The ULTIMATE 12 Amazing Race Game Pack

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Host Your Own 16 Piece Amazing Race Game and Challenges

The Amazing Race Game has it all: a 16-piece party pack of adventure, challenge, and teamwork – the perfect recipe for a great date night. My husband and I LOVE to travel so when we first watched the reality show The Amazing Race, it quickly became one of our favorites! First, we love seeing all of the different countries, and then came the challenges that matched the various cultures and we were hooked. Because of our love for this show, we have put together everything you need to host your very own version of The Amazing Race! The pack includes twelve unique Amazing Race challenges that can work for any type of group gathering and be played in any hometown! Finally, the best part is, we recently updated everything to add customizable features so you can personalize your Amazing Race game to your specific party.

The Amazing Race Game Party

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An exciting adventure awaits in an epic Amazing Race game that your friends and family will love! Inspired by the popular reality show, The Amazing Race, this high stakes adventure will take teams through exciting and competitive challenges right in your own hometown. With ready-to-print designs created by the talented Courtney at Paperelli Design, we have everything to make planning, prepping, and hosting this game as easy as possible. And, with unique customizable features, you can personalize your party for your specific occasion! 

Here is What the Amazing Race Game Pack Includes:

We have over 50 pages of jam-packed Amazing Race goodness for you to be able to put together your own Amazing Race competition. For instance, the game pack includes: 

  • Host Guide
  • Game Organizer
  • Editable Invitations
  • Envelope Covers
  • 12 Different Challenge Cards
  • Blank Challenge Cards
  • Team Instruction Cards
  • Team Name Tags
  • Prize Printable
  • Pit Stop Mat
  • Decorative Banner
  • Customizable Street Sign Decor
  • Food Flags & Tents
  • Drink Wraps
  • Treat Bag Toppers
  • Granola Bar Wraps

The Amazing Race Game Party Printables


To sum up – we have everything you need and more. Just invite your most adventurous friends, print off the clues and then let the race begin! You can learn more about all that the pack features including more details about our:

  1. Amazing Race Host Guide
  2. Editable Invitations
  3. Amazing Race Game Materials
  4. Party Decor For Your Amazing Race Party

Customizing Your Own Amazing Race Party

This Amazing Race Game has been one of our most popular activity ideas and as a result, we now have added a new and exciting customizable feature that allows you to personalize the game experience to your specific occasion.

With our unique editable printables, you can actually type your own information directly on many of the printables. From invitations to sign decor – you can add in your own specific details. For example,” The Amazing Race Beckett’s Birthday Edition” can be added to the invitations, the challenge card envelopes and even the food labels! Also, you can create your own challenge cards, add in specific details to your challenge cards and put your guest’s names on the name tags.


The Amazing Race Customizing Printables

Here are a few ways our readers have used this Amazing Race Game in the past:

  • Birthday Party (great for both kids and adults!)
  • Family Reunion
  • Graduation
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversary
  • A proposal

Preparing Your Amazing Race Game

Putting together an adventurous party is super easy with our detailed host guide. The host guide will keep you on track and ensure that you don’t lose your way! You will be guided every step of the way (sort of like your own personal host GPS!) in order to plan, organize, and host a memorable game that your guests will love.

This guide includes:

  • Detailed instructions for preparing the game materials
  • A thorough description of how to play the game
  • Materials for organizing your game

The Amazing Race Game Host Guide


Amazing Race Party Invitations

Firstly, you will want to invite your most adventurous friends. Included in the pack is a customizable invitation to let your lucky guests know all the details about the party. You can type in your specific event information (date, time, and location) right on the printable using a free Adobe program and your invitation will look so professional! 

The Amazing Race Game Invitation


The Amazing Race Challenges

Pulling off the main event (an amazing race) is made possible because of our game challenge printables.  The pack includes twelve ready-to-play unique challenges that should work in just about any town. Further, our editable challenge templates give you plenty of opportunities to personalize your race for your specific group!

