Q.  Do you offer a printed version?

A.  We are currently looking into printing the books, but there are no firm plans at this time to do so.

Q.  Is this compatible with a Nook, Kindle, etc.?

A.  The e-books are in PDF  so if your e-reader is compatible with PDF’s you should be able to read it. You can also read them on a laptop or desktop computer.  You do not have to have an e-reader to read them.

Q.  Can I find the book content on your blog or is it all new content?

A.  The A to Z Guide: 26 Ways in 26 Days to a Happier Healthier Marriage is completely brand new content, never before seen on the blog. This book is a compilation of our best tips & tricks to having a successful marriage.  Witty, fun, touching, and engaging – a marriage book written by women for women!

The Ultimate Date Night Book is a compilation of our best date ideas from the blog as voted on by readers and Divas as well as brand new date ideas that have not been published on our site.  The book is formatted in a fun, fresh way that is not similar to our regular blogging style.  It’s VERY user-friendly & chock-full of creative dates!

The Dating Divas’ Recipes Revealed is a collaboration of the best recipes the divas have. They are taste-tested & husband approved! Twenty-nine recipes that have never been aired on our website before!

Q.  When will I receive the books?

A.  As soon as your purchase transaction has gone through, an email will be emailed to you immediately.  A link to download the books will be included on your invoice.