March 29, 2015

You’ve been Egged! A Spring Service Idea


A Spring Service Idea For Your Family! 

Springtime is here and Easter is around the corner! This spring-time season, consider starting a new family tradition that is all about serving! “You’ve Been Egged” is a quick and easy service activity that you can do as a whole family! Egging your neighbors is now something that will bring a smile to their faces!

You've Been Egged Service Idea

Some of my favorite memories as a kid were doing secret acts of service for neighbors. My mom always had us kids doing the 12 Days of Christmas to a neighbor in need and Heart Attacks to someone who could use some cheering up. Now I have a new Easter service tradition to add that I recently learned about: egging your neighbor’s house. Only this type of egging will leave everyone smiling!

We have made egging your neighbors simple with these bright & cheerful printables created by our Diva Designer Kristin at CdotLove. Kristin completely made my vision come to life with her gorgeous designs!

Here Is What You Do:

Start by filling an egg carton with colorful plastic Easter eggs.

You've been egged egg carton idea .

Fill these plastic eggs with yummy Easter treats such as jelly beans or my personal favorite – cadbury mini eggs! You could also fill the eggs with small notes expressing appreciation and love.

You've Been Egged Treats

Next, add our clever poem that explains to your egging recipient what is happening!

You've Been Egged Poem

This poem plays with the “egg” phrase to explain everything.

You've Been Egged free printable poem

Finally, close up your egg treats in the carton and attach the “You’ve Been Egged” Printable to the top of the egg carton.

You've Been Egged egg carton printable.

Now you are all ready to deliver your gift to an unsuspecting neighbor. Take the whole family with you as you sneak up to the home and leave your egg carton full of treats on their doorstep.

You've Been Egged Lawn Signs

Finally, take the printable, decorative eggs and attach them to simple skewers & place these printable eggs throughout the lawn. You can even write personal notes on the back of the eggs sharing your appreciation and love!

You've Been Egged Service Idea for the Family

Isn’t this fun? This sneaky ‘prank’ is sure to leave a smile on your neighbor’s face and it is a great way to get you and your family giving to others this Easter season. You can get these free printables right here!

You’ve Been Egged Printables

And for an Easter surprise that is JUST for the spouse – check out our Intimate Easter Basket idea!

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12 Responses to “You’ve been Egged! A Spring Service Idea ”

  1. Jessica Hall says:

    oooo sounds like so much fun.

  2. Heather says:

    What a wonderful and encouraging idea! I’m going to do this with my boys to encourage another family Thanks!

  3. Sussan says:

    Thanks!!! This is perfect. I was hoping to find something like this to do with my kids while they are on Spring Break!!! I knew I could count on you gals!

  4. Mackenzie says:

    This is too cute! It reminds me of the “heart-attack prank”. Cut out a million hearts and place them all around someone’s room (door, car etc). When they walk in, they get their “heart attack”. Love the blog and all of your great ideas.
    Check out some of our dates at

  5. Jeannie says:

    We did this to our best friends on Saturday morning and it turned out so cute! They were very touched by the thoughtfulness! This is a tradition we will do to one of our close family or friends each year! Thanks for this idea!!

  6. Sinea Pies says:

    This is an amazing idea! What a great project for families or groups. ♥ Pinning it!
    Would you stop by my Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop to share this this week? We go live at 7pm EDT Tuesday evenings if you want to get there early.

  7. Becca H. Becca H. says:

    I LOVE this!! Such a fun idea! Thank you!! (:

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