The Ultimate Valentine’s Gift Guide

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A Giant Collection of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Spouse!

I have a way of letting Valentine’s sneak up on me and…before I know it I’m making my hubby’s gift the day before Valentine’s! Eep! This year, that is not happening for any of us! All of the Divas worked together to bring you a giant collection of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your spouse. We’ve done the hard part for you, the easy part is all yours! You are so welcome {wink!}


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em, click here.

The Divas are the best team ever, this post took teamwork to make it as amazing as it is. A huge thanks to Diva Julie for helping me put this all together and Shannon, one of our talented photographers, for the picture collages, and the rest of the divas for helping find AWESOME ideas to share!!! I love you girls!!!

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? No problem, we split the gift ideas into 5 different sections: Thoughtful Gifts, Gadgets He Will Love, Sweet Printables, Delicious Treats, and Romantic Gifts.

You are going to fall in love with a few of these, so take notes!!! Are you ready? Let’s go find you a gift….



1. Home Plate Paperweight: Inspired by wise words from the Babe himself, enjoy a lasting reminder to swing for the fences with this pewter paperweight. A sporty tip of the hat to Babe Ruth’s storied career, this classic paperweight is the perfect finishing touch for the baseball enthusiast’s desk or bookshelf.

2. “I Love You” Bean Secret Message: He may be surprised at first when you present your green-thumb hubby with this gift, but after 5 days of sunlight & water, it will sprout… and reveal a secret message!

3. Best Husband Ever Mouse Pad: For the husband who works at a computer for most of his day, a nice reminder of how much he is appreciated is always a good thing!

4. His and Hers Love Necklace Set: Like a BFF necklae but has a masculine touch, he can put it on his key chain if he doesn’t want to wear it.

5. The ABC’s of Us: This is a fun, meaningful gift idea! For each letter of the alphabet, you get to write a fun memory.

6. True Love Photo Frame: Let your Valentine know that they are your true love! Our engraved frames feature a poem just for you and your special sweetheart, up to two names, 10 characters.

7. Love Letter Stationary: There is something so romantic and timeless about writing Love Letters. This quick and easy way to make your own Love Stationery to exchange with your honey-buns! So put down the electronics, just for a moment at least, and let’s create some special stationery to write your spouse a letter he will cherish forever.

8. “You Are The Missing Piece” Necklace/Keychain:  Two puzzle pieces that fit together, you wear yours around your neck & he can put his on his keyring. A simple little momentum to remind you of each other during your busy days.

9. A Thoughtful Way to Say I Love You: A Sweet and romantic printable card.

10. Can O’ Dates: KEEP that spark going after the wedding bells are done ringing by dating your spouse!

11. The LoveBook Activity Book for Couples: A book full of fun games and activities to do with your spouse to grow closer and learn more about each other.

12.  Today I have Loved You Card: A Card that says Today I Have Loved You for ### Days.

13. Valentine’s Day: Snuggle up with your sweetheart and watch this fun Valentine’s Day movie together!



14. The Man Can: The perfect Gift for the Outdoors Man, Fisherman, or Hunter! The Man Can is also great for that hard to buy for Manly Fellow in your life. Loaded with 100% all natural shaving and skincare products.

15. Love Letter Book Preserve:  Your OWN love story while creating it! This book includes prompts, cards, and envelopes to help you do just that!

16. Calendar Keychain:  This is a keychain with a tag on it that you customize to the date you got married or any other special date for you and your hubby. There are also a lot of different ‘love’ keychains besides the calendar available too.

17. Date Night in a Bag: FREE, cute printable and ideas for date night in a bag. Could it be any easier?

18. Me without You: This book features countless cute color illustrations of scenarios that are simply incomplete without two.

19. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit “Man’s Best Friend!: This all-natural set was created by a mechanic who let his dirty, damaged paws drive his inspiration to design products for dudes. The manly salves, scrubs and balms included are specially made to meet the needs of the working man. From soothing sore feet, to healing cracked lips and knuckles, to buffing the dickens out of dry skin, this kit goes beyond simple cleansers to get the job done. Handmade in the USA.

