What to Wear for Photos

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Ideas to Help You Dress Your Best for Photos

Hiring a professional for your next set of family photos makes for beautiful and lasting keepsakes, but one of the hardest decisions is what you (and everyone else in the photos) are going to wear! We’ve got a whole bunch of inspiration to make deciding what to wear for photos SO much easier.

What to Wear for the Perfect Photos

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We like to be super organized, so we’ve divvied up all these great ideas into categories by season! Below you’ll find inspiration for what to wear for photos in four different categories:

  • Spring Photo Sessions
  • Summer Photo Sessions
  • Fall Photo Sessions
  • Winter Photo Sessions

Spring Photo Sessions
Probably one of the most popular seasons for family photos because of the gorgeous, blooming flowers that come with spring, these ideas for what to wear for photos will help you and your family look your best in the natural beauty of the season.

What to Wear for Spring Photography

1. Soft Whites: This spring, think vintage whites for a laid back photo session.
Sources: {A} Simplicity Photography {B} Melissa Jill Photography {C} Erin Wallis Photography {D} Loriana Marie Photography {E} Andrea Hallett Photography {F} Casey McFarland Photography
2. Spring Pastels: Soft pastels exude Easter and springtime flowers. These shades are perfect for a natural, outdoor photo shoot.
Pastels for Spring Photography
Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Munchkins and Mohawks Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Elle Danielle {E} Kylee Ann Photography
3. Lace: Elegant and always in style, wearing lace in a photo shoot is a great way to show you love spring.

What to Wear for Spring Photography

Sources: {A} Kylee Ann Photography {B} Anastasia Photography {C} Jenny Cruger Photography
4. Spring Coral: Bright pops of springy coral are a fun way to show the blooming of the season.

 Sources: {A}  Melissa Jill Photography {B} Christine Naomi Photography {C} Holly Davis Photography {D} Rebekah Westover Photography

5. Floral Accessories: Pick a few blooms and place them in your hair for a sweet and romantic addition to your photos.
 Sources: {A} Simple as That {B} Yvonne Niemann Photography {C} Jessica Janae Photography {D} Mariel Hannah
6. Bow Ties: For the men {or pups} in your life, these adorable accessories are always classy.

Spring Ideas for Photography

 Sources: {A} Mom Tog {B} Amy Gray Photography {C} krystal and Co Photography {D} Wedding Chicks

7. Rain Gear: If April showers bring May flowers, you’ve got to embrace the puddles! Add some galoshes or rain coats to make for a playful set of family photos.

Spring Accessories for Photo Ideas

 Sources: {A} Jean Smith Photography {B} Grey Likes Weddings {C} Jean Smith Photography {D} Style Me Pretty

8. Blue & White Prints: These tiny prints are perfect for the tiny addition to your photo shoot. Look for small prints in blue and white to get this look.

What to Wear for Photography
 Sources: {A} Christine Naomi Photography {B} Sweet Little You Photography {C} Holly Davis Photography {D} Christine Naomi Photography
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Summer Photo Sessions

If you’re hoping to capture summer nostalgia, the inspiration for what to wear for photos in these images are sure to help you out!

What to Wear for Summer Photography

9. Bright Colors: Summer is the most cheery and bright season, so fun colors that POP are the perfect expression of the warm summer sun.
Bright Colors for Summer Photography
Sources: {A} Holly Davis Photography {B} Kristen Duke Photography {C} Mom Tog {D} Kristen Duke Photography
10. Patriotic Colors: Red, white and blue are classic summer colors. Celebrate Independence Day with a photo shoot inspired by the Stars and Stripes.

Patriotic Summer Photos
Sources: {A} Christine Naomi Photography {B} Jennifer Morrow Photography {C} Yvonne Niemann Photography {D} Christine Naomi Photography {E} Jennifer Morrow Photography
11. Bright White: Crisp white is the perfect neutral to wear for a summer photo session.

Bright White for Summer Photography
Sources: {A} Christine Naomi Photography {B} Shanna Michelle Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Jenny Cruger Photography
12. Straw Hats: Chic, but totally country, straw hats are a practical, versatile and adorable add-on for a photo shoot!

What to Wear for Summer Photos

Sources: {A} Erin Wallis Photography {B} Amy Gray Photography {C} Christine Choi {D} Chubby Cheek Photography {E} Kylee Ann Photography

13. Sunglasses: Increase your ‘cool’ factor in the heat of the summer sun with some fun shades!

Ideas for What to Wear for Summer Photography

Sources: {A} Acqua {B} Jamie Street Photography {C} Chubby Cheek Photography
14. Bare Feet: Alright, bare feet are admittedly not something to wear, but this idea will give you one less thing to figure out for a photo shoot and it’s so perfect for casual summer nostalgia!
Sources: {A} Jenny Cruger Photography {B} Christine Choi {C} Nicole Ashley Photography
Fall Photo Sessions

One of my personal favorite times of year, fall photos are filled with rustic beauty. You won’t have any trouble figuring out what to wear for photos in the fall with these ideas!

