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If you haven’t seen the movie, The Proposal, starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds…it is well worth the watch! It takes romantic comedy to a whole new level and The Dating Divas have collaborated on some hysterical ideas to make your movie date night into an extraordinary one!


Assign who is going to be “the boss” and “the assistant” for the night. The assistant is in charge of picking up hot chocolate or coffee from Starbucks (make sure to get the same kind unless “the assistant” spills on the way home). “The assistant” will write his/her name and phone number on the side of “the boss’” cup. You could continue this roll playing throughout the evening and into the bedroom…Hey, sometimes taking orders can be fun! lol

“Get Low” Chant

If you have a fire pit in your backyard then go ahead and have some fun with it! In the movie Grandma Annie (Betty White) and Margaret (Sandra Bullock) practice “chanting from the heart” around a fire. It would be absolutely hilarious for you and your spouse to do the same thing. You could even “chant” to the “Get Low” song by Lil John & The East Side Boyz (which is the song Margaret is chanting around the fire).

The Proposal

You can watch some crazy & fun proposals to start out your date night…..we found a few to start you off at Then relive your own proposal through pictures, video, or reenacting it.


Create a ring to present to your spouse (like a ring pop or candy ring) and then “fake” a marriage proposal together in a public place. Make sure to be very dramatic about it! Try not to laugh…and then ask a stranger to take your picture (what a date memoir). Then laugh about it all the way home to watch the movie. Even better, surprise your honey by proposing to HIM in public and tell him to just go with it.

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Oh and don’t forget when you cuddle up to watch the movie…make sure you remember “THE BABY MAKING BLANKET!!” hehe

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8 Responses to The Proposal Movie Date

  1. Loved this movie! I about died laughing during the Grandma’s Chant routine! When Sandra Bullock’s character joined in and went crazy…..I about lost it! Too funny! 🙂

  2. After 6 1/2 LONG months apart, next week we will finally be back together — and this movie sounds like a great date night choice for one of those first couple of weeks. With only 6 months of marriage before he had to leave, it will be like starting again, so The Proposal sounds like a great choice! Gotta work the Train song “Marry Me” into it somewhere, too — I love that song and it matches the theme.

    Oh, I cannot WAIT to start date nights! For these past few months, this site has given me so many ideas for when we are together again. That has made it a tiny bit easier, because I had fun gathering ideas….now I will get to do them all! 🙂

    1. Awe! I am SOOO excited for you to be back with your hubby! I bet that felt like it would never end, poor thing! I absolutely LOVE that train song! It is beautiful and absolutely appropriate for your reconnection! Can’t wait to hear the ideas that you use to date your man! (hint, hint, do share! we love to hear!) Thanks so much for commenting!

  3. my hubby and I love this movie! we even bought a “baby maker” blanket on our honeymoon in Mexico…and we had our daughter 2 weeks before our first anniversary! hehe

  4. OMGoodness…I love the fake proposal idea!! We just moved to Missouri from Texas, so we really can get away with it good because not very many people know us here yet!! I can’t wait. Hopefully the hubs is as excited about doing this as me!! Thanks for the fun idea! I LOVE your site. I have a board on Pinterest called “The Hubs,” and it has stuff from only you ladies. Thanks for the great ideas!!