Valentine’s Sex Positions Countdown

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Sexy Valentine’s Day Idea

How do I love thee? Let me count the. . . Positions!

The beginning of February might be one of the most romantic times of the year. All the anticipation for Valentine’s Day builds and the sparks start flying! Give your spouse a declaration of your love—in the bedroom! This sweet and spicy pop-out card is a Valentine’s sex positions countdown. For 7 days until February 14th, you and your sweetie will express your love through intimacy! Spice up your bedroom life by trying a new sex position each day leading up to Valentine’s Day!

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Diva Intimacy Ideas Disclaimer

Put a sexy twist on the classic love poem, and count down to Valentine’s Day with a little bedroom fun! This romantic yet naughty card was designed by the amazing Carisa, from Messes to Memories! I love the elegant look and the roses!

Romantic and Intimate Valentine's Day Card

The front of the card quotes the poem from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How Do I love thee? Let me count the ways. . .” BUT with a little twist! When you open up the pretty card, the inside gives your spouse a spicy surprise—a countdown to Valentine’s with a fun pop-out, displaying seven new sex positions you’ll try! Save this fun and sexy countdown on Pinterest!

Sex Positions Valentine's Card

Here’s how to put together this cute little card!

How to make a Valentine's Sex Positions Card.

  1. Cut out all the pieces of the card. Accordion-fold the two strips, part 1 and part 2. Make sure that the top flap, that says “Glue to Card”, is folded down on part 1, and the “Open Me” end flap on part 2 is also folded down.
  2. Attach the two strips together, putting “Position 5” on top of the “Glue to Part 2” rectangle.
  3. Tape or glue a ribbon or string to the white rectangle on the inside of the card (this will wrap around the pop out and tie it all together!)
  4. Attach the end of the first “positions” strip to the white rectangle on the inside of the card, on top of the string. So the text “Glue to card” will be attached to “Glue to Part 1.”
  5. Accordion-fold the strips down on top of the card until they are flat.
  6. Bring the two ends of the ribbon up around the pop out and tie a little bow to keep it in place!

Now how do you pick out these new positions to try?? Sometimes finding new bedroom ideas can be a little sketchy on Google—gulp! We have two ideas for you…

First, we recommend the Cosmo Kama Sutra book, as it has tasteful illustrations instead of pornographic photographs.

Another idea (that might be a little more discreet) is to use an app for your phone. We tried out Ultimate Intimacy, and found it to be a great resource for couples! It’s a Christian-friendly app that includes clean games, information and ideas for the bedroom. One of the features includes a positions library that has over 190 positions! Browse this section and you’ll find tons of options to fill out your countdown!

Sex Positions App

Don’t leave the bedroom fun just for Valentine’s night, heat things up all week long beforehand. 7 days of sex positions is sure to bring you closer together in the season of love! You don’t want to forget, save this idea on Pinterest now!

Valentine's Sexy Card



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  1. OH my word! I absolutely LOVE this!!! A super classy way to change things up in the bedroom!!! And, GABBY! Your photos are gorgeous!

  2. What a fun way to usher in Valentine’s day! Probably make one of those nights a “random” night (the Ultimate Intimacy app has a “random position” button)