The Amazing Race Game Challenges

Playing the Amazing Race Game

The object of the Amazing Race game is for teams to complete each task from their provided envelopes and then return to the designated location as quickly as possible. The first team back to the pit stop mat wins the game!  

The teams then head out to complete their challenges as quickly as possible. The challenge cards provide all of the information they will need to know to complete the tasks. That is to say, the game can completely run itself. The contestants will have a blast finding locations in addition to complete their challenges and making memories as they work together to complete the tasks. The race is on!

The Amazing Race Party Idea

Amazing Race Party Decor

There are so many occasions where you might play this Amazing Race Game. You may just want to play the game as is, but you could also turn it into a full-on themed party with all of the details. So, whatever your occasion and situation, we have the materials for you! 

You can create a fun and festive atmosphere that any Amazing Race fan will appreciate. For example, you could decorate for the occasion with a printable banner, customizable street sign decor, and various food embellishments.

The Amazing Race Party Decor


Frequently Asked Questions About The Amazing Race Game Pack:

  • How long does the race take? This depends on several factors. The main factor is how many challenges you include in your race. Obviously, if you do 6 challenges it will be shorter than if you include all 12 challenges. Your location will also affect things. For example, if the nearest hotel is a 30-minute drive, that may lengthen the race significantly. That being said, you may want to plan on at least a good solid hour to complete 5 challenges (or factor in about 12 minutes per challenge).
  • What age group would enjoy The Amazing Race Game? The challenges included are completely family friendly. We believe any age would really love this activity.  It is important to note that each team needs at least one team member old enough to drive so that completing challenges around town is possible. Or, use the editable template challenge card to create all brand new tasks that can be done around the neighborhood without a car.
  • A specific challenge doesn’t work for my area. What do I do? Simply omit that challenge card or use the editable template to make adjustments.
  • Can the Host Play Too? Absolutely! The host may have a slight advantage for having seen the challenges ahead of time but it is nothing that would hinder the game too much. Go for it!
  • How Many People Can Play? There is no minimu or limit to how many people can play, however, the more people, the fiercer the competition.
  • Can the Game Be Played More Than Once? Absolutely! Simply collect all of the challenge cards at the end of the game to save for future use.

The Amazing Race Challenge Cards


What Our Readers Love About the Amazing Race Game

We have gotten great feedback from the many groups that have done this Amazing Race Game. From birthday parties to even a proposal – so many of you have had your own Amazing Race adventure.

Check out what this reader said about the Amazing Race Game:

“I just wanted to let you all know that it was a BLAST! One of the things that made it a lot of fun was that we were able to enjoy time alone with our spouse/date and, on the other hand, time with our friends–the best of both worlds in one date! The Dating Divas have prepared everything for you to host an awesome date for your friends. Since we all have children, we will also have their kids come and play with ours as we host the event. I think the kids will enjoy the night just as much as the adults! PRINT IT, PLAN IT, DO IT, LOVE IT!!!”

and this one:

“We have hosted and played this game 4 different times now with all different types of groups: family, co-workers, as a group date night and with a church youth group. While each group has been different, each experience has been so much fun. We are all still talking about it. The game is a bonding experience for any age level”

DIY Amazing Race Party

So, what are you waiting for?

On Your Mark

Get Set


Start inviting all of your friends because this is an AMAZING game that they will be talking about for a LONG time!

The Amazing Race Party

The Amazing Race Game

for only


Finally, we have some other fun group date nights based off of famous t.v. shows that you might enjoy! Check out The Price is Right and Minute to Win It.


I met my husband, in a beginning ballroom dance class at the age of 15. He was my first crush, my first date, and twelve years (to the day) later we married. Together we enjoy traveling the world, and, of course, going on creative dates! I am a former theatre teacher who now stays at home with a spunky little boy. I love dancing, hosting parties, photography, organizing & chocolate!