20. What I Love About You: This fill-in-the-blank book prompts you to say what is in your heart, but may not always be at the tip of your tongue. Tell the most important person in your life just how much they mean to you by completing the scores of unique, evocative checklists, short answers, and phrases in this attractive gift book.

21. How Do I Love Thee? Muffin Tin Love Notes: Crafty tutorial for a fun and unique way to show your spouse some love.

22. You Are Appreciated: Make this holiday the MOST memorable with some kind words from his family and friends!

23. Balloons Over the Bed: All you need are some balloons and love notes to pull off this sweet surprise!

24. Love Bucket For Your Man: Pink hearts not your man’s thing? How about a gift fit for a MAN? Fill up this bucket with all of his favorite manly things.

25. Personalized Photo Art: Take your sweetest memories and put them on display! Place your photos in the shape of a heart and frame them.

26. Post-It Notes Heart: An easy and inexpensive way to post your love for your favorite sweetheart.

27. You/Me & A Carved Tree: Five meaningful DIY gift ideas for your spouse that can also double as romantic bedroom decor.

28. Personal Serenade: Arrange with your local high school choir group to come sing to your spouse!

29. Twig Tree Of Love- Make a twig tree, place it in a mason jar, and tie a pretty pink ribbon around it. Cut out hearts, write sweet loving notes on them, and hang them on your tree!



1.  SmartWatch: Need the perfect idea for the electronic man? This is it! My hubby LOVES his!

2.  5-Port USB Desktop Charger: This is an awesome charger to rapidly charge anything with a USB cord (iPhones, iPad, Galaxy phones, Droid Razr Maxx, etc.). It has 5 different ports.

3.  Man Stuff: Personalize this Valentine’s Day with something he will treasure for a lifetime- Guitar Pick Keychain.

4. Power Balance Wristband: Is your husband a fit guy? He will probably love a balance energy bracelet to boost him daily energy.

5. Binary Clock:  Give your tech hubby the gift of time!

6.  Manicure Gift Set: Even your man needs to have a manicure to help his hands be ready for the office! Give him this gift that will not only help him look better but a special treat would to give him a manicure by you!

7. Mini Projector: Surprise him with a personalized mini slideshow!



1. YOU Are My Happy Ending!: Just print and frame this printable gift, which also doubles as bedroom decor.

2. Valentine’s Day Subway Art: Grab a sweet frame, and print this out for the perfect little Valentine’s Day gift!

3. Kissing Booth:  Add a little smoochy-ness to your Valentine’s Day!

  4. You Are The Soda To My Pop: This is meant for a di-cut machine but it could easily be made into a cute printable.

 5. I’ve Kissed the Ground You Walk On: Ready for a SUPER easy Vday idea? Print off this adorable sign, grab some Hersey’s kisses, hugs, and some rose petals….and you are SET!!

6. “You’re the Bees Knees”: Tell your spouse how much you love him with this special gift: a winning combination of love notes and honey themed treats!

 7. Lucky in Love- Scratch Offs: Show your love how lucky you are to have them. Follow this simple #DIY tutorial to create scratch-off cards that reveal your love for them!

 8. Love Nutrition Label: Print the label, stick it on your honey’s favorite snack or treat, and then give it to him.

9. I Love You With All of My Senses: A FUN little gift that was easy to “whip” up and can be used for any occasion.



10. Hot N’ Ready: A yummy lunch/dinner and the promise of some lovin’- what more could a guy want?!

 11. It’s a Love Match!: Create some sparks with your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a free printable that puts a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory.

 12. Valentines Day Coupons: A customizable Valentine’s Day coupon—the perfect gift option for everyone from your mom to your sweetheart. The best part is, it is super easy and FREE!

13. Date Night Calendar Stickers: Cute and Free Date Night stickers for your calendar! Print them out today and Save the Date!

14. The Date Wheel: Have a hard time figuring out what to do for date night? This FREE, cute printable does all the work for you.

