Year of Kid Date Ideas Binder

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Kid Date Ideas Binder

A whole year of Parent-Child Dates!

Children cherish the one-on-one time they have with their parents. I remember being SO excited to go on “Special Days” with my dad, even if it was just something simple like getting ice cream or going for a drive. Here at the Divas, we wanted to come up with an easy way to help you plan fun and original activities to do with your kiddos, to create cherished memories and meaningful conversation! So we created 12 mini dates, specifically for kids and parents to do together, and they all pack neatly into a binder. What kid wouldn’t be excited to receive this as a birthday or Christmas gift?? We want to help you give your children more of what’s important in life – your PRESENCE instead of just PRESENTS! (See what we did there?? hehe)

Year of Kid Dates Gift for Kids

One of the most important things we can give our kids is quality time with them- which can be tricky with school, soccer practice, dance lessons and homework! I LOVE that the kid date ideas in this binder set are super easy to use & prep, and are seriously ADORABLE! The fabulous Courtney, designer at Paperelli, created these colorful, bright printables that include games, activities, conversation starters and more. Your kids are going to FREAK OUT with excitement at these fun dates!

You can print and prep all the dates at once, so when your special date night arrives, all you have to do is grab the printables and go! And these fun kid date ideas are all conveniently stored in a binder to make them easy to find and keep together.

We want to show you EVERYTHING in this pack, but there’s A LOT, so buckle up!!


Binder Printables + 12 Kid Date Ideas!

Binder Printables

  • Binder Covers
  • Planning Schedule
  • Parent-Child Contract
  • Memory Pages

Year of Kid Date Ideas Binder

The first section of the printable kit includes colorful pages to decorate the front, back and spine of a regular binder. This binder is what will hold all of your date night printables for the year!

There is also a schedule to plan out your dates night, to make sure they happen, and sweet little “contract” for you and your child to sign!

We also created memory pages so that you can add photos and write down memories. After your year of date is finished, this binder has a purpose as a keepsake to look back on!

So let’s get to these darling kid date ideas!

12 Kid Date Ideas

  • Restaurant Date
  • Volunteer Date Night
  • Library Date Night
  • Game Night Date
  • Lego Building Date Night
  • Mad Scientist Date
  • If the Shoe Fits Date
  • Sports Date
  • Artist Date
  • Selfie Scavenger Hunt
  • Stargazing Date
  • Build a Fort Date

A whole year of Parent Child Dates for Kids

These are all geared towards children under 10, and can be adapted for any age – toddlers through elementary schoolers. We tried to create a wide variety of activities that would interest boys and girls! If there is a date your child wouldn’t be into, we added several free bonus date ideas in the pack to substitute.

Restaurant Date

Take your son or daughter out to a favorite restaurant of their choice! Use an interactive placemat and “Manners Money” to play games, chat and learn about the “dos and don’ts” of restaurant manners.

Kid Date Ideas at a Restaurant

Volunteer Date Night

Having fun can mean helping others too and seeing your example of serving will go a long way with your little one! Go on a service scavenger hunt and do some random act of kindness.

Kid Date Ideas for Volunteering Together

Library Date Night

Hit the books and have a library scavenger hunt! You’ll also get to write and illustrate your own storybook together.

Kid Date Ideas Library Date

Game Night Date

Have a game night together. Pick one, two, or even 10 of your favorite games to play. Keep score and the winner gets a prize!

Kid Date Ideas for Game Night

Lego Building Date Night

Grab your Lego bucket and get set for a night of building! Get your imaginations going as you compete in building challenges.

Kid Date Ideas Lego Building

Mad Scientist Date

This one will be an “explosively fun” date together! Pick some of the simple science experiments included, and don’t forget your official laboratory badges!

Mad Scientist Kid Date Ideas

Sports Date

Kids love to run and play, and now you’ll see if you can keep up with them! Get out and get moving as you play some one-on-one.

Sport Kid Date Ideas

Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good selfie? This scavenger hunt takes you and your kiddo around the town to snap silly shots together!

Selfie Scavenger Hunt Kid Date Ideas

Artist Date

Your mini Picasso will love this date! Whip out the paint and brushes and choose from our different art projects to create together.

Year of Kid Dates Ideas Artist Date

If the Shoe Fits Date

The grown-up version of this hilarious game was such a big hit for married couples, we had to make a kid version! See how well you really know each other!

Kid Date Ideas Shoe Game

Stargazing Date

Get outside under the night sky and check out the constellations! If it’s too cold or cloudy, make your own constellations inside!

Kid Date Ideas Stargazing

Build a Fort Date

Forts are a staple in every kid’s childhood! Give your kiddo a fort building kit, and make a sweet hangout together! Inside you can read books, watch a movie, share a snack or do a shadow puppet show!

Fort Building Kid Date Ideas


Aren’t these little kid date ideas ADORABLE and just the MOST fun thing you’ve ever seen? Think of how your children will look back and remember this year of special outings you took together. Start making memories with your kiddos and growing closer to them!

Download the entire

Year of Kid Dates Binder 

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OR if you want to plan your own dates, but still want the CUTE printables for the binder, grab the

Year of Kid Dates Binder Covers

for just


Want more ways to make time for your kids to share special moments with Mom and Dad? Check out our Mini Mom and Date Dates kit, which has 5 mini dates, along with parent-child journals to share together!


Of course, time with the kids is important, BUT don’t forget your sweetheart! Our most popular products are our year of dates kits for you and your spouse:

The Year of Dates Binder


The Year of Date 2.0


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  1. I love this! My husband and I don’t have kids yet, but this is exactly the kind of thing we are looking for to gift our niece with this year! Is there any way that you would be able to change the wording on the covers/agreements in order to better suit aunt/uncle vs parents? I love the dates and don’t want to change them, just the wording!!

    1. Hello Melinda!! We are so excited that you love our Year of Kid Date Ideas Binder!! Thank you for your sweet comment! I’m so sorry but we aren’t able to customize any of our printables for our products. We truly hope that you are still able to make them work for you! Perhaps you could print out the words aunt/uncle and glue them over the other wording? Again, I’m so sorry about that! Thank you so much for reaching out!! XO

  2. I love this idea!! Are each of the printables for each of the dates included as well? Such as the scavenger hunts and challenges?

    1. Hi Jaclyn! YES all of the printables are included. It includes twelve dates, with invitations and activity printables for each date, along with all of the covers and dividers for the binder. There is also an option to buy just the binder covers with OUT the activity printables if you want to come up with your own dates. Hope that helps! xoxo

    1. Hi Jennifer! We don’t have a product in the exact same format for older kids, but we recently came out with something similar for teens and tweens! It has 5 mini dates and is a little less “cutesy”. It’s called the Time with Your Teens Kit- Hope that helps!

  3. I am wondering if you have the printables without the dates? I have planned this for my daughters for Christmas and already know the dates we want. I would love to just get the set for the covers and months and memories and such.

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks for your request! We added a link to purchase JUST the binder covers for you, check out the post above! I’m sure your girls are going to love what you have planned for them!