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  1. Hello, I have a youth group that I am wanting to navigate a city using a map while playing Amazing Race . Will I be incorporate this when doing the amazing race ?

    1. Absolutely! The game will take them to common places such as a gas station or a grocery store. They can use a map to navigate to these locations. If you want to really challenge them, you may want to give coordinates or addresses to a specific gas station or a certain grocery store. Sounds like a fun project!

  2. Hi! I purchased this game a couple of years ago for my daughter’s birthday party, then we ended up not able to use it, so I was saving it for another kid. The download got lost and the email erased. Is there a way you can verify my purchase and re-send the download? My daughter would be so excited!

  3. So glad i found your amazing race game/party. It’s the perfect thing I need for my boy/girl Twin’s 16th birthday party. I downloaded it and was going through it and noticed that the dates/states clue label is switched and should be opposite of how its listed.

    1. It appears that you have a previous version. That error was corrected. I will have our customer service send you the corrected file! Glad you reached out!

  4. I love the idea behind the Amazing Race PDF but the reality is that it is very frustrating to use. The formatting doesn’t allow for the size of font to be changed, and the customizable fields pull from the other fields which make it hard to make more than one customizable card.

    1. I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties. It is true that the formatting does not give you a lot of freedom to change fonts or sizing. But, pulling from other fields is not something that should be happening. I would suggest making sure that your free adobe program is updated. If the problem persists after an update, would you please reach out with details for which page? I can definitely try to help. Email: sarina@thedatingdivas dot com.

  5. Are the challenges & clues created to work in any City/State? This is an amazing idea for a birthday surprise for my best friend. But I want to make sure we can play it on our city.

    1. Yes! The clues take you to places around the town that are common to any city: gas station, grocery store, parking lot, library etc. Also – any of the clues and challenges can be omitted or adjusted if needed. This would be a perfect birthday surprise!

  6. Hi! I would to purchase this but live in a very rural area. Would you mind letting me see one or two examples of the challenges?

    1. Hello Crystal! Thanks for reaching out! We’d love to help get all your questions answered so you can decide if this game pack is right for you! 🙂 Please, send us an email to and our amazing customer service team will be able to help you out! 🙂 XO

  7. Hi. I bought this amazing race group date game and used it and it was so much fun. I want to do it again, but i can’t find it on my computer. Is there a way you can email it to me again?

    1. Sarina, I’m wondering if this game would be appropriate/ customizable for a teen birthday party. They don’t drive. If we turned them loose in a quaint shopping district with parks, shops and restaurants would that work?
      Thx, Dee

      1. This would be a fabulous teen birthday party! Very memorable, for sure! Since I am unfamiliar with your specific town and area you would take the kids too, I thought maybe I could list some of the general areas you would need. However, you can always remove a challenge card if that location is too far. We also have blank ones that you can adjust or create a different challenge applicable to your area.

        SPOILER ALERT – I will list the locations that the challenges take you to help you decide if there is a general area that contains these locations.
        – parking lot with a variety of cars
        – anywhere you can get coins (bank, store, etc)
        – Hotel or Library (this seems like it might require driving. You could omit this one)
        – Gas Station
        – a store with mannequins
        – a store with a makeup counter
        – a place with a statue
        – a place that sells cereal
        – a place you can purchase a Slurpee/Icy drink
        – an arcade
        – a fast-food restaurant

        I hope that helps! Enjoy!

  8. Hi Sarina,
    Looking to purchase your Amazing Race Game for our daughter’s wedding next summer. My question is, is there a time limit on how long you have access to all the game materials?
    Thanks in advance!

    1. What a fun activity for when everyone is gathered for a wedding! When you purchase the Amazing Race Game pack you will receive a PDF file that you can save directly to your computer. It is yours to keep! Let us know if you have any other questions!

  9. We are doing an event for multiple church youth groups. Just curious about 2 things.

    We are planning on doing the game at one location (on the church campus). What are some examples of the challenges?