15. I’m Plane Crazy about YOU: Dress up a pizza dinner with these fun airplane printables. 

 16. You are the…: Show your spouse some LOVE with this cute bedroom (or anywhere!) decor.

17. Heart Envelope With Card: This super cute little pop-up card will surprise your man from the moment he opens it up. 

18. Superior Spouse Rubric: Let your hubby know that he is top of the class with this quick and easy gift idea. Fun printable included!

19. A Year of Dates: PERFECT gift for you AND your spouse… that will last the whole year through.

 20. Valentine’s Banner: Either create a banner that says Happy Valentine’s Day OR You’re My Sweetheart and hang it over the bed and then put candy hearts all over the bed. (This post is coming soon!!!)

21. ABC’s of You Photo Alphabet Book: Create a photo book all about your spouse. Grab 26 photos, scrapbook supplies, and list 26 reasons you are ga-ga about your spouse.  (This post is coming soon!!!)



1. 14 Days of Valentine Gifts For Your Valentine: 14 Printables to go along with 14 of treats for your husband, give him a different treat every day leading up to Valentine’s Day.

2. I Saw You and I Was Hooked: A cute printable with a bag of swedish fish. 

3. Loving You Is Easy As PIE: How about some yummy pie for the apple of your eye?

 4. “Hit a Home Run” Gift Box: I hit a “Home Run” when I married you! 

5. Prescription For Love: For the ailing and love sick, this is just the right prescription for a romantic prognosis! 

6. A Big KISS For You: Need a last minute Valentine surprise for your sweetie? All you need is one of those HUGE Hershey’s kisses and this sweet printable to complete it. Little effort, but BIG impact with lots o’ love! 

7. Grocery Sticky Hunt: Send your spouse on a lovey dovey hunt while picking out treats for a yummy dessert for two!

8. Sexy Printables: Sexy printables for healthy treats. 

9. Chocolate Escape with Printable Wrap: There is no better gift than some chocolate and relaxation! 

10. The Love Hunt: Seriously the PERFECT at-home Valentine date! My favorite part is the love hunt and the task and clue cards are INCLUDED FREE!

11. Candy Bar Love Notes: It’s a sweet (literally!) and simple way to show my love for him.

12. Red Hot Love: THREE quick and easy ideas for Valentines.

13. 14 Days of Love: Surprise your sweetie with 14 days of love this V-day.

14. Kiss Me Countdown: A cute printable to go along with enough Hershey Kisses to count the days down until Valentine’s Day.



15. Sweet Kisses for your Sweetheart: Leave him a special treat that is packed with meaning! To complete this quick and easy craft, all you need are Hershey Kisses, a few strips of paper, and your imagination!

 16. Dessert Is On Me – Body Chocolate: This a Valentine Sweet Treat. Better than a box of chocolate – chocolate body paint.

17. Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake: Show your love is true with this tasty cake that has hearts inside when you slice it. 

18. To the Man I Love: This is a box of chocolates that spell out a message to your spouse. 

 19. Valentine, DONUT Forget I Love You A HOLE Bunch!: Package up this cute printable tag with some yummy donut holes for a sweet treat your Valentine will certainly not forget {they even include a tempting donut hole recipe}.

20. You’re My Main SQUEEZE Valentine: Stick this cute tag on some orange juice before serving your man some breakfast in bed. 

 21. “Love Potion” Drink Labels: Add “love potion” to the menu for your upcoming Valentine’s party.

 22. Even After All These Years, I’m still NUTS About You: Are you still NUTS about your sweetie? Even after all these years? Let him know with this thoughtful, but easy {and yummy} gift!

23.  See’s Candies: Share a delicious box of See’s Chocolates with your sweetheart.

24. 24K S’more Hearts: S’mores hearts puts a sophisticated spin on a classic. Each heart-shaped marshmallow is sandwiched between two dark- and milk-chocolate-covered graham crackers and adorned with a fleck of edible gold. 

 25. For my “Beary” HOT Valentine: Need a simple & easy Valentine to get your hubby’s attention? Well Look no further. This cinnamon bear valentine is just what your HOTTIE needs.

