Valentine Search & Other Valentine’s Day Ideas

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Quick & Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and you KNOW we Divas have you covered when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas!  So today we wanted to share…We’re talking Valentine’s Day love notes and Valentine’s Day surprises for kids and hubby! We’ve got so many Valentine’s Day ideas for both your kids and your spouse, plus all the sweet printables you need to pull off some fabulous love notes for him and her. These cute love letters for couples are super spicy but we’ve also included a kid-friendly version to help make it a fun day of love for everyone!


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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

I love holidays and the chance they give me to make some memories with my family.  But we all know how crazy and busy life can get – so these days I am all about quick and easy!! {Okay, and inexpensive. Let’s be real here.} Which is why I totally love these Valentine’s Day ideas – because it’s all three! With these cute love letters for kids AND spicy love notes for him and her, you can pull it off with minimal effort, yet it makes a BIG impact.  This year, why not send your kids and husband on a fun Valentine search?! Keep reading to find out how.

Valentine Search and Valentine's Day Ideas

We’ve even done most of the work for you!  Well, technically Diva Elizabeth has done most of the work for you.  😉  She’s the fabulous designer  and she has designed some seriously darling printables for this “Valentine Search & Find!” She created a sweet set for the kids AND a more… shall we say… sexy version for the hubby- packed with flirty love notes for him and her.  Just wait until you see how fun they are.

Valentine’s Day Ideas & Search Note

Doesn’t this already look and sound so fun? Just wait until you see how easy it is to pull off! The first thing you’re going to want to do is to print and place our Valentine search note. This will explain to your sweetheart exactly what they’re getting themselves in to and filling it out is super easy! Simply pick the number of love notes for him or her that you want to hide around your bedroom, and fill in that number on your card. There’s a designated circle just for it! {It’s really up to you how many surprises you want to hide.  Just write the number in the space provided on the printable.} Sign your name at the bottom and place your search note somewhere he/she is bound to find it. {If you have little ones at home, you might want to wait until they go to bed to hang this bad boy up.  You don’t want them getting excited and going in to “help” find the surprises.  Just sayin’.}

Valentine's Day ideas for Couples

Valentine’s Day Ideas & Cute Love Notes

Next up, you’ll want to print our Valentine love notes for him and her. These super spicy squares will get your spouse feeling all sorts of frisky (doesn’t that sound like fun?!). Pick a small gift to go along with each note.Love Notes for Him or Her

We included some blank notes in this adult version as well so feel free to personalize them and get your flirt on. *wink*  If you need more notes- you could also include some of our sexy love notes OR our man-approved Valentines.

Valentine Search Notes

After you’re done with that, you’ll want to attach a love note to each of your surprises. {Again, you can do any kind of surprise that you want.  I included some massage oil, cologne, bath salts, lingerie, etc.  You might even want to include one of our printable bedroom games.}  You can place your gifts in a cute little Valentine search bag or place them directly on the gifts themselves. It’s up to you!

Valentine Search Activity

Last, but not least, take some time to hide your Valentine’s Day ideas and surprises all around your room. Then get ready for a romantic Valentine’s night!  😉

Valentine's Day Ideas for Your Sweetheart

Cute Love Letters & Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

This kid-friendly version of your Valentine search is just as simple… but with a little less sass. 😉 Once again, you’ll want to print and place the Valentine search note. Fill in your child’s name, the number of surprises you’re going to hide around their room, and sign the bottom.  {We’ve even included some blank ones in case you want to personalize them with your own cute love letters.}

Valentine Search for Kids

Just as before, you’ll now want to attach a love note to each of your surprises and hide your surprises all around their room. {You can go as big or as small as you want on your surprises.  I’m all about saving time and money so I just grabbed some little things while I was already at the store.  It’s more about the memory and love than the gifts anyway.} This is the fun part!  You can hide them inside drawers, under their pillow, behind a curtain, in the toybox – wherever you want! And that’s it – you’re done!

Cute Love Letters

Are these some fantastic Valentine’s Day ideas or what?! Be sure and give this Valentine search a try this year and shower your family with love.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Gifts

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Valentine's Search and Find

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