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“Why we do what we do”


We began this lil’ venture of dating our spouses, just like anyone else…..waaay back before we said, “I Do” – back when dates were the most important element of our life and held a high status over all else. {WINK} With the focus of dating being at the top of our lists, it helped us fall MADLY in love with the men we now call our DEAR husbands. Since those dating years some of us have had children, finished school, started careers, and quite simply have embarked on what we know now as, “The Married Life.” We all know that marriage can become TOO comfortable {a.k.a. routine} & dating your amazing spouse – the way you did when first falling in love – is the sure-fire way to keep that SPARK in marriage! We are sharing with you the SECRETS to our success! We hope that you will find ideas that keep your marriage healthy, happy, and full of love!

In a nutshell, each Monday the Divas will offer an awesome date already completely planned for your upcoming weekend! {Aw geez… you’re totally welcome!} Throughout the rest of the week we’ll also post quick & easy ideas to serve your spouse, unforgettable family outings and activities with the kids, intimate moment ideas to spice things up in that room, and fun “romance” crafts to boot! There is definitely something for every couple! {Don’t forget to check out our archives for dates you may have missed!}

Our Mission


Well, hello there! Welcome! Allow me to introduce ourselves- we are the Divas. We are most known for our creative date ideas, but basically, we love everything about marriage! We are all about being proactive & creating a relationship filled with joy, excitement, and falling in love with our spouse every single day. We want to encourage couples everywhere to celebrate the gift of marriage by putting their spouse as their top priority. It is our goal to get you virtually every resource you need to make your marriage rock, including dating ideas that are creative, inexpensive, and super fun! We also provide romantic gift ideas, as well as tips and advice we’ve learned from our relationships that can help encourage everyone in creating the marriage of their dreams. After all, healthy marriages create everlasting families, and nothing could be more important than that!

Thank you for taking the time to visit The Dating Divas! We hope you are inspired to create memories and have fun with your spouse – whatever stage of life you are in!

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