You’ve Stolen A Pizza My Heart

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Make Your Own Pizza Date

Pizza is classic. Nothing can go wrong on a date night with pizza. If you’re looking for a fun and relaxing date or a romantic at-home date, this is a date night you’ll enjoy! Around here, we love a good homemade pizza, so this date night is absolutely perfect for us… but even if you don’t like to go to the effort to make pizza, this pizza date night is still perfect. Our fun invitation helps you make your date whatever you want it to be. Let your spouse know that they’ve Stolen A Pizza Your Heart tonight!

Pizza My Heart Date Night Ideas #HomemadePizza #PizzaDate

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These fun pizza date night printables {designed by Messes to Memories} will help you take your date to the next level. Get ready for all the cheesy details!

Pizza Date Night

Even if you are keeping it simple… a little anticipation will make your date night special! Present your sweetheart with the invitation, which opens up like a menu to reveal 3 different date night options and a toppings card so your spouse can help you determine what toppings to get to prepare for date night (if you plan on making your own pizza).

Pizza My Heart Date Invite

The three different levels range from super easy to romantic. The invitation is just a teaser!

Pizza Date Invitation

After you choose which date you want to have, check out the idea card that helps you prep for that date. If you choose facile {easy}the prep is easy! If you choose romantico {romantic}, the prep is a little more intense, but definitely worth it!

Pizza Date Ideas

Want a quick and easy day night? All you need to do is order a pizza and you’re set!

Pizza Date Ideas

If you choose to do a Pizza Picnic or Create Your Own Pizza Parlor we’ve provided a few fun printables to add to your date night. The first idea is Pizza Trivia! We always love a little friendly competition – see which of you knows more about pizza.

Pizza Date Night Trivia

We’ve also included some simple pizza challenges like testing out your Italian accent or seeing who can eat a slice of pizza the fastest. Many of the challenges you can only do if you decide to MAKE your own pizza.

Pizza Date Challenges

For those who love to spend quality time in the kitchen, you’ll definitely enjoy these challenges.

Homemade Pizza Date

When date night arrives, set up your pizza parlor with nice place settings, a fizzy drink and some pizza art!

Pizza Date Night Framed Art

Then get to work making your pizza. Pizza dough from scratch is actually really easy – we used this fantastic recipe! While the dough is rising you can prep the rest of your ingredients. Our favorite pizza is pepperoni, bell peppers, spinach and olives with our special pizza sauce!

Pizza Date Night Challenge

My husband totally won the challenge for tossing the dough high… but my pizza didn’t have as many holes in it! Now, who’s the real winner there? 😉

Heart-Shaped Pizza

One of the challenges we included was making a heart-shaped pizza. I’ve always thought that this was a difficult thing to do. But after this date night, I realized it’s actually really easy.

Heart-Shaped Pizza Date

Roll out your dough in a circle. Then carefully cut out a little triangle shape at the top of your circle. Round out the two sides to form the top of your heart. Bring the bottom of your heart to a point by overlapping the dough and trimming the excess. Smooth out all the edges so that it still looks nice!

Homemade Pizza Date Night

Now you can spread the sauce and add the toppings!

Heart-Shaped Pizza

While your pizza is baking in the oven, turn on some romantic music and dance!

*Tip* We love cooking our pizzas on a pizza stone to get the crust just right!

Pizza My Heart Date

We hope you enjoy your Pizza Date Night no matter which date you decide to do. In fact, why not do all 3?

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  1. Omg, this is the Best date night ever .. First we set up the Pizza parlor cutting up all the ingredients that we needed then we read the tasks to do , then we put all the stuff on the pizza, then we cook it then while the pizzas were cooking we played some Italian music, it was so fun, and so easy to do.. thanks again for your date ideas… keep up the great work

  2. Right now Target has a heart shape plate in the dollar shop that has the “You Stole a Pizza My Heart” on it! Perfect for this night!

  3. This looks SO FUN!!! And THANK YOU for writing out how you made the heart-shape, we’ve always struggled with that part! I’ll try it your way next time 😉