Turn One Outfit Into Three

Alright Girls, do you ever have those days where you look in your closet and think “Ugh, I have nothing to wear”?  I am here to help you with that, by SURPRISE using things you already own. In times like these we all need to be recessionistas! What better way to save money and go green then by using what you already have. I am just here to give you a little inspiration!

Start with something really basic. I like a white loose fitting tee, but any white tee will do. Add a dark pair of jeans,  I like skinny jeans but anything you are comfortable with works! In a poll in the February issue of Glamour Magazine (Yes, I am a self- proclaimed magazine junkie) of 1000 men, GUESS what was their top pick of their favorite outfit for women? A white tee and jeans! So simple and basic and that is what most of our husbands want to see!


Now it’s time to add some personal flair! This first look is super simple. Just add flats and a scarf! Yes it is that easy, and you are ready for lunch with the kiddos and your best friend! (Okay, a quick disclaimer before you see pictures of me…I am not one of those girls that loves 1,000 pictures of myself.  In fact, I would prefer not to have any of me. I will take pictures of my kiddos all day long but NOT MYSELF.) My husband snapped these for me just to show you all how easily you can have a cute look on the fly!

Look number two is just as easy but you look a little more polished!  Just take your favorite pair of boots and any simple blazer.  I call this Cameron Diaz Chic (She is always in a blazer).

Look number three is a little more dressy. Add heels and tuck in the shirt. Now throw on some extra jewelry and you will be ready for date night.

It is so easy to use what you already have to make something simple so much CUTER!  Have fun shopping your closet and send us some pics of what you come up with!  Who knows….you MAY just come up with the PERFECT outfit for your next date night!

About the Author: Bridget

I am a girl who loves my husband, and adores my babies! I love to go out but I am content to stay home and rent a redbox, too! I am easy going and love having fun!

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7 Responses to Turn One Outfit Into Three

  1. Wow, I LOVE this! It’s so simple!

    I’m running a three week series on fashion and finding your personal style on my blog right now, and I will definitely link to this post at some point.

    You’re a great model Bridget! Seriously!

  2. Bridget,
    Thank you so very much for taking the time outta your schedule to create these great ideas! Just a side note had you not said anything, I thought you were a model and I mean that, you are just beautiful! And your husband takes great pics!
    Thanks again!!!

  3. LOVE IT! Great post, Bridget! I just got a black jacket like the one you are wearing….and was nervous to try it out. Oh Boy – it JUST may make it’s first appearance this next date night. Gulp. I hope I can pull it off and make it look as cute as your outfit looks! 🙂

  4. Such a great idea!! Also, where did you get your jeans? I haven’t had the best luck in finding a good pair of skinny jeans so if you have any sugguestions…let me know! 🙂