26. I “Dig” You: A cute shovel with candies in a bag and an adorable printable. 

27. You ROCK Valentine: All you need is some rock candy, a jar, and this cute printable to make a simple but ROCKin’ gift. 

 28. Our Love ROCKS: Another take on how to spend a ROCKIN’ great day together for Valentine’s!



1. “From My Heart to Yours” Couple Pillowcases: Cute pillow cases of a couple blowing kisses to each other.

2. Just For Men: Relaxing Valentine’s Day Spa Gift Basket: Men need to be pampered too! This basket comes with everything HE needs to have a relaxing evening.

3. The Romantic Coupon Book: A fun, romantic coupon book for anyone in love. Whether you are just dating or have been married for 50 years, this humorous coupon book will give your lover discounts and freebies that will keep you occupied for months!

4. Romantic Silk Boxers: Perfect to wear for a romantic night.

5. Love You a Whole Punch: Love punch cards.

6. You’ve Been {HEART} Attacked: How about a totally sweet and totally FREE gift? Yep, all you need is love for this one!

 7. Scrabble Love: Instead of buying a generic card this year, how about making your own work of art using scrabble tiles?

8. “I PICK YOU” Guitar Pick Keychain: The perfect, sentimental gift for the guitar and music lover!

9. Couples LOVE ETERNAL Round Necklace: Love Eternal Necklaces for him and her.

10. Music Makes Memories: Create your own custom CD.



11. 52 Things in a Jar: This jar is full of “52 Things I Love About You”~ So he can open one each week until next Valentine’s Day

12. Couples Cafe: FREE printables for an instant date night. You’re gonna LOVE the flirty prices on this menu!!!

13. All Of This Happened By Taking Your Hand – Romantic Couples Vinyl Sayings: All Of This Happened By Taking Your Hand – Romantic Couples Quote Wall Decal Vinyl Sayings Bedroom Decor. 

14. We Make A Perfect MATCH: Get those instagram pictures off of your phone and into the hands of someone who will love them with this mini matchbook photo album

15. Personalized Boxers: Put a darling little “stamp” & kiss on your man this V-Day! A sassy gift that can be used later on that night… 

 16. Personalized Love Book: Sometimes you just can’t find the right card, but you’ve got another option. offers personalized love books. They’re soft-cover books that you can write yourself, or you can choose from 100 customizable templates.

 17. Suite Retreat Kit: This little basket has everything you need for a night away with your honey at your own private suite for 2!

 18. Smoldering Violation Ticket: Best intimate date ever! Tease your spouse with a violation ticket and get exactly what you want in the process. Cherry on top-Free printables.

 19. Panty Gram: Send your honey a pick-me-up, *wink, wink, reminding him how much you miss him and his manly charms.

 20. You Are My Whole WORLD: If your sweetheart your whole world? Let him know with this Valentine globe, that he can keep in the office.

21. Eat Your Heart Out: Have your man eating out of the palm of your hand! Show off candy jewelry in the bedroom this Valentine’s Day!

22. The Love Shack: This romantic love shack is an easy, fun at-home date! No money or babysitter required!

23. “Hot For You” Punch Card: Do you think your spouse is hot? Then tell them with 14 days of punches.  (This post is coming soon!!!)

24. 14 Days of LOVIN’: We’ve all seen the [SUPER cute} 14 Days of Love– but how about taking things up a couple of notches and heating things up with 14 Days of LOVIN’ Yep, that’s right- what better way to celebrate the month of LOVE than be making love every day leading up until the BIG day. I guarantee it’ll be his favorite present of all.

25. Can O’ Romance: This is similar to the Can O’ Dates, except this is a steamy can! Grab all of our steamiest posts and print all of the printables. Place each idea into a separate baggie and place them into a can. Wrap the can with romantic scrapbook paper, use ribbons to decorate or a lacy garter, and make a label for the can.

What are you waiting for? Go make that man of yours swoon!!!



I love anything that sparkles, everything dealing with love, warm summer rays, and my hot hubby. I find balance in life by staying physically fit and keeping it real. My purpose in life is cherishing my marriage and making our adventure shine!

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