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Hello to our Dahling Dating Diva readers! I have been dying to share this new website with all of you!  Why?  Because we all love fashion on some level and we all love to look good for our spouse. Not only are the clothes from this website original, off beat, and unique…they are also modest! Hurray for that! I can’t tell you how hard it is to shop nowadays for modest and age appropriate clothing. Especially now that I am a mother and my shape has changed considerably over the years, my style has definitely leaned in the more “modest, yet flattering” category. Which, I must say, don’t always work nicely hand-in-hand!
Enter: noVae Clothing. The first time I laid eyes on this site…I was smitten. I LOVE the style of the clothes, but let’s face it…online shopping can be a bit of a gamble since it looks so cute on the models in the pictures, but I definitely don’t have a model figure (no matter how hard I imagine that I do, lol). So here is the perk: NoVae Clothing has a sizing guide AND a body type guide! Who knew that would come in handy when shopping for clothes? Everything is at your fingertips including what size of clothing you should purchase and what TYPE of clothing would look best on your figure. On that note, I would like to turn this post over to Nickelle from noVae clothing to give you further details on this intriguing website!
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Just a few Synonyms of Novel are…. at Cutting edge, Different, Fresh, Funky, New-Fashioned, Off Beat, Rare & Unique. ALL of these words describe the Fashions & Designs you will find at
noVae is Latin for the word novel.  The definition of novel is: New, Original.
noVae Clothing was started with you in mind! A woman craving for “Modest Clothing with Current Fashions!”
As mothers, wives, daughters, and sisters, we tend to not have a lot of time on our hands these days and shopping from store to store can be a hassle when you are looking for Fashionable Modest Clothing.
At noVae Clothing we decided to make your shopping a little bit easier by adding modest capsleeves or long sleeves under our other products if they are needed to make the article(s) of Clothing Modest. Plus, we add the measurements of each item so you know exactly what size is for you and your body type! Most Importantly, our models are “Real” Women.  We have them wear their hair the way they want or normally do, because that is what most of us look like on a daily basis. The models help us piece outfits together reflecting what they would normally wear and add their own “spices” to it! {Example: Cute shoes they may have in their closets! — We all have them, right?!}  You do this while you shop…you ask yourself, “Will this item go with what I have at home?” It tends to make the photos look more “real”, relate-able and they are FUN!

In addition to sharing this fabulous website with all of you, noVae Clothing is also giving away one of their most popular items…The Tie it with a Bow Hoodie valued at $54.00 to ONE of our lucky readers!! Could this get any more exciting?!
~ Nickelle
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  1. Posted it in my status on facebook, but I’m not sure how to get a link to just my status…I prefer to keep my facebook profile private from the world at large, so I’d be happy to email a link to just one person if that is necessary.

  2. I perused and my favorite item is Shadow Stripe with Vintage Sleeve – LOVE LOVE LOVE it- and it would look so perfect on me with my tights or skinny jeans!

  3. I think September is wonder “fall” because it is starting to cool down a little here in AZ in the evenings and we can finally start to enjoy the outdoors after a super HOT summer

  4. September is WonderFALL because it’s the perfect temperature and gets you in the mood for crunching leaves and sweaters and full-blown fall. mariannenicolaysen at

  5. Love LOTS of their stuff, and even made myself a birthday wishlist of things I plan to get. But the tie it up with a bow hoodie is probably still my VERY favorite. HOPE I WIN!

    Thank you Dating Divas and NoVae!