath for 30 seconds.
  • You must walk across the pool… but you cannot use your feet.
  • Tell the one you love that you are the Green Lantern. And you must take her to safety. (You must do this in all seriousness.)
  • You must jump off the rock cliffs of Planet “OA” and roll 5 times underwater.

  • You must flex your muscles and pose for the camera.

The last one was the best! We finished the night off with movie passes and a promise of a sweet reward back ” on planet earth”.

To get YOUR fun clues & water task cards, download the printable below!

When we got home I put up glow-in-the-dark stars in the bedroom and had my Green Lantern meet me.
… and the rest is none yo’ bizness!


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So fun, huh!  🙂  What are you waiting for?  Get plannin’!!

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  1. Makana, you are just too cute! What a fabulous idea and McKay is always so great at cooperating and having fun right along with you. You guys are the cutest ever!!!!!!