The X-Box Date Night

At Home Gaming Night For Two!

Today we have a fun way to make your husband’s game fantasies come true! You playing games with him! Woot-woo!! Mindy, one of our fabulous readers, sent us this super fun idea to make it a night you both enjoy!! Here she is…

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So, I’m not a big video game fan at all. I don’t play them because I would rather be reading. However, my husband is a lover of ALL the games! He’s asked me a few times to play with him and I always give him a resounding, “No, Thanks!” I’m just not interested.

Well, he had to go away on a business trip one weekend and a few days before going he said to me, “Will you ever play video games with me?” Out of habit my answer was no, but then I had a brilliant idea! I now consider myself a diva-in-training, I thought, what a cool date this would be for him! A whole night of video games…so I began planning. I made an invitation for our night of competition, and went to the Game Stop to purchase a cheap used game that would actually interest me. I wrapped them up and hid them in his suitcase to find while he was away.

Then I made some decorations to hang around the house, themed to the XBox and the sports games he likes to play. I wrote on them reasons why I loved him to make them extra special!
{Print them below}
While he was away, I texted him fun “wifey” stuff to let him know I missed him and to get excited to come home and see what the date was all about!
The day he traveled back home, I baked up some cookies and put our little girl to bed early so I could be waiting for him.
We ended up playing the game I picked out for hours! He won’t admit it but I think he enjoyed it more than me! We never even got to his sports games, but that can be for a date for another night!

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Such a fun and easy date night, Mindy! I love this idea, and I think I am going to do it this weekend! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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6 Responses to The X-Box Date Night

  1. Great idea, Mindy! Thank you so much for submitting this! Although my husband isn’t a “gamer” – he definitely enjoys playing x-box every so often. We will have to plan this for a date night!

  2. Great idea! Just got married and back from our honeymoon and now that the craziness is over I can start planning some of these 🙂

  3. Game fantasies! lol, that is great! This makes me think of the Toy Story ride at California Adventure, it was one of my favorites!

  4. I really liked this idea for a date for my hubby and I. So I planned all week, I made everything focus around the football game Madden. Since its one of his favorite games, and sport. I made a ticket that i made and gave it to him the morning of to get him excited. I then decorated the place in both of our teams colors, just simple stuff like a few balloons, a streamer or too, just to make it feel like our own NFL party. I got little trinkets that related to football like beads, silly string, and trading cards. I made his favorite sports food. We played the game, and i wasn’t very good, but it was fun. We also watched a movie afterwards. I will say it was kind of cheesy the way I did it, but it made him smile and he seemed to like it a lot. Thanks for the idea, i will defiantly look in to more date ideas you guys have.