Why I LOVE You… A Morning For Him

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Why I Love You….
Everyone asks me what is is like to be married to Superman. I simply tell them imagine a world where the garbage disappears, where your husband is so fast and so focused its like he is in two places at once and you never have to worry about simple things like putting gas in your car.
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This post was contributed by our honorary diva, Charlene. Here she is:
Nathan babe, this post is for YOU! A chance for me to show off how amazing you are and for other woman to show their man what they mean to THEM!
The Simple Steps for “A Morning Just for him!”
* Wake him up early, in any way he would like.
Earlier than normal so there is plenty of time to read all the love cards and enjoy a big breakfast!
* Why I LOVE You cards
Just put on these cards, what is going on in your lives RIGHT NOW and of course why you LOVE him! It will surprise you in a year from now how much of this has changed and how somethings are consistent (like your LOVE). Examples; games he plays with the kids, nicknames, thoughtful things he does just for you. A couple of lines of “your song” or a song that has a special meaning to the both of you. For example when Nate and I were dating he sent me a text asking what I was up to, hinting that he would like to see me. I responded, “Come on over, come on over baby!” and that was something I put on one of our cards.
Put these cards all over the house in places he normally visits to get ready in the morning.
Door knobs, by tooth paste, his closet, his shoes, sock drawer, in his car by his gas mileage and one LONG one in his lunch box or briefcase to read during his long hard day at work! (In this one I repeated some of the things I already said just so he REALLY knows how much it means to me)
Hints for cards; put some out like decorations easy to find. some in drawers and cabinets and this will put a surprised smile on his face!
Why I Love You Scrapbook Cards for your Anniversary
Nate may dislike that I am posting this… but here we go ANYWAY!!! When I did this for him the first time he cried sincere tears of joy. I truly felt he knew how much he means to me and that my world would be nothing without him.
These cards will be something you keep FOREVER! So, there will be NO pretty paper to print off today! Girls go open up your scrap booking stuff, and if you don’t have any come on over and I will send you home with some of mine! I have done this twice for Nathan. The first time was for our first wedding anniversary and we LOVE to go back and reread some of the things I wrote about him and our lives at the time.(kind of like a journal!)
Why I Love You Cards - Tips and Advice.
Why I Love You Card Ideas
Tips For Cards
I used “Simply Scrappin’ by Stampin Up for these cards. It’s just what I had at my house. It comes with all matching paper and stickers! Stickers make it so classy and easy!
SORRY there are NO pictures of me making the cards! I just didn’t think of taking a picture of me pulling a sticker off their sheet and placing them on paper… Seriously THAT EASY!
Also I used “Stampin up,” ink pads to add a little extra to the edges of my cards. No worries if you don’t want to spend the money on this part… I didn’t it is just what I had.
  1. Type up what you want to say in a FONT you LOVE! Then Print!
  2. CUT the LOVE notes you just printed.
  3. Cut out cards. This can be plain colored paper OR a fancy printed paper!
  4. Start Placing Stickers on Cards and Love Notes on Cards! Just get Stickers YOU LOVE and you CAN’T MESS this part up! You can look how I did the lay out on my cards to get some idea’s!!!
Why I Love You Scrapbook Cards for your Spouse
At the bottom of this post I have some pictures from the first time I did this and they are really simple BUT we still tear up every time we read them!!!
The words YOU choose to say are so important! The main focus is WHAT YOU WRITE!!!
Why I Love You Printable Card
*HUGE Breakfast
Girls keep it simple. Men are simple. My amazing breakfast for the day:
  • Sausage AND Bacon is a MUST! Men love meat!
  • Eggs- we LOVE veggies. So I cut up onions, peppers and sprinkled on some cheese.
  • Muffins- go to a store. Buy a box. Add water and cook!!!(easy remember!)
  • Fruit- get all his favorite fruit cut them up and put it in a beautiful champagne glass (if your don’t have any you can get some at Wal-Mart for super cheap!) Then add a couple of layers of yogurt and granola.
  • So beautiful….. and yet so simple. Made with ALL his FAVORITES!
  • Juice- Orange Juice. He needs his daily dose of Vitamin C.(Little fact…. Our bodies can’t product or store Vitamin C. So YES this is THAT important!)
I woke up at 5:00am to make SURE I had this READY when Nathan got out of bed at 6:00am… or you can do it after he goes to bed the night before. But seriously the surprise look on his face is well worth the early morning!
*After Breakfast
Clear his plate and replace it with a clean plate that just happens to have a box on top of it(kind of like a second dish). In that box you can put ANYTHING! It just HAS to be something he would LOVE! A ticket to a sports game that he would really like to see, or gift certificate to HIS favorite restaurant. Or a pair of shoes that he has been needing. Just think what does HE LOVE? Or what has he not had that much time to do since we have been married?
Hope you have as much fun as I did putting this date together for MY MAN! He does so much for my family and I! And I am always looking for ways to give him a taste of what he gives us EVERYDAY!
Thanks for such a great post, Char!
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  1. Omg I absolutely love this. My husbands birthday is coming up and we have a newborn so I want to do something for him at home ..I’m definitely taking your advice I’m positive he’s gonna love it ❤