Things You Don’t Know About Me

Hey!  It’s me, Makana with Texas is For Lovers and I am back to share a fun idea that will help you get to know your spouse a little better! I was watching one of my favorite prime-time shows a few months ago when the light bulb went off.  I remembered last year I saw this Christmas idea and I wanted to add my own twist to it.

In the favorite prime-time show mentioned above, this couple knew EVERYTHING about each other. So rather than telling my cute hubby what I love about him, I wrote out various stories and one-lines about me. And I tried to make them all things that he does not know about me.

One day he would said, “So, you named your pet pig Blackie?” And I thought, “yes, but how did you know…?” Oh yeah!! I had put it in the jar! And each day would go like that. We have been married for 5 years but have only known each other for six. With school, then jobs, and now kids, and being back in school, time to just talk about random things are few and far between. When the jar is candy-less and memory-less, it will be his turn to fill it and mine to find out more about my man! So print off the label, grab a jar, start filling out slips of paper… and start sharing!

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