The Parenting Super Bundle

80 Parenting Resources, One Amazing BUNDLE!

Sadly, this Parenting Bundle sale has ended! But we have something in the works coming to you soon! We can’t wait to let you know when our next bundle is ready!

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If you are a parent {or soon-to-be parent} we are about to make you VERY HAPPY! You might have seen a little sneak peek if you follow us on social media. But now we’re showing you the FULL reveal. Get ready because – IT. IS. AMAZING!!! You do NOT want to miss out on this, we promise. {Just wait until you see the savings. You are gonna DIE!} Introducing… The Parenting Super Bundle!

It’s only available for a short period of time though, so you gotta hustle!

Okay, ready…

Wait for it…

The Ultimate Parenting Super Bundle


Yep, that’s right! Grab all of this for just $29.97!


That’s 98% OFF!


Raising kids is awesome. They can make you laugh with their hilariousness. They can make you melt with their cuteness. They can inspire you with their kindness. But raising kids is also really hard. Between temper tantrums, the constant noise and mess, teaching them all the life skills they’ll need as adults, and continually wondering whether we’re screwing it all up… well, it can actually be one of the hardest things we’ve ever done. If you’ve ever had conflicting feelings about parenting, we have the perfect solution for you!

The Parenting Super Bundle

This bundle contains 35 eBooks, 10 eCourses, 2 audios, 23 printables, 9 workbooks, AND 1 membership site designed to help you:


  • Become a kinder, more intentional parent.
  • Choose consequences that are more effective.
  • Raise kids you actually (ahem!) like and want to hang out with.
  • Find healthy ways to release your frustration.
  • Eliminate the “gimmes” and teach them to serve others.
  • Plus, so much more!

The combined value of the resources in the bundle is over $1,270, but you get EVERYTHING for 98% off!

You will get lifetime access to an entire library of 80 different resources in 12 different categories all about parenting aaaaaand….

We are throwing in a KILLER BONUS!!!

If you buy this bundle, you will get our Babysitting Co-Op Kit for free!

(see the bottom of this post for details on how to claim your bonus*)

Babysitting Co-Op Kit


Our Babysitting Co-Op Kit includes: a Binder Cover, Detailed Instruction Sheet, Official Co-Op Membership Agreement, Written Expectations, Babysitting Exchange Tickets, Contact Information Sheet, Organizational Calendar, Individual Child Information Sheets, Child Drop Off Notes, and even blanks of ALL the documents so you can personalize your own Babysitting Co-Op! That’s right – you get ALL OF THAT plus 80 resources on topics that are a crucial to every parent’s  life. There are eBooks, printables, eCourses, workbooks, audio, and MORE! You’re waiting for the catch, right?

Well, there is a teeny, tiny one…


You’ll have to ACT FAST, this is only available until

Monday, August 14th! 

Okay, now that you know this deal won’t be around forever, are you ready to see the details on what’s included?! We’ve probably kept you waiting long enough…


This baby seriously has EVERYTHING you could ever WANT or NEED for parenting! There are 12 categories total, but we picked our top 4 favorite categories and broke them down to show you exactly what is included! Our favorite categories are:

  1. Activities & Crafts
  2. Chore Charts & Planners
  3. Discipline
  4. Parenthood

You can read ALL about those top 4 categories below and the rest of the categories (there are a bunch of amazing resources about each topic) in the bundle, which are: 

  1. Education
  2. Faith
  3. Food
  4. Homeschooling
  5. Outdoors & Travels
  6. Special Needs
  7. Special Occasions
  8. Toddlers & Preschoolers

Ok, let’s dive into exactly what is included in our top 4 favorite categories in this bundle! There are TONS of ideas, so there is a lot of information here, but it’s all too good to leave out! Here we go!


Parenting Super Bundle - Activities & Crafts

As moms, we are always looking for fun and new activities & crafts to do with our kids! And we could NOT be more excited for what’s included in this section! Check it out:

  • Crafty Critters: Crafts to Go by Amanda Dion: 100 easy crafts for kids of all occasions!
  • Farm Life Quiet Book by Kristina Manscill: Perfect for keeping little ones entertained at church, in the doctor’s office, on a road trip, or anywhere!
  • Funny Mom Joke Pack: Make Your Kids Laugh Every Day of the Year by Jill Riley: Connecting with your kids can be as easy as getting them to giggle!
  • Hero Training! Kid’s Character Challenge by Liz Millay: Approach character training in a fun, hands-on, and Christ-centered way!
  • Mini Mom & Dad Dates by The Dating DivasThe perfect way to create quality one-on-one time and make lasting memories!
  • Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids by Lauren Tamm & Rachel Norman: Raising kind and grateful kids just got a whole lot easier!
  • The Ultimate Life Cycle Printables by Kimberly Huff: Hands-on activities for children of all ages! (Especially enjoyable for preschool and kindergarten.)

There’s so much offered in this category alone that it would be a steal of a deal (and MORE than pays for the price of the bundle  if this was everything that’s included.) But it’s not- there’s LOTS more!

Get these fun resources and all of the other categories of resources for only $29.97!

Our next favorite category is…


Parenting Super Bundle - Chore Charts & Planners

The majority of us Divas are suckers for organization, so we got super excited when we saw this section! Here’s what’s included in this category:

  • Back to School Planner 2017-18 by Laura Rizer: Everything you need to get organized! Keep all your child’s important school information and schedules in one place.
  • Blockies Complete Routine Chart Set by Samantha Jockel: Complete set of routine charts to help your kids with their morning and afternoon tasks. 
  • Editable Chore Cards for Kids by Sara McClure: 25 cards with easy-to-read instructions for each room in the home.
  • Fairies Complete Routine Chart Set by Samantha Jockel: Complete set of routine charts with both pictures and words to prompt your child.
  • Student Planner by Jolanthe Erb: Help your children get organized with all their school assignments and goals.

