What Husbands Want for Christmas

The Perfect Gifts for Husbands

Shopping for Christmas gifts can really stress me out! It’s supposed to be a happy time, but I get so worried that my husband won’t like the gifts I get him! This is only compounded by the fact that he is the best gift giver! So the Divas decided to do something about it and eliminate some of that stress! We turned to our husbands {and yours!} to find out what it is that husbands really want for Christmas. Hopefully this year the gift giving will be sweet as a candy cane 😉

Great Christmas gift ideas that husbands really want!

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Ok ladies, here’s the deal. We talked with your husbands and they are pretty opinionated! Like so much so that you could ask them the same questions we did and get even more specific gift ideas, but here is a good place to start!

Stocking Stuffers

  • Small Electronics {phones, headphones, watches}
  • Movie Tickets or Other Gift Cards
  • Socks and Ties {Happy Socks are so fun!}
  • Their Favorite Treats {jerky, candy, chocolate}

And for the MOST mentioned stocking stuffer…

  • Lingerie (or a promise of some intimate one-on-one time)!

Gifts Under $50

The #1  gift under $50 that husbands really want…

  • Lingerie or time with my wife! {We are not making this up!}

Gifts $50 and Above

Best gift to give over $50…

  • Travel time just as husband and wife. {Are you seeing a pattern here?}

Non-Monetary Gifts

This one is really only 1 idea that was repeated by almost 100% of survey participants. Can you guess what it is based on the number one gifts from the previous categories? Here are some of the keywords:

  • Sex
  • Companionship
  • Romance
  • Affection

Or to put it simply husbands really want TIME and LOVE!

How sweet are these men?! Yes, they would love some material things – who wouldn’t?! But by far what means the most to them is YOU! Does that relieve the stress a bit? Use some of these ideas when prepping Christmas this year, and if you want to really rock your husband’s world, include a little bit of YOU in every gift. Some of our favorite gift ideas are the date packs we have in the store. Our husbands just LOVE the Intimacy Pack and the Sporty Date Pack. A few of your husbands even mentioned the 12 Sexy Days of Christmas {You go girls!} And you can never go wrong with the Love Letter of the Month Club to keep giving him your love all year long! And if you are super stumped, Megan made a flow chart for you: What to Get Your Husband for Christmas! Good luck and Merry Christmas!


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