5 Senses Bedroom Edition


A sexy way to tell your sweetie that being with them makes perfect sense!


Life. Always getting in the way of “adult time,” am I right? Maybe you get a little anxious trying to initiate being sexy with your spouse. Whether you are trying to make more time to be intimate together, or looking for a fun way to say “Let’s get it on!” we have a quick, easy and SEXY idea for you.

This Sexy Pack Includes:

  • 5 Senses Gift Tags – Sexy gift tags to pull together your 5 Senses gift. There is one tag for each of the senses, Touch, Taste, Sight, Smell and Sound, along with a door hanger and big tags for the basket!
  • Sexy Coupons Booklet – 17 different naughty coupons- based on the 5 senses. Your sweetie can choose to redeem each of these depending on which sense they are in the mood to arouse!
  • Love Notes Hunt- The first large love note sends your sweetie on a love note hunt, looking for mini love notes. 12 are pre-filled, PLUS 12 blanks so you can include your own little thoughts.

Put together a basket of five small gifts, each catered to one of the 5 senses- touch, taste, sight, sound and smell. Maybe you’ve seen this idea before, BUT we’re putting a little Diva spin on it by creating a BEDROOM edition. That’s right, this gift is all about the fun just the two of you enjoy behind closed doors. Get ready to make your spouse feel excited, loved and oh-so-ready for some alone time with this 5 senses sexy gift!

Designed by Paperelli

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