Get these organization resources + everything else in this bundle for just $29.97!

Our next favorite category is:


Parenting Super Bundle - Discipline

Who couldn’t use a little guidance and reassurance when it comes to discipling? It’s a tough gig! Here’s what’s included in this category:

  • Emotion Coaching: An Essential Part of Your Parenting Toolbox! by Melissa Benaroya: Emotion coaching helps parents guide their children through life’s ups and downs in a way that builds confidence, resilience, and strong relationships. 
  • Kids Don’t Come With a Manual: The Essential Guide to a Happy Family by Carole and Nadim Saad: Discover the secrets to raising happy and confident children!
  • Parenting with Positive Guidance: Building Discipline from the Inside Out by Amanda Morga: Get the tools for understanding your child’s behavior and effectively teaching and guiding your child toward self-control while fostering a healthy parent-child relationship. 
  • Parenting with Purpose: How to Raise Well-Behaved Kids and Build a Strong Parent-Child Relationship by Nina Garcia: Don’t waste another day struggling with meltdowns and standoffs. Parent with purpose and build a solid relationship with your child.
  • TEACH Your Children How to Behave by Brittany Ann: Learn how to set reasonable expectations for your children’s unique ages, personalities, and ability levels. Choose consequences that REALLY work and prevent bad behavior BEFORE it starts!

Get these practical resources + ALL of the other resources in this bundle for just $29.97!

And our last favorite category is:


Parenting Bundle - Parenthood Resources

Honestly, there’s something for everyone here! Here are the incredible resources included in the parenthood category:

  • 7 Key Tips to Save Yourself from a Bad Day (Or Life) by Ruthie Gray: An hour-long video training for moms from a seasoned mom of four. Learn the secret recipe for counter-balancing bad days. 
  • A Realistic Action Plan For the Weary Mom: 15 Days of Hope from The Intentional Mom by Jennifer Roskamp: Realistic, useful, and timeless help for moms who are in need of action plans for common issues we all face.
  • Creating A Schedule That Works: Your Life, Your Schedule by Marlene Griffith: Tools to help you create and implement a schedule that works for you and your life. This simple, straight-forward approach shows you how to break your day into bite-sized pieces. 
  • Don’t Panic! A Practical Guide to Twins, Triplets and More by Karen Bleakley: Positive support to multiple birth families as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.
  • If Only They’d Told Me: All The Things You Wish You’d Been Told About Pregnancy, Parenting & Relationships by Natalie Cutler-Welsh: Entertaining tips and stories to help moms have less stress and more joy in the early years of parenting. 
  • Parenting in Tough Times by Luschka van Onselen: A simple workbook with coping strategies for both emotional and practical survival during tough times.
  • Peaceful Pauses: Touchstones for Your Mama Soul by Betsy May: A deck of cards with a different message for each day of the month. Each one provides a gentle reminder to moms that they are not alone.
  • Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World: Audio Version by Zig Ziglar: An audio book with sensible guidelines on praise and encouragement, drugs, quality time, discipline, sex and romance, and much more!
  • Self Care for Adoptive and Foster Families by Sharla Kostelyk: A must-read for all families considering fostering or adopting and for those who have already embarked on the journey.
  • Simple Ways to Parent without Anger by Adina Soclof: Get ready to laugh and learn fun and simple ways to reduce your stress and be a better parent.
  • The Stop Yelling Handbook by Amanda Rueter: This handbook is packed full of printable handouts to help everyday moms deal with the frustration and anger that comes with parenting.
  • Thrive: Ziglar Family Community Membership by Ziglar Family: Thrive is a family growth membership community whose success principles helped more than 250 million people over four decades.


If you want to put more joy back into your parenting, the Parenting Super Bundle is here to do help you do just that. Worried you won’t know where to start with all the resources in the bundle? Don’t be! Inside the bundle you’ll find a handy Getting Started Guide so you can find just the right tools for the things you’re dealing with today.

And that’s only 4 of the 12 categories!



If you buy the bundle today, you get our Babysitting Co-Op Kit for free!

(see the bottom of this post for details on how to claim your bonus*)

Babysitting Co-Op Kit Printables


Yep, you heard that right, FREE!!

DON’T miss out on this once in a lifetime bundle!

Altogether, it’s a collection of 80 different eCourses, printables, eBooks, audios, workbooks, and even bonuses (valued at over $100 in bonuses alone)… only available for a limited time!

One eBook alone can be over $30!  And you’re getting all 80 resources for just $29.97! This is such a steal!! Yeah, BABY!

Sign. Me. Up!


Remember to buy the Parenting Super Bundle before it expires on Monday, August 14th, at 11:59 PM EST!


*To claim the Babysitting Co-Op Kit bonus you MUST fill out this form after you receive your confirmation email from purchasing the bundle.

  • We just need your name, email, & invoice number that will be emailed to you when you purchase the bundle (there is a picture in the form of what this looks like.)
  • You have until August 21st at 11:59 pm EST to fill out this form to claim your bonus. That is ONE week after the sale ends.
  • The Babysitting Co-Op Kit bonus will be emailed to qualifying purchasers starting on August 9th.
  • If you fill out the form before August 9th, you will not receive your bonus until August 9th.
  • If you do not fill out the form before August 21st at 11:59 pm EST, you will NOT receive your Babysitting Co-Op Kit bonus.


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