What to Wear for Fall Photography

15. Fall Plaids: Perfect for looking cozy in the autumn chill, any kind of plaid is the perfect pattern for fall pictures.
Sources: {A} Ten 22 Studio {B} Jean Smith Photography  {C} Aria Photography {D} Ten 22 Studio
16. Pops of Yellow: A beautiful golden yellow is reminiscent of fall leaves and really stands out in photos! 
Pops of Yellow for Fall Photography
Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} Simplicity Photography {C} Mom Tog
17. Denim: A classic, outdoorsy vibe that adds some texture to your photos.
 Photography Ideas for Fall

Sources: {A} Christine Naomi Photography {B} Christine Naomi Photography {C} Christine Naomi Photography  {D} Kylee Ann Photography

18. Jewel Tones: Vibrant and gorgeous, add some jewel tones to make your pictures really pop!
Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Mom Tog {C} Holly Davis Photography {D} Kaderbek Photography
19. Navy Neutrals: These photos are filled with classic, beautiful colors. Pair navy with any neutral – gray, tan or bright white!
Sources: {A} Mom Tog {B} Kylee Ann Photography {C} Christine Naomi Photography {D} Kaderbek Photography
20. Cozy Scarves: Accessorize with a warm scarf to add some dimension and color to your photos.

Fall Photography Ideas
Sources: {A} Christine Naomi Photography {B} Angela Wynn Photography {C} Em Parker Photography {D} Kylee Ann Photography
21. Boots: Get everybody to wear their favorite boots – there are so many types – from booties to fur-lined to cowboy boots!
Sources: {A} Kylee Ann Photography {B} Matt Clayton Photography {C} J Amado Photography {D} J Amado Photography {E} Kristen Duke Photography
22. Vests: Add some interest to anyone’s outfit by wearing a fun fur vest, a cozy, puffy one or a more formal option! 
Fall Vests for Photos
Sources: {A} Hello Fashion {B} Mae Fox Photography {C} Christine Naomi Photography  {D} Inspired by This
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Winter Photo Sessions

Brimming with warm ideas for what to wear to help you feel cozy during a chilly winter photo shoot, these images will get you super excited to try out a snowy landscape!

What to Wear for Winter Photography

23. Black & White: A simple color palette goes a long way and it’s super easy to find everyone something great to wear!
Black and White Photography Ideas
Sources: {A} Glass Jar Photography {B} The TomKat Studio {C} Rebekah Westover Photography
24. Bright Red: A little bit festive, a fun pop of red will add pizzazz to a winter photo session.
What to Wear for Winter Photography
Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Kylee Ann Photography
25. Cool Blue: An icy, wintery blue is the perfect shade to showcase the season’s glistening snowfall.

Photography Ideas for Winter
Sources: {A} Lollypop Photography {B} Sweet Little You Photography {C} Le Magnifique
26. Christmas Colors: Opt for a totally traditional photo session in the winter with the festive greens and reds of Christmastime.

Christmas Photography Ideas
Sources: {A} Acqua {B} Acqua {C} Kristen Duke Photography {D} Absolutely Bositively {E} Acqua
27. Winter Grays: Shades of subtle and neutral grays are simply perfect for a winter backdrop.
Sources: {A} Rebekah Westover Photography {B} Munchkins and Mohawks Photography {C} Erin Wallis Photography {D} Anna Perevertaylo Photography {E} Rebekah Westover Photography
28. Fur Hats: Snuggle in close and hold each other tight with a soft, fur-lined cap to set the mood for your winter photo shoot.
Fur Hats for Winter Photography
Sources:{A} Alissa Saylor Photography {B} Simplicity Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Stock Photo
29. Winter Coats: There’s nothing wrong with staying warm for photos, just wear your favorite jacket!
Photography Ideas for Winter
Sources: {A} The Blissful Lane {B} Inspired by This {C} Erin Wallis Photography
30. Knit Caps: Another great way to keep warm during the chilly weather, grab your toboggan and start posing!
Fun Knit Caps for Winter Photos
Sources: {A} Aria Photography {B} Rebekah Westover Photography {C} Rebekah Westover Photography {D} Erin Wallis Photography {E} Inspired by This
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