    If we have 200 people, will there be enough name tags and challenge cards?

    Thank you!!

    1. This would be a really fun activity for a youth group! In our version of the game, the challenges take place all around the town. Doing the activity at one location would not work well. The idea is for teams to get in their cars and go to places like a gas station, a library, a hotel, a mall, a fast food place etc. We do have blank cards that are editable for you to create your own challenges and be inspired by our examples. Also – the decor alone in this pack is worth getting it for! This pack is a digital product so it would come in a pdf for you to print out as much as you need. For the name tags, we have 8 name tags on a page so, you would just make 25 copies of one of the pages. Similar to the challenge cars you just print out enough for each team.
      I hope that helps! There is also a very detailed host guide to explain the set up and how to play! Good luck!

  10. Hello,
    I am planning our 45 year nursing reunion at a town with a market, lots of shops. It is a Mennonite Tourist town. Do you think your clues would work for this group? If you could give me an example of a clue you use I would so appreciate it.
    With many thanks

    1. That sounds like such a fun event! This game would be so much fun. There are so many clues to choose from and we even have blank cards that you can make up your own or adjust the ones we give you to match your specific city. One example of a challenge is to go to your nearest gas station and pump exactly $1 of gas. Does that help? Let me know if you have any other questions.

    1. Absolutely! I have played this with co-workers and it was super bonding! You probably won’t even have to change anything. And, with the editable files you can personalize it to your work. Enjoy!

    1. I have played it several times and each time the length has varied depending on the area. We had one area where the nearest hotel was 20 minutes away. So much depends on your location. If you live in a suburban neighborhood near to town, I would factor in about 12 minutes per challenge. I hope that helps.

  11. I just want to say THANK YOU for supplying blank templates. I’m using these next month to propose! I’m beyond excited about this!

    1. We are so happy that you love it! Good luck – this sounds like a great proposal! We would love to see it! Tag us @datingdivas and #datingdivas if you upload anything to social media!

  12. We had so much fun on this date! I planned it for my friends birthday. I changed some of the challenges but it was a blast! Thank you!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share that! It made my day! If you post on social media don’t forget to tag us @datingdivas! We LOVE to see pictures of the dates in action!

    1. Hi Kiersten! I just checked the link and it is working for me. If you hit the pink “click to download” bar it should automatically take you there for the free download! I hope that helps. XO

  13. This is AMAZING!!!! We haven’t done it yet but I’m planning on surprising my husband and his twin brother with this for their 30th birthday. They want to be on the Amazing Race so badly so this is a perfect substitute. I am so excited. THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thank you for sharing that – it made my day! We would love to see pictures of your event! If you are on social media use the #thedatingdivas or #datelikeadiva to show us what you did!

  14. Can’t wait to use this!!! I was wondering if anyone had a “range” of time it takes to complete. I realize it will be different for everyone but didn’t know if there was a GUESS!!!

    1. I hope you love it! I have played it multiple times and the range of time totally depends on the area. I would say the average was minimum 45 minutes and longer 1 hour and 30 minutes. I hope that helps!

  15. Do you have the printable without the words, “Group Date” on them? I would love to use them for a birthday party!

    1. The pack has been updated to include editable features. You can easily personalize it instead of saying “group date” to say “Birthday Edition” or even add the special birthday gal/guy’s name! I hope that helps! Enjoy!

  16. Hello Divas,

    Regarding the Amazing Race Group Date edition:

    Now I struggle with formatting anything related to Microsoft and other similar programs.How do I input the information for the Route, Roadblock, Detour, and Pit Stop cards? I love the sample ideas that are already available, but I wanted to add a few more obstacles for my guests. Again, I am technically challenged with stuff like this. Hopefully you can help.

    Thank You

    1. The pack has been updated to include editable features so you can now personalize your Amazing Race adventure to your specific group and occasion! It is so simple to do. When you open up your pdf download in the free Adobe program that most computers use anyway, the editable features are highlighted in blue. Click on the area and begin typing! No need to use Microsoft or any other program.

