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The Dating Divas Are Hiring!

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We are SO excited to announce that we are expanding our team… by a LOT!

The Dating Divas team is a sisterhood of creative minds who all share one common goal: STRENGTHENING MARRIAGES! The Dating Divas empower couples to take charge of their relationship and live the marriage of their dreams. We are all extremely passionate about our own marriages (and families) and absolutely LOVE helping people transform their marriage and bring joy into their life! From marketing strategists to bloggers, to social media gurus – our team of talented ladies work tirelessly to bring back the WOW in your vows! But, we know we are not the only women out there who love to date their husbands. So we have decided to open up our ‘doors’ to a select few who also share our vision!
However, being a Dating Diva is NOT for everyone. Before you consider applying, consider that we are a collaborative team and helping other team members is a must.  Divas rely on one another to craft the incredible content you see every day and dropping the ball is just not part of who we are. We are also a virtual team, so you’ll need to be willing and able to communicate online every day. We are dedicated to strengthening marriages and that dedication drives us to work hard every day! We are inspired, enthusiastic, and drama-free!

So… if you’re still reading, then we would like to get to know you better!

We currently have openings in TWO different departments:

Each position is explained in detail in the posts linked up below (including job descriptions, compensation, responsibilities, etc), but one thing they ALL have in common is that we are looking for individuals who are fun, passionate about what we do, highly self-motivated, and willing to work just as hard as the rest of us to make it all happen!

  1. Affiliate Director (1)– This is a leadership position! This person will head up our entire Affiliate Team and be the lead in making this department ROCK! For more information, click the appropriate link below.
  2. Referral Partner Manager (1) – This is also a leadership position! This person heads up our referral partners, offering assistance to them AND (most importantly) works actively to grow the program. For more information, click the appropriate link below.

So if this excites you and you think you’d be a perfect addition to our team… then read on!



About the Author: Tara

I am an outgoing and fun-lovin’ gal who was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams! You could probably say I am an “extreme extrovert” as I LOVE to talk and be around people! I love ANYTHING creative and am not a fan of the “norm.” My favorite things in life are my family… especially my HOT husband, my friends, and my faith! We recently had a miracle baby boy after years of struggling with infertility. I have a passion for life and I am having a BLAST running this website with some of my closest friends. Life just keeps getting better and better!

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21 Responses to We are HIRING!

  1. Hi, I just wonted to write a short “Thank You” Note. I love Your work and I need to let You know that Your ideas reached Rodenbach, Germany. I got so many creative ideas from your Blog that I could no longer count them. If you are going to hire for a german release of your Blog I would love to help you 🙂 I send you best wishes for you and your Families.
    Holger & Yvonne
    (happiest couple in Hessen)

    1. Oh my WORD! That is so fun! Feel free to apply! We are looking for the best fit for each of these positions no matter where they live. xo

    1. Madison, such a bummer but I am sure we will be hiring again next year with all the Diva’s having new babies this year and what not! We would love to have you apply! XO

  2. I love you guys, I try to get online every night your on but sometimes I miss it ?
    Can you please email or send me a message back with all the days and times your all on… Thank you, looking​ forward to hearing from one of you…..
    P.s love Tara, the first time I started watching, Tara was the Diva on…. Lots of love from Michigan ?

    1. Kym! Thank you so much for reaching out! We would love to have you on! I think we will be posting our schedule for times we are planning to be on for May! I will pin it to the FB page and hope you can join us! 🙂 Thank you for being a part of our Diva family! XO

  3. I just saw this and have wanted to work for this awesome company. If another Affiliate Manager position becomes available I would LOVE to apply, as I have about 10 years of experience in this space.

    1. Chastity, that is awesome! Definitely keep an eye out next year in case we are able to expand a little more! It sounds like we would be lucky to have you! XOXO