  17. Hello. I am trying to out together an Amazing Race Graduation party for my daughter. I love your ideas and printables. Do you custom make printable? I need the invitation to be specific to graduation instead of a group date.

    1. Our Amazing Race game pack has now been updated with editable features. You can easily customize the printables to your specific group and occasion. Enjoy!

  18. Thank you for this!!!! We had such a great time with 6 other couples!!! We had couples from the age of 25 to 40 & everyone really seemed to enjoy it!!!

  19. Hi there,

    I see the included free blank printable, but how are we able to type in them? Do we have to use photoshop or a similar editing program? Thank you!

    1. Our Amazing Race game pack has now been updated with editable features. You can easily customize the printables to your specific group and occasion right on the pdf itself. It is super simple to do. Enjoy!

      1. Thank you so much Sarina! I am planning an anniversary date for my husband and all of our friends. People were so excited when I suggested it, people are flying in to participate. We can’t wait!

  20. Thank you so much for the printables. they look fantastic and I am sure we will have fun doing it. You have done all the hard work for us, for that I truly appreciate your generosity.
    Thanks again xx

  21. Hello!!
    I am so excited to do this with my husband and some of our friends! Everything is laid out and seems so easy and fun to set up so I thank you!!

    I only had one question, you said to set an end time, plus many of the couples we are inviting have kids and also need an end time for sitters. But what is a good length of time to give to complete most, hopefully all, the clues?!? I plan on using all 6 with the tip given by another user to make each step a different business, if that helps!

    Thank you again so much!

    1. I am so excited for you to do this! I hope it goes well! I have played this twice now and both times it took about an hour. I would set your return time somewhere around 90 minutes to 2 hours from the time you leave. That would be a safe time! Enjoy!

  22. I LOVE THIS!! I am planning on doing it for my daughters birthday. She keeps asking for an amazing race birthday party. So we are inviting all the aunts uncles and cousins and will compete by families. Any chance you could alter these printables for me to say “Family Activity” in stead of “group date”? 🙂

    1. Our Amazing Race game pack has now been updated with editable features. You can easily customize the printables to your specific group and occasion. Enjoy!

    1. Wow, Aaron! Thanks for sharing! That looks like you put a lot of thought into her celebration and what fun!!! I’m sure she felt completely loved. We give you a TON of hubby points! What a fun couple you two are!

  23. I love this idea and am planning it for a Valentine’s group date! I clicked the link that said “Get Everything Here” and it didn’t give me access to the printables. Any ideas?

    1. Click on the “add to cart” button to be directed to our store’s page. You can purchase your download there. Have fun!

  24. I read through all of it and was clicking on the pics but I couldn’t find the printables.. Can someone help me out?

    1. Click on the “add to cart” button to be directed to our store’s page. You can purchase your download there. Have fun!

  25. I used this Amazing Race date idea last weekend, and it was great! Even though I hosted, my husband and I still played (I let him pick and do everything since I knew all the clues.)

    A few suggestions if you plan this date:

    1. I wasn’t able to use all the Detours and Road Blocks. We went through five clues really fast! We finished a lot earlier than I thought we would. We finished five challenges in under an hour. I wish I had done more.

    2. It would have been helpful to clarify that contestants must go to a different business per clue. My group ended up doing multiple challenges in one location. It would have been better to have to go to different businesses for each “leg”.

    3. I had everyone meet at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. (Which was great because we snacked on chips while we waited for everyone to arrive.) I bought a gnome and hid it in the restaurant which was fun for teams to find.

    I’m going to set up a Family Amazing Race with my kids. We will for sure do the arcade (the kids will love that) and have each family take a picture at each leg.

  26. My husband I held our own Ultimate Amazing Race Group Date/Party last night using the materials and ideas provided here. We had 11 couples competing and we all had a blast! Fun stories to tell and so much laughter was just what we needed! Thank you so much!

  27. This is just the most amazing group date idea ever!!!!!
    I have a question. I have never seen the show, so that may be my problem! Does each team get four envelopes? One roadblock, pit stop, and detour? Or do they get 10, one rules and all three detour, roadblock, and pit stop cards? Thank you! I cannot wait to start planning this!!!

    1. Good questions Amy! Your host guide will walk you through exactly which pages to print and how many. We provide 12 different challenges as well as blank challenge cards to adapt or write your own. The envelope amount will depend on how many teams you have and how many challenges you choose to include.

  28. I know it’s dumb to be picky, but it should read “Pit Stop” instead of “Pittstop”. I’m an Amazing Race nerd 🙂

  29. Is there a way to edit the items – type on the blank clue cards. Change small things? I would love to do this for my husbands 40th birthday rather than a date night.

    1. Our Amazing Race game pack is now updated with customizable features that allow you edit the printables to fit your specific occasion. Enjoy!

  30. This looks fabulous, I was thinking I might be able to tweak it a bit for my birthday party, I have the big 40 coming up.
    Unfortunately I live in Australia some of those clues are not relevant to us…

    1. Opps that didn’t come out right.

      Not unfortunately I live in Australia, because I’m very fortunate to live in Australia.
      I meant Unfortunately, as I live in Australia half the clues aren’t relevant…

    2. What a fun thing to do for a birthday party! Even if the clues don’t exactly fit – there are blank clue cards included in the kit so you can make all of your own clues and still use everything else. Happy Birthday!

  31. Girl, you thought of everything in this date!!! I am so sad my hubby had to go and have stones and ruin all of my wonderful plans, lol! Anyway I love this, this is going to the top of my list! xox

  32. Where is the disclaimer that NIsha just had a baby and that might be the most terrible photo of her in existence?! FUNNEST DATE NIGHT EVER THOUGH! Sarina and her hubby are the bomb for putting this together. And that cute gnome is hanging on my kitchen counter – love it!

  33. I just wanted to let all of the ladies (and men) that read about this date to know that it was a BLAST! If you are worried that the guys may not like it, I can tell you from experience that all of the guys who went on this date LOVED IT! One of the things that made it a lot of fun was that we were able to enjoy time alone with our spouse/date and time with our friends–the best of both worlds in one date! The Dating Divas have prepared everything for you to host an awesome date for your friends. My wife and I are looking forward to hosting this for our friends. Since we all have children, we will also have their kids come and play with ours as we host the event. I think the kids will enjoy the night just as much as the adults! PRINT IT, PLAN IT, DO IT, LOVE IT!!!

    1. Russell – You are so nice! It was a fun night and I agree – EVERYONE had a blast. How fun to incorporate kids into it. That adds a whole new spin. Love it!

  34. WOW!!! You really did think of everything! This looks like such a fun date night and Sameeha did an amazing job on the printables:)

  35. This looks fun…it’s our favorite reality show too! But a logistical question: if you are planning and hosting the date, are you note participating? Thanks!

    1. Lauren – when we played, Sarina & her hubby just set things up & didn’t play…. however, you can do it so that siblings, friends, family members, parents, etc are the ones who set it up so all the couples can play.

    2. Correct – Sarina and her hubby didn’t participate this time. You could still play and complete the challenges though. You might have a slight advantage but it would still be fun!

    3. Lauren – It totally depends. I have played this 4 times and 3 of the 4 times I played. Once I preferred to just host it rather than try to play as well. If you wanted to you could still race and just realize that you have an advantage because you have seen the clues before, but it is still a competition to complete the challenges! I would just suggest having everyone meet back at a place that they don’t have to wait for you to be there to open the door!

  36. Oh my goodness Sarina- I LOVE this! Especially all of the printables. You did all of the work for us!! This looks like a blast- totally doing it!!